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8 Aug 2017 - 1868 to 1917 Tranter, Webley, Holland & Holland, Hollis & Sons, Lincoln Jeffries, Forehand & Wadsworth, Purdey, Belgian clones anything possibly carried by Dr Watson or even Holmes himself. See more ideas about Revolver, Hand guns and Guns 9mm Luger has become the popular caliber for US law enforcement agencies due to the availability of compact pistols with large magazine round capacity using this caliber. It is also a popular self-defense cartridge for civilians where permitted. .40 S&W Round. The forty Smith & Wesson was a very popular law enforcement round with more recoil than the 9mm. Howeverit's on the way out. It is a shortened version of the 10mm round so sometimes it is derisively known as the 40 short & weak. Check out our fav options in Best .40 S&W Ammo. Bullet Weight: 155-180 g The N110 rifle powder The N110 powder, formerly known as 4N19 and N3SS, is a tubular powder type with grain dimensions of 1,1 mm length and 0,8 mm diameter. The N110 is our fastest burning powder on our scale of rifle powders, making it a versatile product that can be used for pistol and rifleloadings. Th The guns are available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm, .357 SIG and .22 LR, and the centerfire-pistol calibers feed from all compatible Glock magazines. A Remington-style magazine feeds the .22 LR.

45 Colt vs 45 Long Colt History. The year was 1873 and Colt's latest handgun, the Model P (aka as the Single Action Army Revolver of 1873) was just awarded the contract as the official sidearm for. American Eagle .38 Special FMJ 130 grn. From: 160,- American Eagle .38 Special LRN 158 grn. From: 145,- Fiocchi .38 S&W Special. SJSP From: 165,- Magtech .38 S&W LWC.

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LOT OF 15 rounds .38 s&w and a vintage box Here is a collectible REMINGTON UMC Kleanbore .38 s&w box with some tatter and wear to the box sold sides gone please refer to pictures to decide if you are collecting this box, there is approx 15 rounds of .38 s&w rounds in the bo The 38/44s were available with either blue or nickel finish. Production was interrupted by the second world war. Postwar production serial numbers are prefixed with the letter S.[1] After the war these N-frame revolvers were popular with veterans experimentally handloading the .38 Special at pressures up to fifty percent higher than the 15,000 pounds per square inch (1,000 atm) recommended for conventional .38 Special revolvers.[6] Kaliberen; .38/200 (retteligt i dag .38 S&W) er meget let ladet i forhold til den amerikanske .38 Special, som modellen blev produceret i til de amerikanske styrker. .38 S&W er en behagelig kaliber på skydebanen - men allerede under krigen var der klager over at den var noget tam og anæmisk i forhold til f.eks. tyskernes foretrukne kaliber 9. A .38 Special fires bullets with velocity between 679-980 feet per second. The velocity varies according to barrel length and type of gun. The .38 Special is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge by Smith & Wesson. The 9mm Luger also known as 9X19mm Parabellum was designed by George Luger and is the most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge.

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strelivo za revolverje, šibreno strelivo, cci, geco, magtech, sellier & bellot, cci 38/357 shotshell, 100grs, geco .38 special wc, 148grs, magtech .38 special fmj. Smith & Wesson's popular M&P Shield Semi-Auto Pistol operates with a striker-fired action, eliminating any external hammer to catch on clothing when this handgun is carried concealed. The thin 1 profile aids with concealment. The operation is based on a polymer frame and coated stainless steel action Caliber 10mm Auto 17 HMR 22 WMR 22 LR 22 Magnum 243 Winchester 9mm 300 AAC Blackout 300 Whisper 308 WIN/7.62 x 51 357 Magnum 380 Auto 38 S&W SPECIAL +P 40 S&W 41 Magnum 410 2 1/2 44 Magnum 44 S&W Special 45 ACP 45 AUTO 45 Colt 454 Casull 460 S&W Magnum 500 S&W Magnum 500 S&W Special 5.56mm NATO/.223 6.5 Creedmoor Walther P22 22LR tweedehands € 275 S & W 686-4 38/357 mag € 550 Heckler & Koch P9 s 9mm Para uitstekende staat. komt met tweede loop (target) en loopgewicht verkocht. Unique D2 cal 22 LR € 225 J.P.Sauer & Sohn . 38 sp Linkse kolf

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The Nagant factory acceptance mark consisting of a script letter 'N' is found in 10 places on the revolver: 1. The frame (right side in front of the cylinder) 2. The barrel (left side on front sight base) 3. The trigger guard (left side front under serial number) 4. The trigger (right side top Cartridge Name Bullet Diameter Case Length Cartridge Length Type; 2.34 mm rimfire.092 in (2.3 mm).240 in (6.1 mm)-Rimmed, rimfire: 2.7 mm Kolibr S&W Model 1899 Hånd Ejektor-revolvere .38 S&W special Varenr.:P9484. Smith & Wesson af deres Model 1899 Hånd Ejektor-revolvere i kaliber .38 S&W Special. Model 1905 3 udgave, produceret i 1912/13, importeret til Europa i 1984, flot stand, få brugsmærker, revolveren er reblåneret, aftrækket går godt i både single og double action The Russian designed 7.62x25 Tokarev is a higher pressure version of the slightly older Mauser version. The Russians copied the Mauser's exact measurements essentially, and created a higher pressure variant for use in many of their submachine guns and sidearms at the time. The cartridge still sees use today in many nations because there is so much surplus in Eastern Europe The .38 Special was introduced in 1898 as a military service cartridge as .38 Long Colt had insufficient stopping power against the wooden shields of Moros during the Philippine-American War. The .38 Special rounds can be fired from revolvers chambered for .357 Magnum or the .38 Long Colt as only the case length of .38 Special is different. But a .357 Magnum is more powerful and cannot be fired in a revolver chambered for .38 Special. The 9mm Luger was designed by George Luger from his earlier 7.65X21mm Parabellum. In 1902 he presented it to British Small Arms Committee. In 1903 he presented 3 prototypes to the US Navy. It was adopted by the German Navy in 1905 and the German Army in 1906.

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The .41 Remington Magnum or 10.4×33mmR as it is known in unofficial metric designation, is a center fire firearms cartridge primarily developed for use in large-frame revolvers, introduced in 1964 by the Remington Arms Company, intended for hunting and law enforcement purposes .41 Magnum 163.2 dB. .44 Spl 155.9 dB. .45 ACP 157.0 dB. .45 COLT 154.7 dB. JerryC, Mar 1, 2012. DoubleTapDrew Member. I think there is a lot more to it than the actual decibel rating in terms of how loud a gun sounds. Probably things like frequency, duration, etc come into play. Because according to that chart .45acp and 9mm is quite a bit. .38 Special Allgemeine Information Kaliber.38 Special 9 × 29 R Hülsenform: Randhülse Maße Hülsenhals ⌀ 9,63 mm Geschoss ⌀ 8,99-9,09 mm Patronenboden ⌀ 11,18 mm Hülsenlänge 29,35 mm Patronenlänge: 39 mm Gewichte Geschossgewicht 6,16-13,00 g (95-200 grain) Pulvergewicht 0,15-0,81 g (2,3-12,5 grain) Gesamtgewicht 16 g.

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  1. 38 special FMJ - S&B including box detail.jpg 1,459 × 1,049; 872 KB 38 special FMJ - S&B including box.jpg 2,371 × 1,767; 2.22 MB 38 Special LWC Fiocci.jpeg 2,304 × 1,728; 841 K
  2. Dual-caliber Revolver vs. Convertible Semi-auto. One interesting thing to think about when it comes to comparing handgun calibers is the concept of caliber conversion.For this particular comparison, the possibility of buying a handgun that can be converted to shoot a totally different caliber is another thing that makes choosing the 9mm over the .38 Special more appealing
  3. Husqvarna produced revolver for the civilian market. One out of 20. Made 1874. 11 mm Revolver m/71. #N#Revolver m/71, Rev m/71. 11×17 mm centerfire. Lefaucheux-Francottes. Single-action revolver, side-gate opening. A. Francotte, Liége. Year of delivery. 6684 (HVA made 1874 about 400 ) 150 mm, 4 grooves. Also used by the Royal Post Office
  4. Til Sig Hämmerli 240 rammen, findes der vekselsæt i tre kaliber til denne pistol, .22lr., .32 S&W Wadcutter, samt .38 S&W Wadcutter. Dette er et .38 S&W Wadcutter. Som altid med Hämmerli's pistoler er der tale om bedste kvalitet og den er fremragende til matchskydning. Løb/slæde er stort set som ny. Leveres med et magasin og ellers uden.
  5. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 700 variations of more than 40 product lines

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  1. GECO ammunition for shooters and hunters: handgun ammunition, centerfire rifle cartridges, air gun pellets, rimfire cartridges and reloading components - reasonable quality ammunition with good accuracy for hunting and sport in many calibres and bullet types
  2. The S&W Victory Model is the author's choice of test guns if wanting to handload the .38 S&W to its (safe) potential. Technically, the .38 S&W bore diameter is slightly larger than that of .38 Special and .357 Magnum but in practice, components intended for the latter will work well enough
  3. ant calibers in IPSC competition.[4]
  4. .380 ACP vs 9mm comparison. 9mm and .380 ACP cartridges — both popular choices for self-defense rounds — have the same diameter, but a 9mm round is longer. The .380 ACP round is cheaper and easier to handle and conceal, while the 9mm is more powerful overall. The rounds c..
  5. .38 Special eller .38 S&W Special er en revolverammunition designet af Smith & Wesson.Den bruges normalt i revolvere, men der findes også pistoler og karabiner i denne kaliber. .38 Special var standard kaliberen for revolvere hos politiet i USA fra 1920'erne til 1980'erne.. Trods navnet, er kaliberen på projektilet reelt 0.357-0.358 tommer (9.0678 mm) og ikke 0.38 tommer som er diameteren.
  6. SOLD FOR:$1,370 LSB#: 150403JC01 Make: Smith & Wesson Model: Model 16-4, the K-32 Masterpiece Serial Number: BEH2050 Year of Manufacture: 1989 - 1992 Caliber: .32 H&R Magnum (also .32 S&W and .32 S&W Long) Action Type: Single and Double Action Revolver with Swing-Out Cylinder Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked SMITH & WESSON.The yoke cut is marked BEH2050 / MOD 16-4.
  7. Kalibar je oznaka za veličinu unutrašnjeg prečnika cijevi vatrenog oružja odnosno veličinu prečnika projektila/zrna municije. Sama riječ kalibar koja se i u bosanskom jeziku upotrebljava, u 17. vijeku preuzeta je od francuske riječi Calibre čiji se korijeni nalaze u araom qalib (postolarska lajsna) i grčkoj riječi kalapodium istog značenja. Osim za oružje, kalibar se često.

Revolveren blev i l949 udviklet som tjenestevåben for civilklædt personel. Udgangspunktet var S&W´s lille kaliber .32 revolver, på J-rammen. Den blev ombygget til kaliber .38 speciel, hvorved der kun blev plads til 5 kamre i tromlen. Det er den første Smith & Wesson med spiralfjeder i stedet for bladfjeder i slagmekanismen S&W Model 64 speed loader: https://amzn.to/2L4Hp2d This thing makes some of the best sounds I've ever heard come out of a firearm! I believe this is a S&W Model 64. Subscribe for new weekly videos.

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500 S&W 9MM+P 9x25 Dillon 38 Super +P 40 S&W 44 Special 45 ACP 45 Auto Rim 45 Colt 450 SMC 50 BMG 6.8 Remington SPC 7.62 x 39 Russian 7.62 x 54 Russian 9MM+P 9x25 Dillon DT Target® DTM Bullets.32 Cal. Bullets. .500 S&W.22 Remington Jet.22 TCM.25 Auto.256 Winchester Magnum.30 Mauser Automatic (7.63 Mauser).32 Auto.32 NAA.32-20 Winchester.32 S&W.32 S&W Long.32 H&R Magnum.327 Magnum.380 AUTO.38 Super.38 ACP.38 Supercomp.38 Short Colt.38 Long Colt.38 Special.356 TSW.357 Magnum.357 Rem Max.357 Sig.38 S&W.38 S&W Short.38-40 Winchester.40 S&W.41 Long Col In 1957, the "Heavy Duty" fixed sight version was marketed as the Smith & Wesson Model 20 and the "Outdoorsman" with adjustable sights became the Smith & Wesson Model 23.[1]

Leveres i kaliber * 32S&W L, 32H&R Mag * 9mm P * 380 Acp * 38 Spl * 38/357 Mag * 40 S&W * 10mm * 41 Mag * 44 Spl/44 Mag * 44 Mag * 45Acp * 45 Colt * 223 Rem . Send forespørsel Tilgjengelige varianter. 10 mm Bestillingsvare. 223 Rem På lager. 44Spl/44Mag På lager. 44 Mag Bestillingsvare. 38. SMITH & WESSON MODEL 460XVR The DA/SA Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR revolver chambers the fastest factory handgun round in production, .460 S&W, which delivers 2,300 feet-per-second (fps) velocities. The stainless, 8.38-inch barrel features interchangeable compensators to accommodate different loads Smith & Wesson .38/44 identifies a series of 6 shot, double-action, Smith & Wesson N-frame revolvers chambered for the .38 Special cartridge loaded to higher pressures than were considered appropriate for earlier revolvers chambered for that cartridge. High-pressure .38/44 loadings of the .38 Special cartridge represented a transition between conventional .38 Special ammunition and the new. Smith & Wesson makes it possible for you to own a piece of history-in-the-making with these Classic revolvers. They're the finest new handguns possible with designs harkening back to the most famous and collectible guns that Smith & Wesson ever constructed. Each is based on a model known for legendary performance then enhanced with modern advantages

For example, I have a .380 Bersa Thunder and a .38 Smith and Wesson Combat Masterpiece, and a .38/.357 S&W double action and a .38/357 Uberti Single action. The .380 and the 9mm are the same diameter but not the same as the .38. No, the .38 and the .357 Magnum are the same size, except the case is longer in the .357 Magnum Initially, .38 Special was introduced as powder cartridge and then was manufactured as smokeless powder loadings as a result of its popularity. Initially the 9mm Luger was lead core. But during WWII to conserve lead, it was made using iron core jackets. By 1944, normal copper core cartridges were produced. Since the .38 Super is dimensionally the same as the .38 ACP, an unsafe condition can be caused by firing .38 Super cartridges in a firearm designed for the much lower pressure .38 ACP. The weakness, in the Colt M1900, Colt M1902, and others derived from that design, comes from the assembly wedge at the front of the slide. If the wedge comes out, or the slide cracks at the wedge, the slide can come off the rear of the frame when fired. The 1911 and 1911A1, having a slide that is solid on front, cannot come off the frame that way.

So, when you buy a TV these days, the sticker at the store will describe it as something like a 60-inch class television. This means the screen is roughly 60 inches, but they don't want to be sued for false advertising if it turns out to actuall.. Per The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson by Supica and Nahas: The last model 52-2 bore serial number TZW9149 and was completed on July 23, 1993 and delivered to the S&W gun vault. The 52-2 is designed to fire .38 S&W Special Wadcutter rounds only. This is just a rare and fascinating gun The S&W .32 Long has the same outside dimensions as the .32 Colt Police Positive, or New Police, but some manufacturers produce the Colt cartridge with a 100-grain bullet. Colonel Hatcher's figures for the S&W are 790 f.s. and 140 foot pounds of energy, though the Smith & Wesson ballistics table credits it only with 734 f.s. and 117 foot pounds

Dating a Smith & Wesson Revolver: This list is merely a general guide and not meant to be exact. There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers. Your gun may actually be a year off from what is listed. The precise shipping date as lettered can be several years off depending on model These new revolvers were chambered for a new more powerful type of .38 Special ammunition capable of firing a 158-grain (10.2 g) metal-penetrating copper-tipped lead-alloy bullet at 1,125 feet (343 m) per second.[5] In comparison, conventional .38 Special ammunition fires a 158-grain (10.2 g) bullets at 755 feet (230 m) per second.[1] It was easily capable of penetrating the automobile bodies and body armor of that era. The SAAMI pressure limit for the .38 ACP or .38 Auto is set at 26,500 psi (182.72 MPa), piezo pressure. The SAAMI pressure limit for the .38 Super +P is set at 36,500 psi (), piezo pressure.[6] The .38 is considered a large firearm cartridge; anything larger than .32 is considered a large caliber.[1]:42 Prior to 1990, the standard sidearms of police in the United States were revolvers that fired the .38 Special cartridge, seconded by revolvers firing the .357 Magnum, a lengthened version of the .38 Special.[1]:68 $1599.00 (Base Price) or OBO. Colt Super 38 .38 Super (C15964) Colt Super 38 .38 Super caliber pistol. Scarce Super 38 2nd Model, made in 1947. Has the correct fat barrel has about 95% blue with wear at the muzzle and edges. Bore is excellent. The sights appear tClick for more info. Seller: Collectors Firearms

Obs! Tilbud på Rygsække & Tasker... Se tilbudende HER Våben Købes: Brugte Pistoler, Revolvere, Militærhistoriske våben, samt militaria søges Nyt i shoppen: Glock 17DK - Cal. 9mm Sig 522 Target - Cal. 22lr Glock 17L Competetion - Cal. 9mm San-marco Colt Walker - Cal. 44 Blackpowder Winchester 1894 - Cal. 45 Long Colt Smith & Wesson Model 28 - Cal. 38/357 Colt 1911 ACE - Cal. 22lr Walther. Cobra Enterprise Inc .38 Special Long Bore Derringer Guardian Package with Satin Cerakote Finish. Brand: Cobra Enterprise Inc. Item Number: LBG38SB. Cobra Enterprise Inc Big Bore 38 Special Black Derringer. Brand: Cobra Enterprise Inc. Item Number: CB38BR. Cobra Enterprise Inc Big Bore 38 Special Chrome Derringer. Brand: Cobra Enterprise Inc

The .38 Super round received further publicity through the single-action "Colt Combat Commander" and lightweight aluminum alloy frame "Colt Commander". When Colt switched the inventory's supply of the model from the Series-70s to the Series-80s, the model fell into lesser demand. This is a Smith Wesson 17-6 22 with a 6 inch barrel. This gun is 100% new in the box. Serial # is BJA50xx. Buyer pays 35.00 shipping. Thank you. 48-16-6Click for more inf

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The .38 Super +P is very popular in Australia (partly due to firearms laws prohibiting calibers over .38 from use in IPSC), and in and Latin America in regards to competition shooting and is also finding its way back into the role of a CCW caliber. krogelno strelivo, strelivo za revolverje, šibreno strelivo, fiocchi, cci, geco, magtech, sellier & bellot, fiocchi .38 special wc, 148grs, cci 38/357 shotshell.

Ammunition for the M10 is issued in the form of a complete .38 Special round. A complete round (cartridge) consists of all the components (cartridge case, bullet, propellant powder, and primer) necessary to fire the weapon once. Click here for more information..38 Special M41 Ball.38 Special Wad Cutte $300.00 - $399.99. $400.00 - $499.99. .32 ACP / Automatic. Full Metal Jacket. Magtech .32 ACP Ammunition 1000 Rounds LRN 71 Grains 32C. Magtech .32 ACP Ammunition 1000 Rounds LRN 71 Grai.. Model / Sort Kaliber Pris Bild Armi San Marco .36 1600:- Armi SanPaolo/Rem 1858 .44 1600:

The SR40c is a capable handgun backed by the .40 S&W round, making it one of the most powerful concealed carry handguns available today. For those gun owners that feel the need for a compact. Some of Smith & Wesson's best-selling revolvers include the Model 19, Model 29, Model 642, Model 686, and the Model 10, while the most popular semi-auto pistols include the Model 41, M&P9 M2.0.

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Bienvenido a Smith & Wesson Internacional. Para obtener mayor información sobre los productos y servicios que Smith & Wesson ofrece, haga click en su país o región para desplegar los representantes o distribuidores de Smith & Wesson más cercanos.Benvenuti alla Smith & Wesson International. Per ulteriori informazioni sui prodotti e i servizi Smith & Wesson, fare clic sull A small number of .45 ACP submachine guns were also made in .38 Super., such as the Ingram Model 6[10] and Thompson submachine gun,[11] A machine pistol variant of the M1911 chambered in .38 Super was also produced by Hyman S. Lehman.[12] .38mm Special offers low recoil when compared to the 9mm Luger. Bothe these cartridges have lesser recoil as compared to other cartridges like .40 S&W. Order CCI Speer .40 S&W 165 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Point ammunition. Buy 50 Round boxes of CCI Speer .40 S&W 165 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Point 53970 ammo Cor-Bon/Glaser offers the .38 Super +P in several full-power self-defense–style loads with advertised velocities such as 115 gr 1,425 ft/s (434 m/s) and 125 gr 1,350 ft/s (410 m/s). Tests with ammunition besides Cor-Bon/Glaser increases velocity by between 25 ft/s (7.6 m/s) to 50 ft/s (15 m/s) on average.[9]

7,62 mm (.30), 7,65 mm (.32), 9 mm (.38/.357), 40 S&W og den sidste gruppe, som udgør kaliber .44 Special/.45 Colt og .45 ACP. Der skelnes her mellem revolvere og pistoler, således at der til hver skytte vil kunne gives tilladelse til to pistoler og to revolvere med den samme eller tilsvarende kaliber. De A .38 S&W revolver was used in the attempted assassination of Teddy Roosevelt on Oct. 13, 1912 by John Schrank, a disturbed New York poet and saloon keeper. The slug hit Roosevelt in the chest, but a twice-folded copy of a 100-page speech he was set to give, along with the metal case he carried for his spectacles, were tucked into his breast. The .357 magnum and .38 special use similar bullets, but the .357 magnum has more powder in its round (even more than the .38 special +p), that results in increased pressure. Contrary to popular belief, the case of the .357 magnum was not designed to be longer than the .38 special case to hold more gun powder but to prevent people from loading. (Idealdaten, keine Min.- bzw. Max.-Daten) / (ideal specifications, not min. or max. specifications)/ (идеальные данные, не минимальные и не максимальные характеристики

Handgun brass is made for both pistol and revolver cartridges. Some companies, like Starline brass, concentrate on cartridge cases with a straight wall (not tapered) and a rimmed case, like 357 Magnum brass and 44 Mag brass.Other makers produce a wide variety of pistol cartridges, most of these do not have a rim, instead the case has an extractor groove built into the base hickok45 2,149,537 views. TOP FIVE Carry Revolvers. - Duration: 9:40. TheYankeeMarshal 907,885 views. The 5 Calibers to Claim the Most Powerful Handgun in the World Title [Re-Upload] - Duration. .38 Special vs 9mm comparison. The .38 Special is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge by Smith & Wesson. The 9mm Luger also known as 9X19mm Parabellum was designed by George Luger and is the most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge. Contents 1 Prod.. .357 Magnum vs .38 Special comparison. The .38 Special and .357 Magnum are both rimmed, centerfire cartridges commonly used in revolvers. Except for case length, the .38 and .357 are virtually identical. .38 cartridges can be fired from revolvers chambered for the .357, but the converse is not..

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Product Title Tuff Quickstrip 8 Round 38./357/S&W .40 Caliber, 2-P Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $9.45 $ 9 . 45 List Price $12.36 $ 12 . 3 My lighter .45 colt loads recoil about the same or less as a .38 special in this heavy gun and are good to shoot for target practice. You can shoot the .454 Casull in this gun also. So anything from .45 Colt, .454 Casull to the .460 S&W Magnum will shoot in the revolver just fine A neve ellenére a .38 Special kaliber valójában .357-.358 hüvelyk (9,0678 mm), a .38-cal a töltött rézhüvely hozzávetőleges átmérőjére hivatkoznak. Ez azért alakult így, mert az eredeti .38-as kaliberű lőszert, a .38 Short Colt -ot az átalakított .36-os kaliberű elöltöltős Navy-revolverekhez tervezték Ammunition in 9mm is available in bulk and has many variations than the ammunition for .38 Special. It is also cheaper.

Saat ini, hanya sedikit polisi AS memakai revolver 38 Special S&W. Selebihnya meng-up grade jenis yang lebih tinggi spesifikasinya, seperti kaliber 9 mm Parabellum, kaliber 357 SIG, revolver 40 S. $400.00 - $499.99. Full Metal Jacket. Prvi Partizan PPU .32 S&W Long Ammunition 50 Rounds 98 Grain Lead Round Nose 787... Prvi Partizan PPU .32 S&W Long Ammunition 50 Round... Rated 0 out of 5 stars. Fiocchi .32 S&W Long Ammunition 50 Rounds Lead Wadcutter 100 Grains 32LA. Fiocchi .32 S&W Long Ammunition 50 Rounds Lead Wad.. .40 S&W. This was the primary law enforcement caliber up until very recently. The .40 S&W was created by shortening a 10mm cartridge to fit in a 9mm sized frame. This allowed for heavier bullets pushed at the same velocity as in a 9mm. This gave a slight increase in recoil S&W 686-3 38/.357 Occasion Laatste items in voorraad In winkelwage

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  1. .38 caliber is a frequently used name for the caliber of firearms and firearm cartridges.. The .38 is considered a large firearm cartridge; anything larger than .32 is considered a large caliber.: 42 Prior to 1990, the standard sidearms of police in the United States were revolvers that fired the .38 Special cartridge, seconded by revolvers firing the .357 Magnum, a lengthened version of the.
  2. Is the snub nose revolver effective and accurate. Find out when you watch this exciting video on the S&W Model 36 revolver
  3. Smith & Wesson is no stranger to producing good, hard-running handguns; that is an understatement so huge it is almost comedic. Operating continuously for over 150 years, S&W has turned out more than few legendary handguns, their Models 10 and 29 revolvers only the most known among them

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Big caliber cartridge comparison - .22lr, 9x18mm, 9x19mm, 7.62x25mm, .40 S&W, 10mm Auto, .45 ACP, .454 Casull, .30 Carbine, 4.6mm HK, 5.56x45mm NATO, 5.45x39mm, 7. OK, let's return to our specific discussion of 9mm and .40 S&W ammo and look at some of the basic measurable differences between these two calibers of handgun rounds. 9mm .40 S&W. Diameter 9.01mm (0.355 inches) 10.2mm (0.4 inches) Velocity 950-1,400 fps 900-1,449 fp The Dillon RL 550C will produce match-quality ammo for over 160 different rifle and pistol calibers. These kits fit the RL300, RL450, RL550 series, AT500 and BL 550 machines. This kit contains: Locator buttons. To order choose a caliber from the drop down menu below. * Indicates that this cartridge requires use of the Extra Large Powder Die. Tersedia berbagai tipe munisi kaliber .38, baik tajam, hampa, maupun tipe lainnya. Mempunyai keunggulan hentakan rendah, akurasi tinggi, dan lintasan stabil dengan konstruksi Boxer Primer, Rimmed, and Centerfire Cartridge Case. Isian dorong tipe double base, smokeless powder dengan longsong dari kuningan. Munisi tajam memiliki beberapa jenis yaitu : MU6-TJ menggunakan pelor timah round nose.

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A 9mm is generally cheaper, has less recoil and higher velocity than a .45 ACP. The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge holds bullets that have a diameter of .452 inches (11.5mm) so it is slightly larger than the 9mm (.355 inch bullets). Both cartridges have a long history and were first designed over 100 years ago. Comparison chart In the 1920s and 1930s, the inability of conventional police service revolver ammunition to reliably penetrate automobiles was perceived as a problem as United States law enforcement agencies encountered well organized and funded bootleggers.[1] In response, Smith & Wesson introduced the large frame .38/44 Heavy Duty in 1930. It was based on the .44 Special Smith & Wesson Triple Lock revolver and was made with a 5-inch (13 cm) barrel and fixed sights.[3][4] The following year, Smith & Wesson began production of the .38/44 Outdoorsman with a 6.5-inch (17 cm) barrel and adjustable sights.[1]

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According to the official C.I.P. (Commission Internationale Permanente Pour L'Epreuve Des Armes A Feu Portatives) guidelines the .38 Super case can handle up to 230 MPa (33,359 psi) piezo pressure. In C.I.P. regulated countries every pistol cartridge combo has to be proofed at 130% of this maximum C.I.P. pressure to be certified for sale to consumers. The 38 Special dates back to 1897 and is a modification on the .38 long colt round used by the miliatary for their pistols. Short History of 380 ACP The .380 Automatic Colt Pistol was developed by John Browning (some people call it a 9mm Browning) and was marketed by Colt as a self defense round in 1908 That's the risk everyone takes when lingering too long with a Puma 92 .357 Magnum / .38 Special lever-action carbine, based on the famous Winchester Model 92. What's not to like about a long gun that is shorter than a yardstick, lighter than a couple boxes of 12-gauge shells, handles like a wand and hits harder than a .30 Carbine or .223 The .38 Smith & Wesson Special (commonly .38 Special, .38 Spl, or .38 Spc, pronounced thirty-eight special) is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson.It is most commonly used in revolvers, although some semi-automatic pistols and carbines also use this round. The .38 Special was the standard service cartridge of most police departments in the United States from the 1920s. $500.00 - $599.99. $600.00 and over. Kel-Tec CMR-30 .22 WMR Semi Auto Rifle 16 Barrel 30 Rounds Collapsible Stock Ma... Kel-Tec CMR-30 .22 WMR Semi Auto Rifle 16 Barrel Savage Model A22 Magnum Target Semi Auto Rimfire Rifle .22 WMR 22 Heavy Barrel Savage Model A22 Magnum Target Semi Auto Rimfire R..

Find the best .22 LR and .22 Magnum single-action revolvers from a variety of top manufacturers at the lowest prices, in stock and ready to ship to you In recent years, cases such as the .38 Super Comp, .38 Super Lapua, .38 Super RL (Armscor), and .38 TJ (.38 Todd Jarrett) became available transforming the .38 Super into an almost truly rimless cartridge. These "rimless" cases are somewhat of a misnomer, due to the case rim not retaining the same diameter as the case wall just forward of the extractor groove. A common example is the .38 Super Comp case, which has a semi-rim extending only .003-.004" per side, compared to standard .38 Super which has .007-.009" per side. The main reason for the development of new cases was due to the semi-rimmed .38 Super case not always feeding reliably from the double-stack box-magazines used in several semi-automatic pistols popular with practical shooting sports, such as USPSA or IPSC. The nearly rimless cases improve feeding reliability in these pistols but are intended to be used in firearms that headspace on the case mouth.[7] Other improvements found in some of these cases are modified extractor grooves and increased thickness in key parts of the brass for high pressure loadings. The .38 Super +P cartridge ballistics have been improved over the years by the use of modern propellants. Since around the 2000's, ammunition is available with velocities exceeding 1,400 ft/s (430 m/s). This is impressive from a semi-automatic pistol and is comparable to the .357 SIG.[13] Ammunition is also being manufactured in the modern hollowpoint style bullet with excellent ballistics for personal defence. A standard single stack magazine 1911 style semi-automatic pistol holds nine to eleven rounds with one in the chamber. Double stack magazine pistols in this cartridge holds fifteen to eighteen rounds with one in the chamber. .38 S & W.38 Special.38 Super.380 ACP.380 MK II. 9 mm Browning Long. 9 mm Luger (9 x 19 mm) 9 x 18 mm Makarov.40 S & W. 10 mm Auto.41 Long Colt.41 Magnum.44 Colt.44 S & W Russian.44 Special.44 Magnum.45 ACP.45 Auto Rim.45 GAP.45 Long Colt.45 S & W Schofield.45 Special Cowboy.45 Winchester Magnum.454 Casull.455 Webley.460 S & W Magnum.480 Ruger. The energy delivered by most 9mm pistols have high penetration and expansion with premium JHP bullets. The 115gr JHP +p or +P+ is the best of this lot for self-defense.

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  1. Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Leather Holster 38 Now! Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Buy On eBay. Money Back Guarantee
  2. Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers have had your back since 1950. These small revolvers were designed to fire full power rounds and are as simple and easy to use as they are reliable. Available in various calibers and with three diverse hammer designs, it is no surprise that the Smith & Wesson J-Frame has become the most popular, small-frame, defense revolver on the market.Th
  3. Because of its larger case volume, which allows for more smokeless powder and results in higher muzzle velocities at approximately similar pressure levels,[6] the .38 Super offers higher bullet velocity potential than the 9×19mm Parabellum when handloaded and in some defense loadings. The 9×19mm Parabellum is however approved for higher pressure +P loadings by both SAAMI and C.I.P., which compensates for much of the case volume difference in factory-loaded ammunition. The .38 Super is generally regarded as a well-balanced cartridge with a flat trajectory, good accuracy and relatively high muzzle energy; most loadings have greater muzzle energy than many factory-loaded .45 ACP loadings.[8]
  4. .38 Special were popular among the US police and was used by the US Air force, Navy and the Marines. But their popularity has declined due to the higher capacity and quicker reloading of semi-automatic pistols in the 9mm Parabellum, the .357 SIG, the .40 S&W, the .45 ACP, or the .45 GAP versions. .38 Special is used for target shooting, formal target competition, personal defense, and for hunting small game.
  5. um Handle Slabs (2) 3Cr13 Stainless Steel (1) 4034 Stainless Steel (14
  6. Kaliber .38 Special vart introdusert i 1902 som svar på at kaliber .38 Long Colt var funnen for veik som militært kaliber under den filippinsk-amerikanske krigen. .38 Special er av dei mest populære patronar i historia, og er enno eit hundreår etter han vart oppfunnen mykje bruka til sjølvforsvar, småviltjakt (med karabinar kamra for.

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  1. List of synonyms of pistol and rifle cartridges - it is necessary to look here because there can be cartridges with 10 and more synonyms which can be completely different. For example, you can not find here very well known category 9mm Browning, it's because it is called .380 ACP here
  2. The following information comes from Smith & Wesson Hand Guns by Roy C. McHenry and Walter F. Roper.Smith & Wesson Hand Guns is also available to purchase in print.. MODEL NO. 2—Old Model. 32 Caliber, rim fire cartridge. 76,502 manufactured from June, 1861-1874
  3. The common rifling twist rate for this cartridge is 1 in 16 in (406 mm), 6 grooves, ø lands = .346 in, ø grooves = .355 in, land width =.12 mm and the primer type is small pistol. Both SAAMI and C.I.P. specify a bullet diameter of 0.356 inches (9.04 mm).
  4. A 4-inch (10 cm) barrel was offered in 1935 for users willing to accept the reduced ballistic performance of a more compact firearm.[2] The media attention gathered by the .38/44 and its ammunition encouraged Smith & Wesson to develop the longer .357 Magnum cartridge in 1935. The .38/44 was an option for purchasers unwilling to pay the premium pricing of the new .357 Magnum revolvers.
  5. Katrij kaliber .45 terhasil, dinamakan .45 ACP, sama dari segi prestasi dengan katrij .45 S&W, dan hanya sedikit lemah (tetapi lebih pendek) berbanding katrij .45 Colt yang digunakan pasukan berkuda. Kelunsung katrij berkongsi dimensi kepala yang sama dengan .30-03 dan katrij rifle .30-06 terkemudiannya yang digunakan oleh tentera masa itu
  6. Before we venture too far into the dangerous territory of caliber debates, let's remember a couple of things right up front. First, handguns are pretty crappy at stopping bad guys when compared to rifles and shotguns. Comparing the raw effectiveness of .380 ACP, .45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO is like comparing a cheeseburger from a high school.

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Yes the .38 Special would be moving slower, but heavier loads should penetrate better. This is not to say that a 158 grain .38 Special is more effective than a 147 grain 9mm. I point this out solely because it is the only valid defense the .38 Special round can argue. As far as weight of projectile, the .38 has the edge Története. A neve ellenére a .38 Special kaliber valójában .357-.358 hüvelyk (9,0678 mm), a .38-cal a töltött rézhüvely hozzávetőleges átmérőjére hivatkoznak.Ez azért alakult így, mert az eredeti .38-as kaliberű lőszert, a .38 Short Colt-ot az átalakított .36-os kaliberű elöltöltős Navy-revolverekhez tervezték. Ezek megközelítőleg 0.374 hüvelyk (9,5 mm.

The .32 S&W Long, also known as 7.65x23mm, is a straight-walled, centerfire, rimmed handgun cartridge, based on the earlier .32 S&W cartridge. It was introduced in 1896 for Smith & Wesson's first-model Hand Ejector revolver. Colt called it the .32 Colt New Police in revolvers it made chambered for the cartridge Order .45 GAP ammo at Ammunition Depot. We also have bulk .45 GAP ammo available. Shop our selection of .45 GAP bullets now Großbritannien. Nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg suchte das britische Militär Ersatz für die alte und als zu stark befundene Ordonnanzmunition im Kaliber .455 Webley.Auf der Grundlage der .38 S&W wurde die .38/200 entwickelt. Der Zusatz deutet das Geschossgewicht in Grain an (umgerechnet etwa 13 Gramm). In der ersten Version wurde ein stumpfes Bleigeschoss verwendet S&W Model 643-5 Airweight .38 spl 1 7/8 barrel Awesome conceal carry revolver with the shrouded hammer This is a classic Smith & Wesson Model 643-5 Airweight .38 special revolver, 5Click for more inf Caliber 10mm Auto 17 HMR 22 WMR 22 LR 22 Magnum 9mm 357 Magnum 38 S&W SPECIAL +P 41 Magnum 410 2 1/2 44 Magnum 44 S&W Special 45 ACP 45 Colt 454 Casull 460 S&W Magnum 500 S&W Magnum 500 S&W Special. Action Single Action Double Action Only Single/Double Action. Frame Size Small (J) Medium (K/L) Large (N) X-Large (X) GOVERNOR (Z

AR-15 Magazines. Huge selection of the most popular AR 15 Magazines. Discounts on Magpul, ProMag, and Hexmag Magazines Ahli Forensik RSCM Dr Mun'im Idris mengatakan, senjata yang digunakan untuk membunuh Nasrudin Zulkarnaen adalah jenis S&W Kaliber 38. Senjata jenis S&W itu merupakan bagian dari organ senjata Polri

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  1. Penentu Jarak Tembak Berdasarkan Kerusakan Proyektil Timah Tanpa Jacket untuk Senjata Api Genggam Jenis Revolver S&W Kaliber .38 Spesial pada Target Tulang Abstract This study aims to predict the shooting range based on damage the type of lead a projectile without jacket caliber.38 special fired from handguns kinds brand Revolver S & W.
  2. The .38 Super has made a comeback in IPSC and USPSA sports shooting raceguns, particularly when equipped with a compensator, because it exceeds the power factor threshold to be considered a "major" charge, while having much more manageable recoil than .45 ACP. Part of the felt recoil reduction is due to the use of lighter-weight bullets. The major cause of reduced felt recoil is a compensator, or muzzle brake. The "comp" works by diverting gases at the muzzle. The greater the gas volume, or the higher the pressure, the greater the effectiveness of a comp. As the Super runs at a higher pressure than, say, the .45, a comp will have more recoil-reduction effect.
  3. .308 Winchester 10. .32 Auto / 7,65 Browning 1. 6,5 X 55 Swedish 2. Cal 12 / 30-06 1. Cal 12 / 7x65R 1. Cal 20 / 22lr 2. Snap Caps / Kamervlaggen 28. Wapenonderdelen 5. Er zijn 471 producten. Relevantie Nieuwe producten eerst Naam, A naar Z Naam, Z naar A Prijs, laag naar hoog Prijs, hoog naar laag Op voorraad. S&W Model 617 6 22LR
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I inherited a S&W 38 Special Airweight CTG with 2 inch barrel -5 screws- 5 round- Model 42- Serial # 29487 - #3426 On Yoke. I would like to know an estimated value of this beautiful peice of 1950's artwork. I love this hierloom and would love to keep it . Knowing the value of it would help with.. Samtidig blev .38 S&W Special konstrueret. Disse var en væsentlig forbedring med hensyn til energi niveau i forhold til de tidligere Colt og S&W patroner i kaliber .38, de har nu holdt i mere end 100 år. Ikke så ringe! Revolveren blev i stor stil solgt til den amerikanske hær og til politiet - heraf tilnavnet .38 M&P og efter 1960 (1957) S. Tradition and modernity, a constant developing company guided by its passion The company, established in Lecco by Giulio Fiocchi in 1876, today has more than 600 employees and is known throughout the world as the benchmark of responsibility, reliability, performance and application. After over 140 years of activity in the production of a wide range of small-calibre ammunition, Fiocchi is.

VRTAC Firearms | Unsere WaffenNabój 7,62 × 38 mm R – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopediaDillon Square Deal B Set DeluxeWaffenHQ: Heckler & Koch USPSmith&Wesson - S&W - 686 Target Champion - Revolver - 357Mag
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