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Excuse us while we flex on dbz dokkan battle boss rush stage 8 a bit duration.

LR SSJ4 VEGETA LR SSJ4 Vegeta & Vegeta's Family Category Vs The LEGENDARY INCREDIBLE LR SSJ4 VEGETA BANNER! NEW LR Dokkan Summon ASI SON LOS NUEVOS LR GOKU SSJ4 Y LR VEGETA SSJ4 EN DOKKAN Coming SOON To Global 100% LR SSJ4 VEGETA Showcase SUPER TEAM DE LR VEGETA SSJ4 VEGETA FAMILY DOKKAN BATTLE OVER 3 MILLION DAMAGE AGL Transformation Zamasu Summons (Pursuing a Perfect Reroll) | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle JP DBZDOKKANTUBE. Related Posts . Havohei. AGL Support Banner Summon (300M DL Celebration) | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle . 1 Multi and a prayer! AGL Support Banner 300M DL Celebration and some Ticket Summons ハボヒー Like, Subscribe, Share, Comm.

Every time I got a fusion animation on Zamasu's banner it was for AGL Rose. Every single time. Styles. Member. Oct 25, 2017 1,435. Nov 12, 2019 #10,808 PlanetSmasher said: Yup. Every time I got a fusion animation on Zamasu's banner it was for AGL Rose. Every single time I did initially well on Zamasu's, pulled a single off a ticket and got both of my first copies of AGL Metal Cooler and two copies of AGL Rose + TEQ Merged Zamasu. However Trunks' banner only gave me SSBE transforming Vegeta and the next 500+ stones I got shafted hard on. Not happy

Once Zamasu transforms, his Super ATK effects don’t change, but his Passive Skill now grants an additional +2 Ki, an ATK buff of 120%, reduces damage received by 40%, and now recovers 10% HP whenever player HP is below 80%. While Zamasu has no stack mechanic, he does gain the Link Skills Big Bad Bosses and Nightmare, which buff ATK, as well as the Ki Link Skill Fused Fighter.level 1New User51 points · 1 month agoLiterally nothing in this game can be too broken.its a PVE game only, shit should be broken with how dumb the new extreme SBR is 1/120: Extreme Class Ki +1 and HP, ATK & DEF +70%: True Test of a God - Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF Detail

For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled Trunks/Zamasu banners level 1Gohan? More like Trollhan lol7 points · 17 days agoYeah. I'm saving for the anni now. I blew my stones on Bardock and Goku. All I got is garbage so I'm just gonna save for the Vegito Banner. - TEQ Merged Zamasu - TEQ Masked Saiyan - TEQ Golden Frieza - TEQ FF Cooler - TEQ WT Turles. MONO VILLAINS - AGL SSJR Black (Lead) - TEQ Merged Zamasu (Friend) - STR Super Janemba - INT Buuhan - STR Omega Shenron - PHY Goku Black. These teams showcase the sheer power of Zamasu

Find the cards, build your team, create a graph to see how they link - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Gam Lr Vegito Int, Supreme Super Saiyan 4 Super Saiyan 4 Vegito Xeno DB Dokfanbattle Wiki Fandom, Image Super Vegito SSR Card png DB Dokfanbattle Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia, Image Lr cell png DB Dokfanbattle Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia, Shimmering Blaze Gogeta Ultra Instinct DB Dokfanbattle Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia, Darkness Fury Vegeta Black Super Saiyan Ros DB Dokfanbattle Wiki FANDOM. Not to mention, a lot of people have been playing the game for years and lack phys VB or dupes and now they really want phys VB now. Maybe they'll spend money, who knows but it definitely is a very enticing unit and if you don't own phys VB right now then he's a pretty fucking rare unit that rarely shows up on banners.Definitely pull on these banners. Assuming these banners don’t change from their Japan version counterparts when you perform three multi-summons you get one summon free. That type of discount alone makes at least three pulls a great chance to get these new Cards. Most people will tell you this gacha game is one of the most generous when it comes to free-to-play supply of premium currency.

Plus the 100% vs. 55% argument is BS that should stay in 2018. Of course if you take a worse card and give it way better circumstances then it’s going to look better than the better card. Would I take a 55% SSBE or a 100% INT SSB Vegeta? Would I take a 100% TEQ VB or a 55% PHY? Dokkan Battle Dangerous Justice Zamasu, rating, stats, skills, awaken, how to get, tips, and team Corrupt Fusion Fused Zamasu Max Lv SA Lv Rarity Type Cost 120 1/10 50 My form is justice! My form is the world! Revere me. Praise me. This noble and beautiful... immortal and most powerful god... Zamasu! Extreme Class Ki+3 and HP, ATK, and DEF+150% or Ki+3 and HP, ATK, and DEF+120% Holy Judgement Raises ATK and DEF by 50% and causes immense damage to enemy while sacrificing 3% HP; low chance. In his final form, Trunks loses stacking, but in return, his Super ATK now massively reduces enemy DEF and causes immense damage. Trunks’ new Passive Skill grants him an ATK buff of 30% and DEF buff of 10% per Ki Orb obtained. On top of all that, Trunks’ ATKs become effective against all types and upon initial transformation, can randomly change Ki Orbs of one type into TEQ.

The choice to skip or pull on a banner can be daunting for Dokkan players. Players that have been playing Dokkan for a long time may have stockpiled top tier festival Cards and might be able to skip a few banners here and there. Newer players might not have that luxury and may want to pull on every banner to get some decent teams going. However, the UR Resilient Will to Protect the Future - Trunks (Teen) (Future) S.TEQ and UR True Power of a God - Zamasu E.AGL Banners are too valuable to skip. Lr Str Gogeta, Last Resort Gogeta Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wikia FANDOM powered by Wikia, Shimmering Blaze Gogeta Ultra Instinct DB Dokfanbattle Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia, Supreme Super Saiyan 4 Super Saiyan 4 Vegito Xeno DB Dokfanbattle Wiki Fandom, Duo of Despair Goku Black Super Saiyan Ros Zamasu DB Dokfanbattle Wiki FANDOM powered , Necessary Fusion Super Saiyan God SS Goku Jiren DB. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: 2550 STONES SUMMON! Transforming Merged Zamasu Dokkan Festival Summons! Don't forget to watch: 2000 STONES SUMMON! Transforming Future Trunks Dokkan Festival Summons. Unlike the previous banner, the UI Goku banner has a 3-times-repeating 5-15-30 stone pull that nets you 11 cards (1-3-7), a set of Candy Cane Training Items, a Santa Roshi and 5 Christmas Tickets, then a fourth 50 Stone pull for 10 more characters and a random amount of tickets. As well, every five tickets guaranteed an SSR I'm more curious about what they'd do to their leaderskills than anything else since the support banner awakenings are already better mono leaders.

Zero Mortal Return Fused Zamasu (Xeno) Max LvL Rarity Type Cost 80/100 39 There shall be bloodshed upon the multiverse! Extreme Class allies Ki+3 HP, ATK,& DEF+120% Blades of Judgement Causes supreme damage and medium chance to seal enemy super attacks. Menacing Return ATK+50%& DEF+80% at the start of the turn; Extreme Class allies Ki+2 DEF+40%. Super Class enemies and allies -20% ATK. I’d personally prioritize Trunks over Zamasu, but that can change depending on what Cards players have. The Zamasu banner also features the UR Endless Evolution of the Warrior Race - Super Saiyan Broly E.PHY, who is a powerful leader for Movie Bosses and Full Power, as well as UR Epitome of Sublime Beauty - Goku Black E.INT. Trunks’ banner features UR Transcendent Fusion - Super Saiyan Gogeta S.AGL, UR Strength Beyond Gods - Super Saiyan God SS Vegito S.TEQ, and UR Observance of Pride - Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta S.AGL. Banners Start at Only $1.46. High Quality Banners at the Lowest Price - 45% Off! Ships Fast. #1 Custom Banner Company

True Power of a God Zamasu Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Super Saiyan Trunks takes those buffs to the next level. Once transformed, Trunks can now stack both ATK and DEF with every Super ATK, his Passive Skill increases ATK and DEF by 120%, increases his Ki, and buffs his ATK an additional 10% each turn, up to 80%. When coupled with already impressive base stats, Super Saiyan Trunks can easily hit in the millions.People should've seen this coming when they decided to awaken the type supports all of the suddenTUR’s are supposed to be broken since they are the big units designed to make us spend money. EZA’s are generally older units everyone has. So giving everyone an OP unit messes up the game(stops people spending money) more than having a few of your paying customers have OP units they paid for.

Extreme Dokkan Festival: Zamasu Dragon Ball Z Dokkan

  1. s, but o-well some nice re-rolls I hope you all enjoy! Like, Subscribe, Share, Comment
  2. Wait, from which date is this count true? Today? Or including April stuff? Also where do you get over 1100 stones? I've counted everything from April 26th till Gogeta/Vegito banner release and my final number was about 750
  3. When we have turs like phy vb,beerus,cooler or even unfeatured turs like raditz or agl trunks and mai it's so silly to me people crying about maintaining a "balance" when balance went out the window ages ago.

level 1New User0 points · 1 month agoI mean, im pretty sure according to other peoples math that a lot of then have an insane apt with only eza stats(not even factoring in the upgraded passive boost they’ll get)Find all the dragon ball z dokkan battle game information more at dbz space. This article is a disambiguation page for zamasu disambiguation the following is a list of cards of the same character or of multiple characters with a specific affinity.

AGL Character-Exclusive Summon! | News | DBZ Space! Dokkan

The new trunks and zamasu banners look great - Dragon Ball

Dbfz Team Make Also thank you akatsuki for giving a legit ext agl lr in babidi and dabura that's f2p, For sure makes up whatever the hell nappa/vegeta was. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Summons, news, previews, leaks, events, showcases and giveaway “But what about that new Cooler Banner and LR Kale and Caulifla?” “Christmas and New Years are close, what if that guaranteed 200 stone LR summon comes back?” “What about Gogeta Blue for 5th Year?”

Trunks/Zamasu banners - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Fused Zamasu (合がっ体たいザマス Gattai Zamasu), (known as Fusion Zamasu in the anime and God Zamas in the VIZ manga) usually just referred to as Zamasu (ザマス Zamasu), is a fusion born of the union between Goku Black (the original present Zamasu in the original present Goku's body) and Future Zamasu through the Potara earrings. He is a major antagonist of the Future Trunks Saga. Summon Rates Featured (8) 5% (0.625% each) (57) 5% (0.087% each) 60% 30% 1 Guaranteed per Multi-Summon Featured 5% Non-Featured 95% Gacha Coins 1 for each 5 used. x5 or x50 Summon Rates Featured (7) 5% (0.71% each) (55) 5% (0.091% each) 60% 30% 1 Guaranteed per Multi-Summon Featured 5.. Obtain the required Awakening Medals for Extreme Z-Awakening [Bringer of Light] Fusion Zamasu from the Extreme Z-Battle Wrath of the Absolute God Fusion Zamasu! = Event Period = - Extreme Z Dokkan Festival - Extreme Z Dokkan Festival Ticket Summon 4/28 (Tue) 22:30 ~ 5/14 (Thu) 21:59 PST * Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in. The stones are suggested most likely to be used at the ssj4 dokkan festival (fest) , For my opinion you could try 1 multi goku , 1 multi vegeta and then again 1 multi goku but remember if u get goku ssj4 or vegeta ssj4 on first multi then spend stones on getting the other ssj4 you are missing beacuse the ssj4's aren't in the same banner

2550 STONES! Transforming Merged Zamasu Dokkan Festival

Nano's Super Vegito FAKE OUT Summon?! NEW Merged Zamasu

Today we summon on the New Merged Zamasu banner here on Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle! Sub today and join the #NanoFam :D Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.. Zamasu (ザマス Zamasu) is the Supreme Kai apprentice serving the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, Gowasu. He is also the former North Kai of Universe 10. Zamasu is a lean-built individual of fairly tall height. He has pale green skin, gray irises, white eyebrows, and white hair in the style of a mohawk. He wears a violet long-sleeved shirt under a gray and yellow coat, a light blue sash, dark.

Should You Pull: Dokkan Fest Trunks and Zamasu DBZ

The holidays are near, so this can be a tough choice depending on when the banner is released. Players with stones to spare, definitely pull on these banners. Players with under 200 stones, who have no intention of buying stones soon, should pull at least once on the banners, if not one rotation. Best of luck, and hopefully, you don’t pull all SRs like my recent pulls.Let’s not forget Trunks is part of the Hybrid Saiyans category, Time Travelers, Vegeta’s Family, Transformation Boost, Super Saiyans, and makes a great addition to each of them.

JP & GLB STONE LOG (APRIL 2020) : DBZDokkanBattl

well it depends on how they buff them. Are they going to get the super vegito treatment or are they going to get the janemba/vb treatment. If they get the latter imagine what ssj4 goku is going to do. He already hits like a freight train. Literally if they give him a defensive buff, he might as well replace the lrssj4 goku as most people don't have him rainbowed. So they 100% can change how the game is played.They deserve it, but if them coming out stalls out other units getting them then I'd rather they wait. There's a ton of units that could use an EZA more than even the worse 120% lead. Super Saiyan God SS Goku has shown up in Extreme Z-Battle! Seal the victory to get Awakening Medals! Sun 02/09/2020 10:30 pm PST. #N#Universe 6 Category Summon! 3 times only! Perform a Multi-Summon with 30 Dragon Stones! Recruit Universe 6 Category characters to your team! Sun 02/09/2020 10:30 pm PST. #N#Extreme Z-Battle Challenge Pack Up. level 2You Cant Be Serious...Original Poster6 points · 1 month agoThe str ss4 goku could never replace the agl just because of leaderskill alone. I’m gonna have to disagree there.

I think its over exaggerated how the 120 eza's would

AGL Super Saiyan Rose SA7 - 55% in Dupe system, no paths - 16 medals PHY TUR Full Power Frieza SA2 - 45% in dupe system bottom right path TEQ Merged Zamasu SA5 - 27% in dupe system with an unused dupe INT Super Saiyan Rage Trunks SA1 - 23 medals TEQ SSJ3 Angel Goku SA1 AGL SSj1 Kid Goku (GT) SA1 +27 Other SSRs Email me or respond if interested. Trunks banner, has AGL gogeta, SSBE vegeta, PhY future gohan, TEQ vegito blue. While the zamasu banner has PhY movie broly, INT goku Black, STR rose, movie turles. Since I was lucky enough to pull INT goku Black in global Especially when cards like Phy VB and the new Beerus exist, I dont think you can get more broken than that TUR wise.Str ssj goku needs like 350% attack to surpass lr also he's not replacing lr ssj4 goku lol, and if you're using rainbow vs 55% argument that's an argument most units that get replaced by other units go through. Dokkan awakening. Premium subscription required. No tag Include Exclude. Transformations included Transformations excluded Transformations only No skill effect Additional Attack All-Target Super Attack Attack Effective to All Boost All Boost Category Boost Type Change Ki Spheres Counterattack Critical Hit Damage Reduction Disable Guard Evasion.

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Top Tier Realm of Gods Team Guide | DBZ Dokkan Battle

Corrupt Fusion Fused Zamasu DB-Dokfanbattle Wiki Fando

-1x AGL LR SS4 GOKU-1x AGL ZAMASU-1x AGL LR GOHAN (TOP LR)-1x AGL SUPER GOGETA (TOP DFE)-1x AGL LR MIGHTY MASK-582 STONES so you can summon for future banners and be up to date!-730 DOKKAN COINS (your pick of LRs!)-Too many DFE to name, but see screenshots Only asking for $45 (SALE) or best offer. Accept F&F paypal or venmo They'll most likely just give them a defense buff, they only usually give the monster treatment to units that are utter garbage. Compare ssbk and phy black upgrades to what int ssb vegeta and teq mz got offensively. More people should understand this by nowWhile many of these featured Cards pop up often in other banners, this may be an excellent opportunity to rainbow them. Whether a player is free-to-play or not it wouldn’t hurt to add some top tier Cards to your box.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle OT Gacha, Head Gacha ResetEr

I’m at around 500 Now and I’m not gonna blow it all on the upcoming DDF(banners aren’t t that enticing to me outside of the two new DFE cards). So I may do a round or 2 on both and buy some of the sales to replenish what I spent and then go back to waiting: just a couple more months til our bois in blue come out!You do know they charge money specifically for the 70/rainbow and 120 leads every major celebration right?

Agl android 13- 2 stones. EZA EVENTS. Agl sv eza- 30 stones 4 from missions. Teq mz eza- 30 stones 4 from missions. STORY EVENTS. Android 13 story event- 12 stones 4 from missions. Bulma event- 1 stone 7 from missions. APRIL FOOLS COMP- 17 stones. BATTLEFIELD- 31 stones. LR CELL CAMPAIGN- 20 stones 10 if you got him early. WE ARE #1- 7 stones. i was just looking at them before i made this post, few of them outdamage phy beerus, and i dont think any of them surpass phy VB so there’s thatYeah with how much power creep is going on rn I don't think they'd be too broken at all. Most of them just need more defensive viability anyway. But yeah with stuff like Phy VB they're clearly not too concerned with toning things down. Dokkan battle agl zamasu. 100 rainbow star agl merged zamasu. Find all the dragon ball z dokkan battle game information more at dbz space. Or skip for another dokkan festival banner. The biggest caveats in zamasus toolkit begin to unfold in his final transformation but what he gains in atk buffs balance out any drawbacks. The best tur in dokkan True Power of a God Zamasu Max Lv SA Lv Rarity Type Cost ID 120 1/10 58 11712 26 Apr 2019 12 Nov 2019 Realm of Gods Category Ki+3, HP& ATK+170% and DEF+130%; or Extreme Class Ki+3 and HP, ATK& DEF+120% Heavenly Arrow Causes immense damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF[1] Indignation..

In his base form, Zamasu’s Super ATK causes immense damage to the enemy and greatly lowers their DEF. The DEF debuff pairs well with Zamasu’s Passive Skill which increases ATK by 100%, reduces damage received by 40% and recovers 7% of HP whenever player HP drops below 70%. We going in tomorrow for the banner. Zamasu only. Starting with 300 stones. Teq Fused Zamasu is coming after two years, and he will come home so help me. Either from Gacha, money from the blue stone or red coins. Int Blacku And Agl Zamasu are the main prizes of the banner for me. Minor prizes will b.. On top of excellent Leader Skills, Trunks’ kit also comes with an astounding Passive Skill and Super ATK that makes Trunks versatile. In his base form, Trunks can infinitely stack ATK when he launches a Super ATK, and his Passive Skill increases ATK and DEF by 100%. As far as future celebration Cards go, Fifth Year for Global is a long way down the line, with plenty of opportunities to collect free stones. Upcoming banners like LR The Strongest Pair in the Universe - Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 Kale S.AGL and UR Unequalled Ultimate Power - Coora E.STR don’t have any discounts, or free pulls, as they are now, so players are spending way more versus the Trunks and Zamasu banner.

AGL Transformation Zamasu Summons (Pursuing a Perfect

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REDEMPTION? AGL Transformation Zamasu Summons for

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PHY Cooler: Why You Shouldn't Summon | Dokkan Battle AminoIm guessing AGL or INT : DBZDokkanBattle

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Video: Dangerous Justice Zamasu Dokkan Battle (DBZ) - Game

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[JPN] 3rd Anniversary Celebration Events Part 2 - 6 EventsKefla dokkan fest idea | Dokkan Battle Aminooverview for aclardy85
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