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  1. ister will have to deliver Brexit
  2. May ủng hộ Anh ở lại EU trong chiến dịch trưng cầu dân ý năm 2016, nhưng đã không vận động rộng rãi trong cuộc trưng cầu và chỉ trích các khía cạnh của EU trong một bài phát biểu.[9][10] Các nhà báo chính trị suy đoán May đã tìm cách giảm thiểu sự tham gia của mình trong các cuộc tranh luận để củng cố vị trí của mình như là một ứng cử viên tương lai để trở thành nhà lãnh đạo đảng Bảo thủ.[11]
  3. May växte huvudsakligen upp i Oxfordshire. Hon var enda barnet till Zaidee (1928–82) och Hubert Brasier (1917–81). Hennes far var präst i den anglikanska kyrkan och kyrkoherde i Wheatley, Oxfordshire, en villaförort till Oxford, där May växte upp och gifte sig. Hennes mor var en stark anhängare av det Konservativa partiet. Fadern omkom i en bilolycka och hennes mor, som led av multipel skleros, avled några månader senare.[3]
  4. Ngày 24/05/2019, trong một bài diễn văn ngắn Thereasa May thông báo sẽ từ chức chủ tịch đảng Bảo Thủ, tức là từ chức lãnh đạo chính phủ vào ngày 07/06.[19]
  5. Both pro- and anti-EU views had majority support at different times from 1977 to 2015.[49] In the EC membership referendum of 1975, two-thirds of British voters favoured continued EC membership. Over the decades of UK-EU membership, Euroscepticism existed on both the left and right of British politics.[50][51][52]

Less than two weeks after the 2017 State Opening of Parliament, May ordered a full public inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal.[199] For this she was widely praised as successive governments going back to the 1980s had refused such an inquiry, some though speculated that May had simply been forced to announce the inquiry after a group legal action and news of fresh evidence were brought by Jason Evans.[200][201] Additionally, Andy Burnham had threatened to take evidence to the police if an inquiry were not announced.[202] With over 1,000 core participants, the Infected Blood Inquiry is the biggest public inquiry ever held in the UK.[203] Nyvalet blev emellertid inte lyckat, utan i valet tappade det Konservativa partiet 12 mandat, från 330 mandat till 318, vilket betydde att partiet förlorade sin egen majoritet i underhuset. Dock förblev det Konservativa partiet största parti med bred marginal. Efter valet tvingades May söka stöd hos det nordirländska Demokratiska unionistpartiet för att uppnå de 326 mandat som krävs för att en regering ska få egen majoritet. Med hjälp av de tio mandat som DUP fick i valet kunde May bilda sin andra regering den 9 juni 2017, den här gången som en minoritetsregering. DUP ingick inte i regeringen och fick inga ministerposter, utan fungerar som ett stödparti.[9]

After the Conservatives' manifesto for the 2017 election was released, some people, including Fraser Nelson of The Spectator,[264] called her a "red Tory", saying that she had moved her party to the left in politics. Politico called her policies "Mayism", saying that Mayism was "a working-class conservatism openly critical of the "cult of individualism" and globalization".[265][266] Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory bordering Spain, will be affected by Brexit. Spain asserts a territorial claim on Gibraltar. After the referendum, Spain's Foreign Minister renewed calls for joint Spanish–British control.[274] In late 2018, the British and Spanish governments agreed that any dispute over Gibraltar would not affect Brexit negotiations,[275] and the British government agreed that UK–EU treaties made after Brexit would not automatically apply to Gibraltar.[276]

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Theresa Mary May [təˈriːzə ˈmeəri meɪ], * 1 Oktober 1956 as Theresa Mary Brasier ['breɪʒəɹ] in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Engeland, is 'n Britse politikus en vanaf 2016 tot 2019 leier van die Konserwatiewe Party van die Verenigde Koninkryk.Vanaf Mei 2010 tot Julie 2016 het May as minister van binnelandse sake in die kabinet van premier David Cameron gedien In July 2010, May announced a package of reforms to policing in England and Wales in the House of Commons.[67] The previous Labour Government's central crime agency, Soca (Serious Organised Crime Agency), was to be replaced by a new National Crime Agency. In common with the Conservative Party 2010 general election manifesto's flagship proposal for a "Big Society" based on voluntary action, May also proposed increasing the role of civilian "reservists" for crime control. The reforms were rejected by the Opposition Labour Party.[67] Theresa May gives one of her final addresses as Prime Minister before her resignation next week. She has been in power since 2016. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly.. D'Theresa Mary May, gebuer den 1.Oktober 1956 als Theresa Mary Brasier zu Eastbourne, an England, ass eng brittesch Politikerin vun der Conservative Party.. Si war vu Mee 2010 bis Juli 2016 Inneministesch (Home Secretary) an den zwou Regierunge vum David Cameron.Den 11. Juli 2016 gouf si als dem Cameron seng Nofollgerin Presidentin vun der Konservativer Partei David William Donald Cameron (born 9 October 1966) is a British politician. He was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2016. He was First Lord of the Treasury and Leader of the British Conservative Party until July 2016.. On 24 June 2016, following a vote in a referendum to leave the European Union, Cameron announced that he would step down before the October 2016.

Mô tả bà là một người bảo thủ tự do, báo Financial Times đánh giá bà là một "chính trị gia không ý thức hệ hoàn tất công việc mình không kiêng nể ai", so sánh bà với Thủ tướng Đức Angela Merkel (cả hai cùng có cha là mục sư).[7] In May and Hammond's 2017 budget, continued government policies were confirmed regarding freezing benefits.[282] Quan điểm hiện thời của May là "Brexit có nghĩa là Brexit", không có vụ trưng cầu dân ý lần nữa. Tuy bà muốn giới hạn việc di dân từ các nước EU khác tới nhưng lại muốn giữ Anh trong thị trường chung EU và làm vững chắc vị trí của London như là trung tâm tài chính.[13] After she became prime minister, May's first speech espoused the left, with a promise to combat the "burning injustice" in British society and to create a union "between all of our citizens" and promising to be an advocate for the "ordinary working-class family" and not for the affluent in the UK. "The government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the privileged few but by yours. We will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives ... When we take the big calls, we’ll think not of the powerful, but you. When we pass new laws we’ll listen not to the mighty, but to you. When it comes to taxes we’ll prioritise not the wealthy but you."[262]

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In mid 2014, the Passport Office faced a backlog in developing processing passport applications, with around 30,000 applications hit by delays.[121] David Cameron suggested this had come about due to the Passport Office's receiving an "above normal" 300,000-rise in applications.[122] It was revealed, however, that May had been warned the year before, in July 2013, that a surge of 350,000 extra applications could occur owing to the closure of processing overseas under Chancellor Osborne's programme of cuts.[123] Around £674,000 was paid to staff who helped clear the backlog.[124] Plans to reform social care came to dominate the Conservative election campaign during the 2017 Snap Election, with some arguing it ultimately cost May her majority.[245][246] May's promised green paper on the future of adult social care was plagued by frequent delays, ultimately never materialising during her premiership.[247] A December 2019 poll by learning disabilities charity Hft found that 59% of social care providers in England believed that the situation in social care worsened under May's premiership, compared to just 3% who said it was slightly better.[248] On 2 July 2010, May stated she would be supporting the previous Labour Government's Anti-Discrimination Laws enshrined in the Equality Act 2010 despite having opposed it before.[143] The Equality Act came into effect in England, Wales and Scotland on 1 October 2010.[144] She did however announce that a clause she dubbed "Harman's Law"[145] which would have required public bodies to consider how they can reduce socio-economic inequalities when making decisions about spending and services[146] would be scrapped on the grounds that it was "unworkable".[147] The May Ministry delayed the final approval for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in July 2016, a project which May had objected to when she was Home Secretary.[271][272] Her political adviser Nick Timothy wrote an article in 2015 to oppose People's Republic of China's involvement in sensitive sectors. He said that the government was "selling our national security to China" without rational concerns and "the Government seems intent on ignoring the evidence and presumably the advice of the security and intelligence agencies."[273] Following the failure of the UK Parliament to approve the Withdrawal Agreement by 29 March, the UK was required to leave the EU on 12 April 2019. On 10 April 2019, late-night talks in Brussels resulted in a further extension, to 31 October 2019; Theresa May had again requested an extension only until 30 June. Under the terms of this new extension, if the Withdrawal Agreement were to be passed before October, Brexit would occur on the first day of the subsequent month. The UK would then be obligated to hold European Parliament elections in May, or leave the EU on 1 June without a deal.[145][146]

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  2. Theresa May (born 1 October 1956) was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 13 July 2016 to 24 July 2019, succeeding David Cameron and preceding Boris Johnson.She served as the Conservative Party MP for Maidenhead from 1 May 1997, as Minister for Women and Equalities from 12 May 2010 to 4 September 2012 (succeeding Harriet Harman and preceding Maria Miller), and as Home Secretary from 12.
  3. In December 2015, opinion polls showed a clear majority in favour of remaining in the EU; they also showed support would drop if Cameron did not negotiate adequate safeguards[definition needed] for non-eurozone member states, and restrictions on benefits for non-British EU citizens.[61]
  4. There has been litigation to explore the constitutional footings on which Brexit stands after R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (simply known as the "Miller case") and the 2017 Notification Act:
  5. On 12 May 2010, when May was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality by Prime Minister David Cameron as part of his first Cabinet, she became the fourth woman to hold one of the British Great Offices of State, after Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister), Margaret Beckett (Foreign Secretary) and Jacqui Smith (Home Secretary).[40] As Home Secretary, May was also a member of the National Security Council.[41] She was the longest-serving Home Secretary for over 60 years, since James Chuter Ede who served over six years and two months from August 1945 to October 1951. May's appointment as Home Secretary was somewhat unexpected, with Chris Grayling having served as shadow Home Secretary in opposition.[42][43]
  6. In December 2018, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the UK could unilaterally revoke its notification of withdrawal, as long as it was still a member and had not agreed a withdrawal agreement. The decision to do so should be "unequivocal and unconditional" and "follow a democratic process".[94] If UK revoked their notification, they would remain a member of the EU under their current membership terms. The case was launched by Scottish politicians, and referred to the ECJ by the Scottish Court of Session.[95]

By leaving the EU, the UK would leave the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA), a single market in commercial air travel,[293] but could negotiate a number of different future relationships with the EU.[293] UK airlines would still have permission to operate within the EU with no restrictions, and vice-versa. The UK government seeks continued participation in the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).[293] The UK has its own air service agreements with 111 countries, which permit flights to-and-from the country, and further 17 countries through its EU membership.[294] These have since been replaced. Ferries will continue, but with obstacles such as customs checks.[295] New ferry departures between the Republic of Ireland and the European mainland have been established.[295] At the age of 13, she won a place at the former Holton Park Girls' Grammar School, a state school in Wheatley.[23] During her time as a pupil, the Oxfordshire education system was reorganised, and the school became the new Wheatley Park Comprehensive School.[20][24] May attended the University of Oxford, read geography at St Hugh's College, and graduated with a second class BA degree in 1977.[25] She worked at a bakery on Saturdays to earn pocket money and was a "tall, fashion-conscious young woman who from an early age spoke of her ambition to be the first woman prime minister," according to those who knew her.[26] According to a university friend, Pat Frankland: "I cannot remember a time when she did not have political ambitions. I well remember, at the time, she was quite irritated when Margaret Thatcher got there first."[27] Prior to her premiership, May outlined plans to backtrack on the longstanding government plan to achieve a surplus by 2020, following the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. With uncertainty surrounding the economic outlook, Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond has suggested that the government's Autumn Statement may be used to "reset" economic policy.[278] In accordance with the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, the text of the motion was "That this House has lost confidence in Her Majesty's Government". In addition to Corbyn, it was co-sponsored by Ian Blackford (SNP leader at Westminster), Vince Cable (Liberal Democrat leader), Liz Saville Roberts (Plaid Cymru), Caroline Lucas (Greens) and Nick Brown (Labour Chief Whip) and signed by a further 38 MPs.[12] Politicians and human rights activists have been urging Theresa May's government to vote against Saudi Arabian retention of the membership of the UN Human Rights Council.[274][275] Amnesty International's UK Foreign Policy Programme Director Polly Truscott said: "Rather than turning a blind eye to Saudi Arabia’s continuing bully tactics, the UK should publicly hold the Saudi authorities to account for its appalling human rights record and the ongoing war crimes in Yemen and should stop selling weapons to Saudi as a matter of urgency."[276] May defended selling arms to Saudi Arabia stating that close ties with the country "keep people on the streets of Britain safe".[277]

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On 27 March 2019 at a meeting of the 1922 Committee, May confirmed that she will "not lead the UK in the next stage of Brexit negotiations", meaning she was expected to resign after the third meaningful vote, if it had passed successfully.[228] However, no date was stated, and her reported wording was ambiguous and thus carried no binding force.[228] On 29 March, the third meaningful vote was defeated, and while May did not state anything in regards to standing down, Corbyn stated that if May could not find an alternative to her deal "she must go, not at an indeterminate date in the future but now."[229] On 18 March 2019, the Speaker informed the House of Commons that a third meaningful vote could be held only on a motion that was significantly different from the previous one, citing parliamentary precedents going back to 1604.[135] May was accused by Lord Roberts of being willing to allow someone to die "to score a political point" over the deportation of mentally ill Nigerian man Isa Muazu.[111] According to Muazu's solicitor, May had arranged for the asylum seeker, who was said to be "near death" after a 100-day hunger strike, to be deported by a chartered private jet.[111] To strengthen the Home Office's tough stance, an "end of life" plan was reportedly offered to Muazu, who was one of a number of hunger strikers at the Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre.[112]

May made a statement to the nation from Downing Street at 22:00.[16][17] In it she urged MPs to "put self-interest aside" and "work constructively together" to achieve a solution to Brexit.[18] On 10 December 2018, the Prime Minister postponed the vote in the House of Commons on her Brexit deal. The announcement came minutes after the Prime Minister's Office confirmed the vote would be going ahead.[122] Faced with the prospect of a defeat in the House of Commons, this option gave May more time to negotiate with Conservative backbenchers and the EU, even though they had ruled out further discussions.[123] The decision was met with calls from many Welsh Labour MPs for a motion of no confidence in the Government.[124] The Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, described the government as being in "disarray".[citation needed] On 15 January 2019, a motion of no confidence in the government of Theresa May was tabled in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.On 16 January, the House rejected it by a vote of 325 to 306. The motion was laid by Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, after the government lost a Commons vote to secure parliamentary backing for the government's deal.

On the next day, it was reported that the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Philip Hammond) reassured executives from leading companies when he spoke to them for more than an hour at 9.30pm on Tuesday, that the government had no intention to have a no-deal brexit occurring; he also said that a backbench motion could force the government to rescind Article 50. This would act as a "sort of ultimate backstop if the work the government is doing in seeking to find a way forward fails to deliver".[19] The Withdrawal Agreement was brought back to the House without the attached understandings on 29 March.[136] The Government's motion of support for the Withdrawal Agreement was lost by 344 votes to 286, a loss of 58 votes down from 149 from when the deal was proposed on 12 March.[137] On 26 June 2017, Conservatives and the DUP reached a confidence and supply agreement whereby the DUP would back the Conservatives in key votes in the House of Commons over the course of the parliament. The agreement included additional funding of £1 billion for Northern Ireland, highlighted mutual support for Brexit and national security, expressed commitment to the Good Friday Agreement, and indicated that policies such as the state pension triple lock and Winter Fuel Payments would be maintained.[189]

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Ngay buổi tối sau khi được bổ nhiệm, May đã nêu danh sách một số bộ trưởng mới trong đó có Boris Johnson được chọn làm bộ trưởng bộ ngoại giao và các vấn đề Khối Thịnh vượng chung Liên hiệp Anh.[15][16] Theresa Mary May rođ.Brasier (1. oktobar 1956 -) je britanska konzervativna političarka koja je služio kao premijer Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva i vođa Konzervativne stranke od 2016. do 2019. Prije toga je od 2010. godine služila kao ministrica unutrašnjih poslova u vladi Davida Camerona.. May se rodila kao kćer anglikanskog vikara Huberta Brasiera.Nakon što je diplomirala geografiju na. Regeringen Theresa May II blev dannet, da Regeringen Theresa May I trådte tilbage den 11. juni 2017.. Regeringens parlamentariske grundlag er det nordiske og unionist parti og det britiske konservative parti.. Regeringen blev dannet efter, at Regeringen Theresa May I mistede sit absolute flertal i Underhuset ved parlamentsvalget den 8. juni 2017.. Hovedopgaven for Regeringen Theresa May II.

Uskonnolliselta vakaumukseltaan May on anglikaani ja osallistuu jumalanpalveluksiin säännöllisesti.[6] In October, the UK parliament passed the Early Parliamentary General Election Act that bypassed the Fixed-term Parliament Act 2011 and called a general election for 12 December.[157] In the election, Boris Johnson's campaign was focused on "get Brexit done", and the Conservative Party won an 80-seat majority in parliament.[158] Subsequently, the government introduced a bill to ratify the withdrawal agreement. It passed its second reading in the House of Commons in a 358–234 vote on 20 December,[159] and became law on 23 January as the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020.[160]

After Brexit, the UK will leave the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP),[265] which provides government financial support to farmers in the EU.[266] The UK receives much less than it contributes.[266] Brexit allows the UK to develop its own agriculture policy.[267] The current UK government has committed to maintaining the same payments to farmers until the end of the current parliament, even without a withdrawal agreement.[265] The Agriculture Bill is intended to replace the CAP with a new system.[267] The UK will also leave the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)[268] that lets all EU countries fish within 12 nautical miles of the UK coast[269] and lets the EU set catch quotas.[270] The combined EU fishing fleets land about six million tonnes of fish per year,[271] about half of which are from UK waters.[272] By leaving the CFP, the UK could develop its own fisheries policy.[270] The UK will also leave the London Fisheries Convention that lets Irish, French, Belgian, Dutch and German vessels fish within six nautical miles of the UK's coast.[273] In 2014, May delivered a speech to the Police Federation, in which she criticised aspects of the culture of the police force.[73] In the speech, she said: Maria Theresa May (/təˈriːzə/; nee Brasier; amezaliwa 1 oktoba 1956) ni mwanasiasa wa Uingereza kuwahudumia kama Waziri Mkuu wa Uingereza na Kiongozi wa Chama cha Conservative tangu mwaka 2016.Yeye aliwahi kuwa Katibu Home kutoka 2010 hadi mwaka 2016. Mei alikuwa wa kwanza kuchaguliwa Mjumbe wa Bunge (MBUNGE) kwa ajili ya Maidenhead katika mwaka wa 1997

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At the Conservative Party Conference in October 2011, while arguing that the Human Rights Act needed to be amended, May gave the example of a foreign national who the Courts ruled was allowed to remain in the UK, "because—and I am not making this up—he had a pet cat". In response, the Royal Courts of Justice issued a statement, denying that this was the reason for the tribunal's decision in that case, and stating that the real reason was that he was in a genuine relationship with a British partner, and owning a pet cat was simply one of many pieces of evidence given to show that the relationship was "genuine". The Home Office had failed to apply its own rules for dealing with unmarried partners of people settled in the UK.[103] Amnesty International said May's comments only fuelled "myths and misconceptions" about the Human Rights Act and Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke subsequently called May's comments "laughable and childlike."[104][105] La Theresa Mary Brasier, cgnusùda méj cuma Theresa May (Eastbourne, 1 'd Utóbar dal 1956, a s lèś [təˈriːzə ˈmeəri meɪ] in ingléś) l'è na pulìtiga ingléśa dal partî cunservadōr.. Dòp avér batû soquànt rivài dal sò partî, p'r ultma l'Andrea Leadsom, al 13 ad Luj dal 2016 l'è dvintàda la prima minìstra dal Régn Unî tulénd al pòst ad David Cameron ch'al s éra. Theresa Mary May (født Brasier den 1. oktober 1956) er en britisk politiker, som var Storbritanniens premierminister fra juli 2016 til juli 2019. Hun var leder af Det Konservative Parti fra juli 2016 til den 7. juni 2019. Da Det Konservative Parti i juli måned 2019 fandt sin nye formand, trak hun sig som premierminister og overlod posten til den nye formand, som blev Boris Johnson

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Theresa Mary May (nume la naștere Theresa Mary Brasier; n. 1 octombrie 1956, Eastbourne, Regatul Unit) este o politiciană britanică, membră a partidului Conservator. Începând cu 1997 este membră a Parlamentului pentru circumscripția Maidenhead.Din 2010 până în 2016 a fost ministru de Interne (Home Secretary).Din 13 iulie 2016 până în 24 iulie 2019 a fost prim-ministrul Regatului. May grew up in Oxfordshire and attended St Hugh's College, Oxford. After graduating in 1977, she worked at the Bank of England and the Association for Payment Clearing Services. She also served as a councillor for Durnsford in Merton. After two unsuccessful attempts to be elected to the House of Commons, she was elected as the MP for Maidenhead in 1997. From 1999 to 2010, May held several roles in shadow cabinets. She was also chairwoman of the Conservative Party from 2002 to 2003. Following the formation of the coalition government after the 2010 general election, May was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities, but gave up the latter role in 2012. Reappointed after the Conservative success in the 2015 general election, she became the longest-serving Home Secretary in over 60 years. During her tenure she pursued reform of the Police Federation, implemented a harder line on drugs policy including the banning of khat and brought in additional restrictions on immigration. She also oversaw the introduction of elected Police and Crime Commissioners, the deportation of Abu Qatada and the creation of the National Crime Agency.[5] Learn English with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May. In this speech, Theresa explained her vision for a truly meritocratic Britain and reforms that will ensure there is a good. In 2005 May co-founded the mentoring and pressure group Women2Win. This group and May's personal efforts have been credited with increasing the number of Conservative women MPs and with supporting them. In government she lobbied for improvements to maternity leave, and as Home Secretary she acted on FGM and introduced a law on coercive control. However, she has been criticised for the financial cuts made by her government, which have been claimed to have had the greatest impact on poor and vulnerable women.[312][313][314] According to The Daily Telegraph, a Home Office official who disagreed with this decision was suspended.[56] In late June 2010, May announced plans for a temporary cap on UK visas for non-EU migrants.[57] The move raised concerns about the impact on the British economy.[58]

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Efter bildandet av en koalitionsregering under premiärminister David Cameron efter parlamentsvalet 2010 tillträdde May som inrikesminister samt jämställdhetsminister. Hon gav upp den senare rollen 2012. Efter parlamentsvalet 2015 utnämndes hon till posten som inrikesminister. May blev sedermera den längst sittande inrikesministern sedan James Chuter Ede 60 år tidigare. Under hennes ledning förde May bland annat en hårdare linje gentemot droger och införde striktare restriktioner på migrationsområdet. During her leadership campaign, May said that "We need an economy that works for everyone", pledging to crack down on executive pay by making shareholders' votes binding rather than advisory and to put workers onto company boards[259] (although she later claimed that the last pledge was not to be mandatory[260]), policies that The Guardian describes as going further than the Labour Party's 2015 general election manifesto.[261]

On 13 November 2018, UK and EU negotiators agreed the text of a draft withdrawal agreement,[116] and May secured her cabinet's backing of the deal the following day,[117] though Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigned over "fatal flaws" in the agreement.[118] It was expected that ratification in the UK parliament would be difficult.[119][120][121] On 25 November, all 27 leaders of the remaining EU countries endorsed the agreement.[119][120] Theresa May Wiki 2020, Height, Age, Net Worth 2020, Weight, Family - Prime Minister of the UK and Leader of the Conservative Party, in office since July 2016.

In one of May's last Prime Minister's Questions, Barry Sheerman, the Labour MP for Huddersfield, urged May not to "cut and run" and instead reconsider her resignation. May responded by saying she would return to the role of a backbench MP after leaving office.[236] The "Inner Six" European countries signed the Treaty of Paris in 1951, establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). The 1955 Messina Conference deemed that the ECSC was a success, and resolved to extend the concept further, thereby leading to the 1957 Treaties of Rome establishing the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). In 1967, these became known as the European Communities (EC). The UK attempted to join in 1963 and 1967, but these applications were vetoed by the President of France, Charles de Gaulle.[27]

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Theresa Mary May was born on October 1, 1956 in Eastbourne, Sussex. Her father was a vicar for the Church of England and her mother was a housewife. May attended state-run primary and grammar. May accused Russia of "threatening the international order", "seeking to weaponise information" and "deploying its state-run media organisations to plant fake stories".[208] She mentioned Russia's meddling in German federal election in 2017,[208] after German government officials and security experts said there was no Russian interference.[209] Theresa Mary May (neiupõlvenimi Brasier; sündinud 1. oktoobril 1956 Eastbourne'is) on Suurbritannia poliitik, alates 11. juulist 2016 kuni 23. juulini 2019 oli ta Briti Konservatiivse Partei juht ja 2016. aasta 13. juulist kuni 2019. aasta 24. juulini Suurbritannia peaminister.. 24. mail 2019 teatas May, et astub 7. juunil 2019 partei juhi ametist tagasi, kuid jääb ametisse peaministrina. Theresa May's third big speech on Brexit delivered clarity in some areas, but none in many others. It could have done just enough to unblock the stalled divorce talks, but maybe not to allow. Initial visibility: currently defaults to autocollapse To set this template's initial visibility, the |state= parameter may be used: |state=collapsed: {{Theresa May|state=collapsed}} to show the template collapsed, i.e., hidden apart from its title bar |state=expanded: {{Theresa May|state=expanded}} to show the template expanded, i.e., fully visible |state=autocollapse: {{Theresa May|state.

Theresa May has been re-elected as an MP but with a reduced majority. The former Prime Minister received 32,620 votes in Maidenhead as the Liberal Democrats beat Labour to second place. The Lib. In April 2017, Theresa May called a snap general election, held on 8 June, in an attempt to "strengthen [her] hand" in the negotiations;[102] but the election resulted in a hung parliament, the Conservatives losing their majority. May remained as prime minister, as on 26 June she formed a minority government with a confidence and supply agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party.[103] In August 2013, the Home Office engaged in an advertising campaign directed at illegal immigrants.[117] The advertisements, in the form of mobile advertising hoardings on the back of lorries, told illegal immigrants to "go home or face arrest", with an image of a person in handcuffs, and were deployed in six London boroughs with substantial ethnic minority populations. They were widely criticised as creating a hostile atmosphere for members of ethnic minority groups.[118] The shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, described their language as being reminiscent of that used by the National Front in the 1970s.[119] An adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that "the claim [that 106 arrests were made last week] was misleading and had not been substantiated" was followed by the advertisements being withdrawn after being banned by the ASA.[120] At the beginning of 2017, nearly six months after becoming prime minister, a ComRes found May was the most popular UK politician with a net rating of +9 which was described as the longest honeymoon period enjoyed by any sitting Conservative prime minister since the end of the Second World War.[239][240] Around 18 months ahead of the 1997 general election, May was selected as the Conservative candidate for Maidenhead, a new seat which was created from parts of the safe seats of Windsor and Maidenhead and Wokingham.[29] She was elected comfortably with 25,344 votes (49.8%), almost double the total of second-placed Andrew Terence Ketteringham of the Liberal Democrats, who took 13,363 votes (26.3%).[33][34] Despite this, her party suffered their worst defeat in over 150 years.

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May's first Cabinet appointment was described by R as "one of the most sweeping government reshuffles for decades", and called "a brutal cull" by The Daily Telegraph.[162][163] Nine of Cameron's ministers, including several prominent members, were sacked or resigned from their posts.[163] The early appointments were interpreted both as an effort to reunite the Conservative Party in the wake of the UK's vote to leave the EU and as "a shift to the right," according to The Guardian.[164] ITV's Political Editor Robert Peston commented: "Her rhetoric is more left-wing than Cameron's was, her cabinet is more right-wing than his was."[165] Although May had supported remaining in the EU, she appointed several of the most prominent advocates of Brexit to key Cabinet positions responsible for negotiating the United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union, including Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, David Davis as Brexit Secretary, and Liam Fox as International Trade Secretary, the latter two being new positions.[161][166] Other key appointees included Amber Rudd as Home Secretary and Philip Hammond as Chancellor of the Exchequer.[167] D'Theresa Mary May, gebuer den 1.Oktober 1956 als Theresa Mary Brasier zu Eastbourne, an England, ass eng brittesch Politikerin vun der Conservative Party May has been married to Philip May, an investment relationship manager currently employed by Capital International,[323] since 6 September 1980.[324] It is widely believed that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto introduced the two during their time at Oxford.[325] May has expressed regret that she and her husband have not been able to have children.[326] The Mays are passionate walkers, and they regularly spend their holidays hiking in the Swiss Alps.[327] May is also a cricket fan, stating that Geoffrey Boycott was one of her sporting heroes.[328] She also enjoys cooking, and has said that she owns 100 cookery books. Philip has said that she "is a very good cook".[26][329]

The Withdrawal Act fixed the period ending 21 January 2019 for the government to decide on how to proceed if the negotiations have not reached agreement in principle on both the withdrawal arrangements and the framework for the future relationship between the UK and EU; while, alternatively, making future ratification of the withdrawal agreement as a treaty between the UK and EU depend upon the prior enactment of another act of Parliament for approving the final terms of withdrawal when the current Brexit negotiations are completed. In any event, the act does not alter the two-year period for negotiating allowed by Article 50 that ends at the latest on 29 March 2019 if the UK has not by then ratified a withdrawal agreement or agreed a prolongation of the negotiating period.[170] Before her premiership began, May said that she planned to have workers represented on company boards, saying "If I'm prime minister ... we're going to have not just consumers represented on company boards, but workers as well."[285] May aimed to put workers' and consumers' representatives on boards to make them more accountable.[286] Nils Pratley, a journalist at The Guardian, wrote in July "Fundamental principles of Britain's boardroom governance are being rethought. It is a very welcome development. In the more enlightened quarters of the UK corporate world, they can see that boardroom pay has eroded trust in business."[285] Workers' representatives it appeared, would have made UK companies more like those in Germany and France.[287] May was accused of backtracking in November 2016 when she said that firms would not be forced to adopt the proposal, saying "there are a number of ways in which that can be achieved".[288] Theresa May Speech Honest Subtitles. Theresa May made a speech on the Salzburg summit fiercely accusing the EU of not giving enough information and making Northern Ireland too much of a playing.

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In March 2019, a petition submitted to the UK Parliament petitions website, calling on the government to revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU, reached a record-level of more than 6.1 million signatures.[194][195] Exit day was 31 January 2020 at 11.00 p.m. GMT[156] The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (as amended by a UK Statutory Instrument on 11 April 2019), in section 20 (1), defined 'exit day' as 11:00 p.m. on 31 October 2019.[139] Originally, 'exit day' was defined as 11:00 p.m. on 29 March 2019 GMT (UTC+0).[170][172][173][174][175]

Theresa May kɛ Kewiyaɣ Kɩkpɛndaɣ tɛ ñʋʋdʋ. Ɛjaɖɛ nɖɩ sɔnɔ taa lɛ, ɖɩyaɣ size Iglisi ɛjaɖɛ. Palʋla-ɩ aloma fenaɣ taa kɛ evemiye yaa kɩyakʋ kɔɔnɔɔ yaa kajalaɣ (1) n̄ɩŋgʋ wiye kɛ pɩnaɣ 1956 n̄ɩŋga taa. Egeetiye nɖɩ ɖɩ-taa palʋla ɖoɖoo Theresa May ɛnɛ yɔ, nɖɩ payaɣ size Brasier egeetiye kɛ tɛtʋ ndʋ payaɣ-tʋ size Eastbourne yɔ tɩ-taa Theresa Mary May, (rođ.Brasier 1. listopada 1956., Eastbourne, East Sussex), britanska je političarka. Bila je zastupnica Konzervativne stranke u House of Commons od britanskih izbora 1997., izabrana u izbornoj oblasti Maidenhead. Izabrana je za vođu britanske Konzervativne stranke 11. srpnja 2016., i imenovana je za Premijerku Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva 13. srpnja 2016., naslijedivši na toj. Theresa May (nata Theresa Mary Brasier die 1 Octobris 1956 Eastburni in Sussexia), alumna Collegii Sancti Hugonis apud Oxonienses, est rerum politicarum perita factionis Conservativae Regni Britanniarum.Ab anno 1997 legata apud Parlamentum Britannicum munere populi Maidenhead fungitur. A die 12 Maii 2010 fuit secretaria civica a rebus internis, primo ministro Davide Cameron In July 2010, May proposed to review the previous Labour Government's anti-social behaviour legislation signalling the abolition of the "Anti-Social Behaviour Order" (ASBO). She identified the policy's high level of failure with almost half of ASBOs breached between 2000 and 2008, leading to "fast-track" criminal convictions. May proposed a less punitive, community-based approach to tackling social disorder. May suggested that anti-social behaviour policy "must be turned on its head", reversing the ASBO's role as the flagship crime control policy legislation under Labour.[80][81] Former Labour Home Secretaries David Blunkett (who introduced ASBOs) and Alan Johnson expressed their disapproval of the proposals.[82] On 5 February 2019, May gave a speech to business leaders in Belfast to address Brexit stating the United Kingdom's relationship with Ireland was closer than the 26 other members of the EU. She affirmed the government's "absolute" commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and that Britain would seek to have no hard border in Northern Ireland.[310][311]

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  1. On 19 December 2018, the EU Commission announced its "no-deal" Contingency Action Plan in specific sectors, in respect of the UK leaving the EU "in 100 days' time."[206]
  2. The potential impact on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has been a contentious issue. Since 2005, the border has been essentially invisible.[250] After Brexit, it will be the only UK–EU land border.[251] All involved parties agree a hard border should be avoided,[252] as it might compromise the Good Friday Agreement that ended the Northern Ireland conflict.[253][254][255] To forestall this, the EU proposed a "backstop agreement" (the Northern Ireland Protocol) that would have kept the UK in the Customs Union and kept Northern Ireland in some aspects of the Single Market also, until a lasting solution was found.[256] The backstop was part of the withdrawal agreement, but was replaced in the revised agreement.[152]
  3. Sau khi May trở thành chủ tịch đảng Bảo thủ vì ứng cử viên thứ 2 còn lại rút lui vào ngày 11 tháng 7 năm 2016, David Cameron tuyên bố từ chức 2 ngày sau đó. Được Nữ hoàng bổ nhiệm, May trở thành nữ thủ tướng thứ 2 sau Margaret Thatcher, và là người đầu tiên trong thế kỷ 21.[14]
  4. ated by Theresa May‎.

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Voter demographics and trends

This is a summary of the electoral history of Theresa May, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2016 to 2019. She has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997. Theresa Mary May (/təˈriːzə ˈmeɪ/), född Brasier (/ˈbreɪʒər/) den 1 oktober 1956 i Eastbourne i East Sussex, var Storbritanniens premiärminister från 13 juli 2016 till den 24 juli 2019 och var partiledare för det Konservativa partiet från juli 2016 till 7 juni 2019. Hon är ledamot för det Konservativa partiet i det brittiska underhuset sedan parlamentsvalet 1997, då hon blev invald i valkretsen Maidenhead. Opinion polls found that Leave voters believed leaving the EU was "more likely to bring about a better immigration system, improved border controls, a fairer welfare system, better quality of life, and the ability to control our own laws", while Remain voters believed EU membership "would be better for the economy, international investment, and the UK's influence in the world". Polls found that the main reasons people voted Leave were "the principle that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK", and that leaving "offered the best chance for the UK to regain control over immigration and its own borders". The main reason people voted Remain was that "the risks of voting to leave the EU looked too great when it came to things like the economy, jobs and prices".[81] Theresa May says she won't be afraid to tell Donald Trump if he says or does anything she feels is unacceptable. The two will hold talks in the White House on Friday on issues such as trade. Theresa Mary May (fødd Brasier, 1. oktober 1956) er ein britisk politikar som blei leiar av Det konservative partiet i Storbritannia 11. juli 2016 og statsminister etter David Cameron 13. juli. Før dette var ho innanriksminister frå 2010 til 2016 og parlamentsmedlem (medlem av Underhuset) for valkrinsen Maidenhead i Windsor i Berkshire sidan denne blei oppretta i 1997

Invocation of Article 50

Theresa May. 8 min read. English News Historical Articles UK Prime Minister Theresa May was a slave of the Jews. 3 weeks ago English News . UK Prime Minister Theresa May was a slave of the Jews The former Prime Minister of the UK Theresa... Search for: International News . 6 min read. Difficult days ahead, says Theresa May after cabinet backs Brexit deal - video Why has it been so hard to reach? While some of the detail took longer, the UK and EU agreed reasonably quickly on. Theresa May to seek snap election for 8 June — BBC News, April 18, 2017 Angela Dewan and Judith Vonberg. UK Prime Minister Theresa May to seek early election — CNN , April 18, 201

Theresa May sa primer ministro nga Hiniusang Gingharian. Mga gibasehan [ usba | usba ang wikitext ] ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 Who is Theresa May: A profile of UK's next prime minister , BBC News Online , 12 Hulyo 2016, pagbasa sa online , läst: 13 Hulyo 201 Theresa Mary May (/təˈriːzə ˈmeɪ/), född Brasier (/ˈbreɪʒər/) den 1 oktober 1956 i Eastbourne i East Sussex, var Storbritanniens premiärminister från 13 juli 2016 till den 24 juli 2019 och var partiledare för det Konservativa partiet från juli 2016 till 7 juni 2019. Hon är ledamot för det Konservativa partiet i det brittiska underhuset sedan parlamentsvalet 1997, då hon blev. Withdrawal was advocated by hard Eurosceptics and opposed by pro-Europeanists and soft Eurosceptics, with both sides of the argument spanning the political spectrum. The UK joined the European Communities (EC) – principally the European Economic Community (EEC) – in 1973, and its continued membership was endorsed in a 1975 referendum. In the 1970s and 1980s, withdrawal from the EC was advocated mainly by the political left, e.g. in the Labour Party's 1983 election manifesto. The 1992 Maastricht Treaty founded the EU, but was not put to a referendum. The Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party led a rebellion over ratification of the treaty and, with the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the cross-party People's Pledge campaign, pressured the Conservative prime minister David Cameron to hold a referendum on continued EU membership, which was held in June 2016. Cameron, who had campaigned to remain, resigned after the result and was succeeded by Theresa May. Theresa May says that if there is a leadership election it will go past Jan 21 - the deadline for when MPs will have been given a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal In July 2016, when George Kerevan asked her whether she would be prepared to authorise the killing of a hundred thousand innocent persons by a nuclear strike; during the "Trident debate" inside the House of Commons, May said "Yes. And I have to say to the honourable gentleman: the whole point of a deterrent is that our enemies need to know that we would be prepared to use it. Unlike some suggestions that we could have a nuclear deterrent but not actually be willing to use it, which come from the Labour Party frontbench."[171]

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  1. In 2003, after Michael Howard's election as Conservative Party and Opposition Leader in November that year, May was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Transport and the Environment.[38]
  2. ister, and continued in the post as part of the second Cameron
  3. After leaving 10 Downing Street, May took her place on the backbenches, remaining an MP to "devote her full time" to her constituency of Maidenhead.[320] In the 2019 general election she was re-elected as the constituency's MP. [321]
  4. On 17 December, and following May's decision to delay the vote, Corbyn tabled a motion of no confidence in her premiership, but not against the government.[5] The following day the government refused to allow time for the motion to be debated, which Speaker John Bercow confirmed they were under no obligation to do.[6]
  5. isteri Cameronin eroon virastaan sekä pää
  6. May has not given MPs a vote over the European Union.[citation needed] Nicky Morgan stated "in 2016 MPs aren't asking for a veto but they do want a say and we hope the Prime Minister will remember her earlier words". Anna Soubry and Nick Clegg also called for more parliamentary involvement.[304] In November 2016, the High Court ruled in R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union that parliament must vote on the decision to leave the EU but May appealed to the Supreme Court.[305] Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister has joined the case as have representatives of Wales and Northern Ireland. Sturgeon feels the Scottish Parliament should also consent to the UK triggering of Article 50. She says she will not seek to prevent England and Wales leaving but wants to preserve Scotland's place in the EU.[306] In the end the Supreme Court required a vote in the UK parliament.
  7. Theresa May (watalwa 1 Impala 1956) nguNdvunankulu wase-United Kingdom neMholi we-Conservative Party kusukela ngo-2016. Uphindze waba ngoNobhala wase Brithani kusukela ngo-2010 kuya ku-2016. Mey wakhetfwa kucala njengelilungu lePhalamende (MP) leMaidenhead ngemnyaka wa-1997

May's premiership had had 51 resignations with 33 relating to Brexit. These included 12 departures from the Cabinet. The pace and number of resignations have been described as 'unprecedented' by the Institute for Government,[249] with resignations impacting the functioning of the government.[250] In less than three years, May received more resignations than Thatcher (11 years) or Blair (10 years). The Chief Whip Julian Smith described May's Cabinet as exhibiting the 'worst cabinet ill-discipline in history'.[251] Trong lúc vận động để trở thành thủ tướng, May nói: "Chúng ta cần một nền kinh tế mà thích ứng với tất cả mọi người", hứa sẽ đối phó với việc trả lương quá cao cho các nhà điều hành doanh nghiệp bằng cách làm phiếu của cổ đông ràng buộc chứ không phải là do quyết định của tư vấn và đưa công nhân vào hội đồng quản trị công ty.[12] May has described herself as a personal supporter of fox hunting with hounds, saying that foxes' numbers had to be controlled and that hunting them with dogs was the most humane way to do it. The Conservative manifesto for the 2017 election included a pledge to hold a parliamentary vote to repeal the Hunting Act 2004, which prohibits a range of hunting activities.[263] Maysta veikkailtiin konservatiivipuolueen seuraavaa johtajaa David Cameronin jälkeen. Hänet nähdään pääministeri Margaret Thatcherin henkisenä perillisenä.[3] In 1998, May voted against lowering the age of consent for homosexual acts,[315] and was absent for the vote on the repeal of Section 28 in 2003.[316] In May 2012, however, May expressed support for the introduction of same-sex marriage by recording a video for the Out4Marriage campaign,[317] in which she stated "I believe if two people care for each other, if they love each other, if they want to commit to each other... then they should be able to get married and marriage should be for everyone".[318] In May 2013, May voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, which legalised same-sex marriage in England and Wales.[319]

UK–EU negotiations in 2017 and 2018

May työskenteli vuosina 1977–1983 Bank of Englandissa ja myöhemmin UK Payments Administration Ltd.:ssa (UKPA). Hänet valittiin Lontoon Mertonin kunnanvaltuustoon vuonna 1986. After Boris Johnson became prime minister on 24 July 2019 and met with EU leaders, the EU changed its stance. On 17 October 2019, following "tunnel talks" between UK and EU,[148] a revised withdrawal agreement was agreed on negotiators level, and endorsed by the UK government and the EU Commission.[149] The revised deal contained a new Northern Ireland Protocol, as well as technical modifications to related articles.[6] In addition, the Political Declaration was also revised.[150] The revised deal and the political declaration was endorsed by the European Council later that day.[151] To come into effect, it needs to be ratified by the European Parliament and the UK parliament.[152]

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Den 18 april 2017 uppmanade May underhuset att rösta för att landet ska hålla nyval den 8 juni 2017 med motiveringen att motverka politisk instabilitet och därmed stärka förhandlingsläget inför Storbritanniens utträde ur EU. För att utlysa nyvalet krävdes det att två tredjedelar av underhuset röstade för förslaget. Dagen efter uppmaningen, den 19 april, röstade en bred majoritet av underhuset för att utlysa nyval med röstsiffrorna 522 för och 13 emot. [8] Sin skoltid tillbringade May inom Englands allmänna skolsystem, men gick en kortare tid i en katolsk skola. Hon gick senare vidare och studerade vid Oxfords universitet, där hon tog kandidatexamen i geografi.[4] In June 2012, May was found in contempt of court by Judge Barry Cotter, and stood accused of "totally unacceptable and regrettable behaviour", being said to have shown complete disregard for a legal agreement to free an Algerian from a UK Immigration Detention Centre. As she eventually allowed the prisoner to be freed, May avoided further sanctions including fines or imprisonment.[106][107] A 2017 study published in Economic Policy showed that the Leave vote tended to be greater in areas which had lower incomes and high unemployment, a strong tradition of manufacturing employment, and in which the population had fewer qualifications. It also tended to be greater where there was a large flow of Eastern European migrants (mainly low-skilled workers) into areas with a large share of native low-skilled workers.[73] Those in lower social grades (especially the 'working class') were more likely to vote Leave, while those in higher social grades (especially the 'upper middle class') more likely to vote Remain.[74][75][76] Studies found that the Leave vote tended to be higher in areas affected by economic decline,[77] high rates of suicides and drug-related deaths,[78] and austerity reforms introduced in 2010.[79]

Draft withdrawal agreement

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  1. u Maidenhead.Þann 11. júlí 2016 varð hún leiðtogi Íhaldsflokksins en hún leysti David Cameron af hólmi sem forsætisráðherra þann 13. júlí 2016. Hún er annar kvenmaðurinn sem gengur í embættið, á eftir Margréti Thatcher.. May fæddist í Eastbourne í Sussex og.
  2. ated as one of the Society's Inspiring Women of 2006.[342] In February 2013, BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour described her as Britain's second-most powerful woman after Queen Elizabeth II.[343]
  3. g.[198] The Scottish Parliament voted in favour of holding another independence referendum, with Sturgeon planning it for 2021.[199][200] At the last referendum in 2014, 55% of voters had decided to remain in the UK, but the referendum on Britain's withdrawal from the EU was held in 2016, with 62% of Scottish voters against it. In the event that Northern Ireland remains associated with the EU – for example, by remaining in the Customs Union – it is expected that Scotland will also insist on special treatment.[201]

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May welcomed the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, saying that "no one is above the law."[268] Assange had fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012 after being accused of sexual assault in Sweden. He is also wanted by the US for "conspiracy to commit computer intrusion" relating to the Wikileaks release of classified material in 2010, including footage of US soldiers killing civilians in Iraq.[269][270] Efter att David Cameron tillkännagav sin avgång som premiärminister den 24 juni 2016 som följd av resultatet i folkomröstningen om Storbritanniens fortsatta EU-medlemskap, tillkännagav May att hon skulle ställa upp i det Konservativa partiets ledarskapsval. Hon blev snabbt en toppkandidat till posten som ny partiledare. May vann den första och andra omröstningen med en bred marginal och skulle möta toppkonkurrenten Andrea Leadsom i en avgörande omröstning. Leadsom drog emellertid tillbaka sin kandidatur från ledarskapsvalet den 11 juli 2016, varpå May utsågs till partiledare för Konservativa partiet samma dag. Två dagar senare utsågs hon även till Storbritanniens premiärminister av drottning Elizabeth II. Som premiärminister har hennes regering primärt fokuserat på Storbritanniens utträde ur Europeiska unionen.[6] In May 2012 she told the Daily Telegraph of her intention "to create here in Britain a really hostile environment for illegal migration,"[94]

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The 2015 Referendum Act did not expressly require Article 50 to be invoked,[84] but prior to the referendum, the UK government said it would respect the result.[85] When Cameron resigned following the referendum, he said that it would be for the incoming prime minister to invoke Article 50.[68][86] The new prime minister, Theresa May, said she would wait until 2017 to invoke the article, in order to prepare for the negotiations.[87] In October 2016, she said UK would trigger Article 50 in March 2017,[88] and in December she gained the support of MP's for her timetable.[89] In January 2017, the UK Supreme Court ruled in the Miller case that government could only invoke Article 50 if authorised by an act of parliament to do so.[90] The government subsequently introduced a bill for that purpose, and it was passed into law on 16 March as the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017.[91] On 29 March, Theresa May triggered Article 50 when Tim Barrow, the UK's ambassador to the EU, delivered the invocation letter to European Council President Donald Tusk. This made 29 March 2019 the expected date that UK would leave EU.[92][93]

In granting the Article 50 extensions, the EU adopted a stance of refusing to "reopen" (that is, renegotiate) the Withdrawal Agreement.[147] Theresa Mary Mayová (nepřechýleně Theresa Mary May; rozená Brasierová; * 1. října 1956 Eastbourne) je britská politička, mezi lety 2016-2019 premiérka Spojeného království a vůdkyně Konzervativní strany, jakožto druhá žena v těchto úřadech po Margaret Thatcherové.Od května 1997 zasedá v Dolní sněmovně za obvod Maidenhead In June 2010, May faced her first major national security incident as Home Secretary with the Cumbria shootings.[50][51] She delivered her first major speech in the House of Commons as Home Secretary in a statement on this incident,[52] later visiting the victims with the Prime Minister.[53][54] Also in June 2010, May banned the Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik from entering the United Kingdom.[55]

Bhí May ceaptha ina Príomh-Aire ar an 13 Iúil 2016, tar éis do David Cameron fógra a thabhairt don Bhanríon go raibh sé ag éirí as an bpost. Vótáil mhuintir na Breataine i bhfabhar imeacht as an Aontas Eorpach, nó Breatimeacht, i reifreann sa bhliain 2016.Ach oiread le David Cameron, bhí Theresa May ag stocaireacht go bhfanfadh an Bhreatain san Aontas On 30 June 2016, May announced her candidacy for the leadership of the Conservative Party to replace David Cameron, who resigned following the outcome of the European Union membership referendum in which 52% of voters voted in favour of leaving the EU. May emphasised the need for unity within the party regardless of positions on leaving the EU, saying she could bring "strong leadership" and a "positive vision" for the country's future. Despite having backed a vote to remain in the EU, she insisted that there would be no second referendum, saying: "The campaign was fought... and the public gave their verdict. There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door... Brexit means Brexit". An opinion poll that day found 47% of people choosing May as their preferred candidate to be prime minister.[148] Theresa May, Conservative Party leader and the second woman prime minister (2016-19) in U.K. history. Her tenure in office was dominated by her attempt to oversee Brexit, the British exit from the EU. Unable to win Parliamentary approval of the agreement she had negotiated with the EU, she was forced from office In October 2016, Theresa May promised a "Great Repeal Bill", which would repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and restate in UK law all enactments previously in force under EU law. Subsequently renamed the European Union (Withdrawal) bill, it was introduced to the House of Commons on 13 July 2017.[167]

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  1. Having entered Parliament, May became a member of William Hague's front-bench Opposition team, as Shadow Spokesman for Schools, Disabled People and Women (1998–1999). She became the first of the 1997 MPs to enter the Shadow Cabinet when in 1999 she was appointed Shadow Education and Employment Secretary. After the 2001 election the new Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith kept her in the Shadow Cabinet, moving her to the Transport portfolio.
  2. ister of the United Kingdom. Biography. A politican from the Conservative Party, she followed David Cameron, who had previously been prime
  3. nasta jo 12-vuotiaana. Hän kävi valtion koulua ja opiskeli sen jälkeen Oxfordin yliopiston[3] St Hugh's Collegessa ja suoritti alemman tutkinnon maantieteestä.
  4. Template:Theresa May. This page uses content from the English language Wikipedia.The original content was at Category:Theresa May.The list of authors can be seen in the page history.As with this Familypedia wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons License
  5. istry, the British government led by Theresa May from 2017 to 2019; See also. Premiership of Theresa May; This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title May
  6. Theresa Mary May (/təˈriːzə/;[3] née Brasier; born 1 October 1956) is a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2016 to 2019. May served as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016 and has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997. Ideologically, she identifies herself as a one-nation conservative.[4]
  7. On 15 January 2019, May's government was defeated in the House of Commons by a margin of 230 votes (202 in favour and 432 opposed) in a vote on her deal to leave the European Union. It was the largest majority against a United Kingdom government in history.[224]

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May publicly stated her support for the UK remaining in the EU during the 2016 referendum campaign, but did not campaign extensively in the referendum and criticised aspects of the EU in a speech.[290][291] It was speculated by political journalists that May had sought to minimise her involvement in the debate to strengthen her position as a future candidate for the Conservative party leadership.[292] Some in David Cameron's ministry likened May to a "submarine" on the issue of Brexit due to her perceived indifference towards the referendum and the EU.[293] Theresa May is on the TIME 100 2017 list. Bill English wrote about the Prime Minister of Britain May ilmoitti toukokuussa 2019 eroavansa puolueen puheenjohtajan tehtävästä 7. kesäkuuta, jolloin ryhdyttiin valitsemaan uutta puheenjohtajaa, josta tulee myös pääministeri. May oli virkaatekevä puheenjohtaja uuden puheenjohtajan valintaan saakka.[1] Hän jätti pääministerin tehtävän 24. heinäkuuta 2019, jolloin kuningatar Elisabet II pyysi hänen seuraajakseen valittua Boris Johnsonia muodostamaan hallituksen.[2] Theresa Mary May (Brasier jaiotzez) (Eastbourne, Ingalaterra, 1956ko urriaren 1a - ), Erresuma Batuko lehen ministroa eta politikaria da.. 1997an diputatu aukeratua izan zen Maidenhead barrutian. 1999an itzaleko kabinetean sartu zen eta hainbat ardura izan zituen William Hagueren, Iain Duncan Smithen, Michael Howarden eta David Cameronen zuzendaritzapean.. On 24 May she confirmed that she would resign as Conservative Party leader on 7 June,[232] stating, "it is now clear to me that it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort."[233] She continued to serve as prime minister until she tendered her resignation to the Queen on 24 July. This coincided with the arrival of Boris Johnson as prime minister, who was elected by the Conservative Party membership.[234] By constitutional convention May did not step down until she assured the Queen that Johnson would be able to command the confidence of the House of Commons.[235]

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May är aktiv medlem i den anglikanska kyrkan och deltar regelbundet i söndagsgudstjänsten. Hon har ofta nämnt att den kristna tron är en integrerad del i hennes liv.[5] On 21 March 2018, the Scottish Parliament passed the Scottish Continuity Bill.[202] This was passed by stalling negotiations between the Scottish Government and the British Government on where powers within devolved policy areas should lie after Brexit. The Act allows for all devolved policy areas to remain within the remit of the Scottish Parliament and reduces the executive power upon exit day that the UK Withdrawal Bill provides for Ministers of the Crown.[203] The bill was referred to the UK Supreme Court, which found that it could not come into force as the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, which received royal assent between the Scottish Parliament passing its bill and the Supreme Court's judgement, designated itself under Schedule 4 of the Scotland Act 1998 as unamendable by the Scottish Parliament.[204] The bill has therefore not received royal assent.[205] The result was announced on the morning of 24 June: 51.89% voted in favour of leaving the EU (Leave), and 48.11% voted in favour of remaining a member of the EU (Remain).[66][67] After the result was declared, Cameron announced that he would resign by October.[68] He stood down on 13 July 2016, with Theresa May becoming Prime Minister after a leadership contest. A petition calling for a second referendum attracted more than four million signatures,[69][70] but was rejected by the government on 9 July.[71]

English [] Proper noun []. Theresa. A female given name from Ancient Greek, an alteration of Teresa, first used in Spain, supposedly derived from the Ancient Greek name of the island of Thera in Greece.. 1810, Tales of real life: forming a sequel to miss Edgeworth's Tales of fashionable life (Henry Colburn, London), volume 1, page 72: Theresa!exclaimed the stranger, is your name Theresa Theresa May (née Brasier, born 1st October 1956) was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 13th July 2016 to 24th July 2019, and was leader of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom from 11th July 2016 to 7th June 2019. She was previously Home Secretary (responsible for internal affairs) from 2010. Prior to this role, she held various positions in the government and Opposition. The outcome of the renegotiations was announced in February 2016. Some limits to in-work benefits for new EU immigrants were agreed, but before they could be applied, a member state such as the UK would have to get permission from the European Commission and then from the European Council, which is composed of the heads of government of every member state.[62] After the result, May told Members of the House of Commons she would "continue to work to deliver on the solemn promise to the people of this country to deliver on the result of the referendum and leave the European Union". As a result of this, she requested to meet leaders of all parties to have individual meetings on how to continue with the process of leaving the European Union. In reaction to the result, Corbyn asked May to ensure that a no-deal Brexit would not occur, telling MPs that the government should "remove clearly, once and for all, the prospect of the catastrophe of a no-deal exit from the EU". This idea of eliminating the possibility of a no-deal Brexit was backed by the SNP.[15] In July 2013, May decided to ban the stimulant khat, against the advice of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). The council reached the conclusion that there was "insufficient evidence" it caused health problems.[83] Explaining the change in the classification May said: "The decision to bring khat under control is finely balanced and takes into account the expert scientific advice and these broader concerns", and pointed out that the product had already been banned in the majority of other EU member states, as well as most of the G8 countries including Canada and the US.[84] A report on khat use by the ACMD published in January 2013 had noted the product had been associated with "acute psychotic episodes", "chronic liver disease" and family breakdown. However, it concluded that there is no risk of harm for most users, and recommended that khat remain uncontrolled due to lack of evidence for these associations.[85]

The UK Independence Party (UKIP), a Eurosceptic political party, was formed in 1993. It achieved third place in the UK during the 2004 European elections, second place in the 2009 European elections and first place in the 2014 European elections, with 27.5% of the total vote. This was the first time since the 1910 general election that any party other than Labour or the Conservatives had taken the largest share of the vote in a nationwide election.[46] UKIP's electoral success in the 2014 European election is documented as the strongest correlate of the support for the Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum.[47] Theresa Mary May (/ t ə ˈ r iː z ə /; née Brasier; born 1 October 1956) is a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2016 to 2019. May served as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016 and has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997.Ideologically, she identifies herself as a one-nation conservative

On 22 April it was announced that the leaders of 70 Conservative Associations had signed a petition calling for a vote of no confidence. Under party rules an Extraordinary General Meeting must be convened if one is demanded by 65 associations. The non-binding vote, to be determined by 800 of the party's senior officials, would be the first time such an instance has occurred.[230] On 24 April, the party's 1922 Committee ruled out changing the leadership challenge rules, but its chair, Graham Brady, asked for clarity on when May would step down from office.[231] A ComRes poll taken in September 2016 after her election suggested May was seen as substantially more "in touch with ordinary British people" than her predecessor David Cameron and a majority of voters saw her as "the right person to unite the country".[238] The manifesto also proposed reforms to social care in England that would raise the threshold for free care from £23,250 to £100,000 while including property in the means test and permitting deferred payment after death.[189] After attracting substantial media attention, four days after the manifesto launch May stated that the proposed social care reforms would now include an "absolute limit" on costs in contrast to the rejection of a cap in the manifesto.[193] She criticised the "fake" portrayal of the policy in recent days by Labour and other critics who had termed it a "dementia tax".[193] Evening Standard editor George Osborne called the policy change a "U-turn".[194] The Financial Times contrasted her "Strong and Stable" leadership slogan with her own record of nine rapid U-turns claiming she was "making a habit of retreating from policies."[195] Theresa Mary May (fødd Brasier, 1. oktober 1956) er ein bretskur politikari, ið var forsætisráðharri í Stórabretlandi og leiðari av Konservativa Flokkinum frá juli 2016 til juli 2019.. Theresa Mary varð fødd í Eastbourne í Onglandi 1. oktober 1956, dóttir ein sóknarprest. Hon las landafrøði á lærda háskúlanum í Oxford, har hon eisini møtti manni sínum Philip May

In 2015, while May was Home Secretary, an 18% funding cut in the police force had taken place with the loss of around 20,000 police officers. Before the Manchester Arena bombing and after the Paris attacks, she was warned by a Manchester senior police officer that the cuts on the force and community policing risked terror attacks in the city due the lack of resources to do proper intelligence and anti-terrorist measures.[279][280][281] May's government published a Green Paper in November 2016 which considered forcing companies to reveal the difference between what their CEOs are paid and what their ordinary workers are paid.[283] On 1 January 2019 new regulations came into force for UK listed companies with over 250 employees to annually disclose the ratio of their CEO's pay to the median, lower quartile, and upper quartile pay of their UK employees.[284]

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Theresa Mary May (/ t ə ˈ r iː z ə /; [2] nascida Brasier; Eastbourne, 1 de outubro de 1956) é uma politica britânica que serviu como Primeira-ministra do Reino Unido e Líder do Partido Conservador de 2016 a 2019. Antes, ela havia servido como Secretária de Estado para os Assuntos Internos (Home Secretary) de 2010 a 2016.May foi eleita para a Câmara dos Comuns em maio de 1997. May lớn lên ở Oxfordshire và theo học trường St Hugh's College, Oxford. Từ năm 1977 đến năm 1983, bà làm việc cho Ngân hàng Anh, và từ năm 1985 đến năm 1997 tại Hiệp hội dịch vụ thanh toán Vương quốc Anh, cũng là một ủy viên hội đồng cho Durnsford ở Merton. Sau những nỗ lực không thành công để ứng cử vào Hạ viện vào các năm 1992 và 1994, bà được bầu làm Nghị sĩ Quốc hội, đại diện cho khu vực Maidenhead trong cuộc tổng tuyển cử năm 1997. Từ năm 1999 đến năm 2010, May đảm nhiệm một số chức vụ trong Nội các đối lập của William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Howard, và David Cameron, bao gồm Bộ trưởng Giao thông và Bộ trưởng Việc làm và Lương hưu. Bà cũng là Chủ tịch Đảng Bảo thủ từ 2002 đến 2003. Theresa Mary May, angleška političarka, * 1. oktober 1956, Eastbourne, Anglija, Združeno kraljestvo.. 13. julija 2016 je postala predsednica vlade Združenega kraljestva.Na tem položaju je nadomestila Davida Camerona, ki je po šestih letih vodenja države odstopil. Po njenem odstopu jo je 24. julija 2019 zamenjal Boris Johnson.. Sklic May pointed to Qatada's deportation as a triumph, guaranteeing in September 2013 that "he will not be returning to the UK", and declaring in her 2016 leadership campaign announcement that she was told that she "couldn't deport Abu Qatada" but that she "flew to Jordan and negotiated the treaty that got him out of Britain for good".[116][5] The Qatada deportation also shaped May's views on the European Convention on Human Rights and European Court of Human Rights, saying that they had "moved the goalposts" and had a "crazy interpretation of our human rights laws", as a result, May has since campaigned against the institutions, saying that British withdrawal from them should be considered.[113]

After David Cameron resigned, May was elected Conservative Party leader and became the UK's second female prime minister. She began the process of withdrawing the UK from the European Union, triggering Article 50 in March 2017. The following month, she announced a snap general election, with the aims of strengthening her hand in Brexit negotiations and highlighting her "strong and stable" leadership.[6][7] This resulted in a hung parliament in which the number of Conservative seats had fallen from 330 to 317, despite the party winning its highest vote share since 1983. The loss of an overall majority prompted her to enter a confidence and supply arrangement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to support a minority government. May survived a vote of no confidence from Conservative MPs in December 2018 and a Parliamentary vote of no confidence in January 2019. She carried out the Brexit negotiations with the European Union, adhering to the Chequers Agreement, which resulted in the Brexit withdrawal agreement. After versions of this agreement were rejected by Parliament three times, she resigned and was succeeded by Boris Johnson. She remains in the House of Commons as a backbencher. Vuonna 1997 May valittiin parlamenttiin Berkshiren Maidenheadista. Hän nousi konservatiivipuolueen kärkiryhmään 2002.[3] Hän toimi William Haguen varjohallituksessa, jossa hän oli vastuussa muun muassa kouluista sekä myöhemmin liikenneministerin, ympäristöministerin, opetusministerin ja työministerin aloista. Privy Councilin jäsen hänestä tuli vuonna 2003. May praised the former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and has a portrait of Churchill on the wall of her study. May's spokesman said: "The prime minister has quoted and referenced Sir Winston Churchill on many occasion and acknowledged him as one of the great prime ministers of the 20th century."[267] On 15 January 2019, the House of Commons voted 432 to 202 against the deal, which was the largest majority against a United Kingdom government ever.[129][130] Soon after, a motion of no confidence in Her Majesty's Government was tabled by the opposition,[131] which was rejected by 325 votes to 306.[132] In 2012, Prime Minister David Cameron initially rejected calls for a referendum on the UK's EU membership,[54] but then suggested the possibility of a future referendum to endorse his proposed renegotiation of Britain's relationship with the rest of the EU.[55] According to the BBC, "The prime minister acknowledged the need to ensure the UK's [renegotiated] position within the [EU] had 'the full-hearted support of the British people' but they needed to show 'tactical and strategic patience'."[56] On 23 January 2013, under pressure from many of his MPs and from the rise of UKIP, Cameron announced in his Bloomberg speech that a Conservative government would hold an in-or-out referendum on EU membership before the end of 2017, on a renegotiated package, if elected in the 7 May 2015 general election.[57] This was included in the Conservative Party manifesto for the election.[58][59] B' e May aona tagraiche airson ceannardais Pàrtaidh Tòraidheach an dèidh do Dàibhidh Camshron a thoirt suas agus an dèidh do Andrea Leadsom a tharraing air ais às a' cho-fharpais. Chaidh i na prìomhaire 13 an t-Iuchar 2016. Ceanglaichean a-mach. They Work For You: Theresa May MP, Maidenhead (Beurla

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