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Before I start please be aware you cannot use the Bible to confirm the bible - that would be little different to saying that Huckelberry Finn is true because there is a book that says these things happened - that's not evidence that's crazy thinki.. Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privily.

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CELSUS (sec. II d. Chr): Creștinii repetă ritualurile din religia lui Zalmoxis. Publicat pe 07/07/2015 de Lupul Dacic. Si acum vin eu si intreb, de ce sa nu cred in zeul meu daca e sa cred in cineva? Asemănările dintre Zalmoxis și Iisus Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus (70-117), was a Roman senator and general. He rose from provincial aristocratic origins to occupy the highest offices of Rome. He served as a legionary commander and as imperial governor of Judea, Cappadoccia, Galatia, Syria and Dacia

De fapt, Crede si nu cerceta ! este un dicton care-i apartine unui aprig dusman al crestinismului primar: Iulius Celsus, un filozof neo-platonician care a trait in Roma in secolul al doilea. Celsus a luptat din rasputeri impotriva credintei crestine, ridiculizand modul in care oamenii simpli erau convertiti la crestinism Except that there is no such thing as a virgin birth… but occupation troops getting young girls pregnant happens all the time. Tiberius Iulius Candidus Marius Celsus: Caius Antius Aulus Iulius Quadratus: suff. Caius Iulius Quadratus Bassus (máj-jún) Cnaeus Afranius Dexter (máj-jún) suff. Quintus Caelius Honotatus (júl-aug) suff. Marcus Victorius Marcellus (szept-dec) Caius Caecilius Strabo (szept-dec) 106 Lucius Ceionius Commodus: Sextus Vettulenus Civica Cerialis.

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Most remarkable in Celsus’ work is the apparently advanced state of medical practice at the time. He recommended cleanliness and urged that wounds be washed and treated with substances now considered to be somewhat antiseptic, such as vinegar and thyme oil. He described plastic surgery of the face, using skin from other parts of the body. He enumerated the four cardinal signs of inflammation: heat, pain, redness, and swelling. 395: PARTITION - EASTERN EMPIRE: Dynasty of Theodosius: 395-408: Arcadius: 408-450: Theodosius II: 450-457: Marcian (m. Pulcheria, gnddghtr Theod I) 457-47

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  2. The 2nd-century pagan philosopher Celsus is less dogmatic in his attacks on Christianity: the Christian miracles are insufficiently attested and most improbable, but, even if they were genuine, they could hardly offset the miracles of the pagan world—e.g., the healings of Asclepius. This was the standard pattern of many…
  3. Biography. Probably born in the early 50s, Julius Quadratus was the son of Aulus, and a wealthy patron of the city of Pergamon; his sister was named Julia Polla. Ronald Syme believes he was related to the general Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus, although Quadratus was a member of the Roman tribe Voltina and Bassus belonged to the tribe Fabia. Olli Salomies has argued his family came from Gallia.
  4. And again, departing from the coasts of Tyre and Sidon, he [Jesus] came unto the sea of Galilee, through the midst of the coasts of Decapolis.
  5. Library of Celsus: But before we could start our visit at Ephesus, we had to visit a carpet factory. Thereby we got a free ride up to the entrance ;-) That's the Turkish way of entrepreneurship

[…] 1859, excavations on a railroad in Bingerbrck, Germany, unearthed the tombstone of a Roman soldier called Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera. Pantera was a standard […] Celsus' work is missing, but in Origen's account of it Jesus was depicted as the result of an affair between his mother Mary and a Roman soldier. Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera's was to serve 40 years of service and would started after 4 BC. because Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera would probably have been about 16 or 18 when he enlisted.

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Jesus ben Pandera is interesting because it’s known to both Celsus and the Talmudic Jews. The problem with ben Pandera is that the rabbis have him as a contemporary of Alexander Jannaeus, who died circa 88 BCE. I think the answer is most likely that the Jews never heard of Jesus of Nazareth, but found some points of intersection with Jeshu ben Pandera and assumed it to be the same person. Centuries later, the Jews wrote an anti-Gospel based on elements of Talmudic lore involving ben Pandera, ben Stada, Balaam and others. This was an evolving story, but the earliest elements simply are too dissimilar to those of the Gospel Jesus to think we’re talking about the same person. If anyone is interested, the best book out there from a living author is Frank Zindler’s “The Jesus the Jews Never Knew,” which you can easily obtain at amazon (as I did). Full disclosure: I once believed that Jesus was a political revolutionary. I now have concluded that he was a mythical deity living in the spirit world, and only later generations of Christians imagined he had lived on earth after the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE by the Romans, and as an explanation thereof.Aulus Cornelius Celsus, (flourished 1st century ad, Rome), one of the greatest Roman medical writers, author of an encyclopaedia dealing with agriculture, military art, rhetoric, philosophy, law, and medicine, of which only the medical portion has survived. De medicina, now considered one of the finest medical classics, was largely ignored by contemporaries. It was discovered by Pope Nicholas V (1397–1455) and was among the first medical works to be published (1478) after the introduction of the printing press.There is one Roman encounter that stands out among the stories in the Bible, and that is the one where a Roman centurion asks Jesus for a miracle. The story unveils in Capernaum where Jesus without hesitation accepts the request to heal his servant who lies with 'the palsy'. Now this Roman is no Jew but surely he holds a certain position. But it can be argued that the reason why Jesus immediately accepts the request is because he already knows this centurion.[9] Ti. Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus suff. C. Iulius Silanus Q. Iunius Arulenus Rusticus: 93 Sex. Pompeius Collega Q. Peducaeus Priscinus suff. T. Avidius Quietus Sex. Lusianus Proculus suff. C. Cornelius Rarus Tuccius Cerialis 94 L. Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus Asprenas (Jan.-Apr.) T. Sextius Magius Lateranus (Jan.-Apr.) suff untrue, it meant virgin. Just like the German word, “jungfrau” technically is a conjunction of “jung” (young) and “frau” (girl/woman), but that is not what the word means. Otherwise it was a ridiculous prophecy for a “young woman” to conceive….

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Tiberius Iulius Candidus Marius Celsus: Гай Анцій Авл Юлій Квадрат (вдруге) Gaius Antius Aulus Iulius Quadratus: суфекти: Гай Юлій Квадрат Басс Gaius Iulius Quadratus Bassus: Гней Афраній Декстер Gnaeus Afranius Dexter: суфект: Квінт Целій Гонорат. Some badly behaved teens will tell their families the most unlikely stories, in trying to lie their way out of trouble! Apparently her story was plausible in those days. (NOTE: Girls, you’re unlikely to get away with this explanation today.)Let us return, however, to the words put into the mouth of the Jew, where 'the mother of Jesus' is described as having been 'turned out by the carpenter who was betrothed to her, as she had been convicted of adultery and had a child by a certain soldier named Panthera'. The name "Pantera" is Greek, was probably his last name, and means "panther". The names "Tiberius Iulius" were probably given to him as a former slave when he obtained Roman citizenship through serving in the army. The name "Abdes" means "servant of God" and suggests a Semitic or Jewish background, and possibly a Jewish faith. When Mary became pregnant with Jesus, she was engaged to Joseph, but not officially married to him. Joseph wanted to call off the marriage after he found out about the pregnancy, suggesting that he was suspicious of her. Matthew 1:18-19 states:

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Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (c. 22 BC - AD 40) was a Roman soldier whose tombstone was found in Bingerbrück, Germany, in 1859.. A historical connection from this soldier to Jesus of Nazareth has been hypothesized by James Tabor, based on the claim of the ancient Greek philosopher Celsus, who said that some Jews claimed Jesus was the result of an affair between his mother Mary and a soldier Library of Celsus. Ephesus, Turkey. 2nd century CE. The Library of Celsus was built in the first quarter of the 2nd century CE to serve as a heroon, that is, a burial monument dedicated to Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus, the Roman senator and proconsul of Asia

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History. Celsus, in the honour of whom the library was originally built, had been consul in 92 AD, governor of Asia in 105 AD, and a wealthy and popular local citizen. He was a native of nearby Sardis and amongst the earliest men of purely Greek origin to become a consul in the Roman Empire and is honoured both as a Greek and a Roman on the library itself.. Die Celsus-biblioteek se fasade is getrou gerestoureer. Die biblioteek is aanvanklik in 125 gebou en is genoem na Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus, 'n Romeinse konsul wat Grieks was. Celsus het self vir die bou daarvan betaal en is in 'n sarkofaag onder die gebou begrawe Re: Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (Possible father of Jesus) Just did some reading, and personally I won't put much stock in it. It's one line from a blatantly anti-Christian philosopher in the 2nd century

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  1. ate in a state of health. On occasions, however, he boldly recommends the use of the scalpel; his rules for blood letting and purgatives are laid down with detail and precision;[10] and many of the rules he prescribes were not very different from those still in use at the beginning of the 19th century.
  2. The Bible, if accepted as true, and if read just right, is believed, by some, to offer support of the "Jesus son of Pantera" theory.
  3. Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera. from Sidon, aged 62 years. served 40 years, former standard bearer. of the first cohort of archers. lies here. The following were the words of Celsus (referenced from Origen's refutation to Celsus)
  4. Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (c. 22 BCE - CE 40) was a Roman soldier from Sidon. If that was his only claim to fame, nobody would care. However, according to some non-mainstream historians, Pantera may possibly have been the father of Jesus.The Jesus son of Pantera hypothesis has been promoted by James Tabor, who defends it primarily on textual grounds
  5. However, Jesus rewards the woman for her faith in him and grants her, her son's health. Mark 7:31 says:
  6. How do you know for certain Joseph wasn’t the father? That seems as likely as any non-supernatural explanation (and vastly more likely than any supernatural explanation)

Puteţi face un experiment: ieşiţi undeva unde puteţi întâlni diverse persoane. Puneţi-le întrebări despre anumite doctrine sau dogme creştine şi rugaţi să vă precizeze cine a spus, de unde provin, unde scrie şi ce argumente pot fi aduse pentru susţinerea acelor doctrine. GARANTAT, veţi constata că majoritatea covârşitoare a trecătorilor nu va putea da vreun răspuns corect la întrebările dumneavoastră. De ce? SIMPLU… omul „crede” fără să cerceteze, fără să se documenteze. Marcus Flavius Celsus (Citizen # 15410) 2. This edict takes effect immediately 16 November 2015. DICTATORIAL EDICT 003. I, Gnaeus Iulius Caesar, Dictator of Nova Roma, issue the following edict.. 1. The following persons are removed from all Nova Roman offices/positions held, including membership of the Senate, forthwith and immediately About 177 AD the Greek philosopher Celsus, in his book ‘The True Word’, expressed what appears to have been the consensus Jewish opinion about Jesus, that his father was a Roman soldier called Pantera. ‘Pantera’ means Panther and was a fairly common name among Roman soldiers. The rumor is repeated in the Talmud and in medieval Jewish writings where Jesus is referred to as “Yeshu ben Pantera”.

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Contextual translation of iulius into English. Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory Some have proposed that the choice of the name "Pantera" may have been a pun on parthenos, the Greek word for virgin.[15] Admittedly, the words Pantera and parthenos do not come from the same linguistic roots. Another point against this idea is that Christian church fathers such as John of Damascus and Ephiphanius of Salamis took the name seriously, as a name for one of Jesus' ancestors (or a nickname for Jacob, the father of Joseph) according to Matthew's genealogy.[16] Even if false, the rumor shows one fact clearly: right from the start, non-Christians made fun of Jesus and of Christianity. Other articles where Celsus is discussed: Origen: Writings: of the 2nd-century anti-Christian philosopher Celsus and is therefore a principal source for the pagan intelligentsia's view of 2nd-century Christianity as well as a classic formulation of early Christian reply. Both protagonists agree in their basic Platonic presuppositions, but beside this agreement, serious differences are argued It is doubtful whether he practised medicine himself, and although Celsus seems to describe and recommend his own medical observations sanctioned by experience, Quintilian says that his volumes included all sorts of literary matters, and even agriculture and military tactics.[6]

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[…] Editors’ note: To understand why I am reproducing excerpts from the book by Mitchell Heisman✡ see the previous entry. I won’t quote from Heisman’s previous chapter, where he accepts the claim of a 2nd-century Greek philosopher, Celsus, that Jesus’ father was a Roman soldier. (For a short blog article explaining such claim see for example: here.) […] Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus (natus circa annum 45, mortuus ante annum 120) senator Romanus equestri origine fuit.Patria eius Sardes in provincia Asia erat. Nomen patris Tiberius Iulius erat, uxorem Quintilliam duxit. Tribunus Legionis III Cyrenaicae anno 68/69 imperatori nuper electo Vespasiano se adiunxit, qui Celsum inter aedilicios ad senatum adlegit

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  1. The Nazarenes the early name for the followers of Jesus only used one Gospel. It was an earlier copy of what we call Matthew and did not include the story of the virgin birth . It began with jesus’ baptism by John. The Nazarenes did not believe in the virgin birth but that Jesus was born the same way all humans are born and became the son of God through “adoption” when he was recognized by God “this is my son in whom I am well pleased”. They were labeled as heretics centuries later by the Roman Catholic church.
  2. Jesus had come from a village in Judea, and was the son of a poor Jewess who gained her living by the work of her own hands. His mother had been turned out of doors by her husband, who was a carpenter by trade, on being convicted of adultery [with a soldier named Panthéra (i.32)]. Being thus driven away by her husband, and wandering about in disgrace, she gave birth to Jesus, a bastard. Jesus, on account of his poverty, was hired out to go to Egypt. While there he acquired certain (magical) powers which Egyptians pride themselves on possessing. He returned home highly elated at possessing these powers, and on the strength of them gave himself out to be a god.
  3. ცელსუსის ბიბლიოთეკა — ანტიკური შენობა ეფესოში, ანატოლიაში.
  4. However, according to some non-mainstream historians, Pantera may possibly have been the father of Jesus. The "Jesus son of Pantera" hypothesis has been promoted by James Tabor, who defends it primarily on textual grounds.[1]
  5. Celsus was extremely anti-Christian,[12][13][14] and may have fabricated the story to slander Jesus.

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The Celsus Library, certainly the most well-known monument in Ephesos, was built between A.D. and 110 by Gaius Iulius Aquila for his father, the senator Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus. The library can actually be interpreted as a heroon which was built over the burial chamber of the deceased Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus (* ca. 45; † vor 120) war ein Politiker und Senator der römischen Kaiserzeit.. Celsus stammte aus einer Ritterfamilie, wahrscheinlich aus Sardes, und machte eine recht steile Soldaten- und Beamtenkarriere.Als Tribun der Legio III Cyrenaica (ca. 68/69) schloss er sich in Alexandria dem neuen Kaiser Vespasian an, der Celsus dafür mit der adlectio inter.

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  1. Jewish tradition relating Mary to Luke’s genealogy is recorded in the Doctrina Jacobi (written in 634), in which a Tiberian rabbi mocks the Christian veneration of Mary by recounting her genealogy according to the tradition of the Jews of Tiberias:[55] Why do Christians extol Mary so highly, calling her nobler than the Cherubim, incomparably greater than the Seraphim, raised above the heavens, purer than the very rays of the sun? For she was a woman, of the race of David, born to Anne her mother and Joachim her father, who was son of Panther. Panther and Melchi were brothers, sons of Levi, of the stock of Nathan, whose father was David of the tribe of Judah.[56]
  2. Celsus ass den Numm vun: . Celsus vu Mailand, e chrëschtleche Märtyrer an Hellegen aus dem 1. Joerhonnert; Aulus Cornelius Celsus, zirka 25 v. Chr.; † ëm 50 n. Chr., e réimeschen Dokter an Auteur vu medezineschen Texter; Kelsos, och Celsus, e platonesche Philosoph a Kritiker vum Chrëschtentum aus Alexandria (2. Joerhonnert) Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus (* zirka 45; † virun 120.
  3. 1 Petru 1: 10-11 Proorocii, care au proorocit despre harul care vă era păstrat vouă, au făcut din mântuirea aceasta ţinta cercetărilor şi căutării lor stăruitoare. Ei cercetau să vadă ce vreme şi ce împrejurări avea în vedere Duhul lui Hristos, care era în ei, când vestea mai dinainte patimile lui Hristos şi slava de care aveau să fie urmate.
  4. Tiberius Iulius Candidus Marius Celsus: суфекты: Аўл Буцый Лапій Максім Aulus Bucius Lappius Maximus: ЛуцыйІавален Прыск Lucius Iavolenus Priscus: 87: імп. Цэзар Даміцыян Аўгуст (у 13 раз) Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus: Луцый Валузій Сатурніян Lucius.

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Also, Celsus wrote a technical work on agriculture, on which Columella partly based his De Re Rustica. Critics of Christianity claimed Jesus Christ was in fact an illegitimate son of a Roman soldier called Panthera. Such accusations were presented by the Roman Critic Celsus (citing Jewish.

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  1. ius, Celsus, Pompeius, equites Romani, cecidere coniurationis cri
  2. Before the 1900s, scholars had hypothesized that the name "Pantera" was an uncommon or even fabricated name. However, Adolf Deissmann showed with certainty that it was a common name at the time, and that it was especially common among Roman soldiers.[1][10] Pantera is not an unusual name, and its use goes back at least to the 2nd century.[11] This certainly makes it harder to believe that this Pantera was the father of Jesus, even if a Pantera was.
  3. The Pope, in 1852, was Pius XI. Pius promulgated the dogma of the Immaculate Conception which articulated a long-held Catholic belief that Our Lady {Virgin Mary} was conceived without original sin. Thus, Immaculate Conception refers not to the birth of Jesus but, instead, to Our Lady.

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La Biblioteko de Efezo aŭ Biblioteko de Celso estis biblioteko en Efezo.. La bibliotekon fondis, inter la jaroj 114 kaj 125, Tiberio Julio Akvilo (latine Tiberius Iulius Aquila) honore al sia patro Tiberio Julio Celso Polemeano (latine Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus).Patro kaj filo estis romianoj el alta nivelo kaj estis konsuloj.. Sub la biblioteko troviĝis la tombejo de Celso, kie lia. Kütüphanenin bodrum katında burayı yaptıran Roma'nın Asya bölge valisi C. Julius Aquila'nın babasının Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus (Proconsul Tiberius Iulius Celsius) bir Heroon'u. But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs. 106-107 yıllarında Asia eyaletinin prokönsülü (bölge valisi) olan Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus (Proconsul Tiberius Iulius Celsius) adına inşa edilmiştir. İnşa yazıtında, Celsus'un oğlu ve 110 yılının könsülü olan C. Julius Aquila'nın kütüphaneyi babası için (117 yılından önce) bir Heroon-Mezar Anıtı olarak inşa ettiği yazılıdır …Aurelius, one of Lucian’s friends, Celsus, wrote the first serious criticism of Christianity, “The True Word,” known through Origen’s refutation of it in the 3rd century. At this time philosophy leaned toward religious mysticism: under the Severans, Ammonius Saccas created the school of Alexandria, and his disciple Plotinus founded the…

Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera from Sidon, aged 62 years served 40 years, former standard bearer (?) of the First Cohort of Archers lies here Amazing really that such details can be reconstructed with regards to a humble Centurion. It appears this First Cohort of Archers moved from Palestine to Dalmatia in 6 AD, and to the Rhine in 9 AD He goes into great detail regarding the preparation of numerous ancient medicinal remedies including the preparation of opioids. In addition, he describes many 1st century Roman surgical procedures which included removal of a cataract, treatment for bladder stones, and the setting of fractures. The library serves as a grave monument, rather like many churches, and in the tradition of the entombing of heroes and celebratory family monuments. At the back right of the monument is the entrance into a sepuchral chamber that contained the remains of Celsus. The library is dedicated by Ti. Iulius Aquila (cos. 110) to his father Ti It is not known with any certainty where he lived. He has been identified as the possible dedicator of a gravestone in Rome, but it has also been supposed that he lived in Narbonese Gaul, because he refers to a species of vine (marcum) which, according to Pliny,[4] was native to that region.[5]

Its text has been successively published by F. Alves Pereira, S. Lambrino and, at last, by H.-G. Pflaum, who recognized the career of C. Iulius Celsus, without however having seen the inscription. The commentaries refer especially to the divinity in l. 1 and to the charge (l. 5) fulfilled by Celsus in Lusitania The most well-known monument of the Ephesus Ancient City is the Celsus Library.It was located at the end of the Trade Agor, at the beginning of Kuretler Avenue; a small area was swept to the south-east by the city.. The Library was built by Gaius Iulius Aquila for his father, Senator Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus, between 100 and 110 AD.The outer surface of the structure is made of marble.

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  1. I think people for year has been trying to disprove God and His Son. All I know for sure is God moves in my life and I have seen the hand of god. And for those in the grave, their bodies lay there and their spirit is the one that lives forever with God and His Son Jesus Christ. I will continue to pray for the lost souls and the non believers. This bull is just Satan trying to put doubt in the world and by the looks of it man is believing him. As in the words of MY LORD ” God forgive them they know not what they do.”
  2. No one knows. No pictorial depictions of the Library of Alexandria have survived to the present day, the ruins of the Library have never been found, and all written descriptions of the Library are extremely vague regarding its physical appearance...
  3. The first printed edition of Celsus' work was published in 1478. His style has been much admired as being equal in purity and elegance to that of the best writers of the Augustan age.
  4. Ea aparţinea lui Iulius Celsus (sec al II-lea) si reprezenta un atac la adresa creştinismului. Crede şi nu cerceta! este totuşi o practică însuşită de omul modern. Puteţi face un experiment: ieşiţi undeva unde puteţi întâlni diverse persoane. Puneţi-le întrebări despre anumite doctrine sau dogme creştine şi rugaţi să.
  5. L'idea, consolidata negli studi, che il portus Iulius, situato sulla costa campana tra Cuma e Puteoli, creato per scopi bellici all'epoca dello scontro finale contro Sesto Pompeo, abbia effettivamente rivestito, anche se per breve periodo, una funzione militare, va abbandonata non solo per l'apporto delle indagini archeologiche, ma anche per una rilettura delle fonti
  6. Julius Caesar (102-44 BC), Roman Emperor and Military Leader Gaius Iulius Caesar. In addition to being a great military leader, he was a talented writer

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CELSUS KÖNYVTÁRA, EPHESZOSZ Epheszosz (latin nevén Efezus) görög polisz volt Kis-Ázsia nyugati partvidékén. Ma Törökországban helyezkedik el, török neve Efes. Nyugatot Kelettel összekötő egyik.. Psalmii 119:148 O iau înaintea străjilor de noapte, şi deschid ochii, ca să mă gândesc adânc la Cuvântul Tău.

To correct an error, I transposed the Roman numerals for Pius; it was actually Pius IX, and the promulgation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception occurred in 1854. Sign me up! Isn't the fact that Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera could be the father of Jesus the only real evidence that? Jesus ever existed other than what is in the Bible? Wouldn't proving His existence be more important than the fact that his father was a mortal man COVID-19 Resources. Reliable information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is available from the World Health Organization (current situation, international travel).Numerous and frequently-updated resource results are available from this WorldCat.org search.OCLC's WebJunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle coronavirus.

I agree with all your points, Melvin, and they are integral to the novel. They have a lot to say about the personality development of Jesus, and of his hostility to the Romans.Hippocrates used the Greek word καρκίνος - karkínos, meaning crab or crayfish, to refer to malignant tumors as carcinomas. It was Celsus who translated the Greek term into the Latin cancer, also meaning crab. And from thence he [Jesus] arose, and went into the borders of Tyre and Sidon, and entered into an house, and would have no man know it: but he could not be hid. In Talmud, Jesus, Mary, Pentera and Joseph were all perverts. Pantera was Mary’s lover and Joseph was her husband. Very likely Mary and Pentera staged fake rapes, public sex, to fool Jews and make fun from their religious leadership. Mary was fucking her religious tradition and social norm. Mary got love from so many hunks by her adultery and whoredom among carpenters and soldiers from public sex and group sex. It’s why Jesus was full of love. He was as strong as Pantera, as sexy as Mary and as loving as Joseph.


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In the "Prooemium" or introduction to De Medicina there is an early discussion of the relevance of theory to medical practice and the pros and cons of both animal experimentation and human experimentation. Celsus discusses, for example, the case of Herophilos and Erasistratos, who he asserts practised vivisection.[9] […] The Emperor Tiberius. The Emperor Tiberius of the Jewish slaves of an Occupying Army of the day. Jesus’ father Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera was never given freedom or a Roman Citizenship which was never granted to Tiberius Julius Abdes […]Acest sit folosește Akismet pentru a reduce spamul. Află cum sunt procesate datele comentariilor tale. Iulius Candidus Marius Celsus (105), C. Antius A. Iulius Quadratus (105), Q. Sosius Senecio (107), A. Cornelius Palma Frontonianus (109), and L. Publilius Celsus (113). These men were essentially his close associates from pre-imperial days and his prime military commanders in the Dacian wars. One major administrative innovation can be credited. JOSEPH of Arimathea. 1) According to the Gospels, he donated his tomb for the body of Jesus after the Jesus’ Crucifixion. 2) According to the Talmud, he was the younger brother of Joachim the father of the Virgin Mary, that is, he was Mary’s uncle and Jesus’ great-uncle


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A Greek philosopher named Celsus living around the second century of the Christian era recorded a notable rumor. We only know Celsus' claim from Origen's reply. Origen wrote:[4][5] As Pantera would probably have been about 18 when he enlisted, it means he was likely born between 45 BC and 22 BC. He could have been as old as 38 or as young as 15 at the time of Jesus’ conception in the summer of 7 BC. Celsus Kütüphanesi, Heroon, Efes, Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus. B u yazı , Epheso s (Efes ) anti k kentini n e n görkeml i yapılarında n ola n günümüzd e is e dah a ço k öneml i.


…of the 2nd-century anti-Christian philosopher Celsus and is therefore a principal source for the pagan intelligentsia’s view of 2nd-century Christianity as well as a classic formulation of early Christian reply. Both protagonists agree in their basic Platonic presuppositions, but beside this agreement, serious differences are argued. Celsus’ brusque dismissal of…Pantera would have been a young Roman soldier, located in Judaea, during the time of Jesus' conception.[1] Certainly Roman soldiers would have been tempted to have sexual relations with local women with or without consent. They were men in the prime of life and were forbidden to marry until they were forty. Since Roman soldiers were tried by other soldiers, they may have been able to get away with serious crimes if those who tried them were sympathetic.

Pantera served in the army for 40 years under Tiberius. On discharge, he would have gotten citizenship from the Emperor and may have added the Emperor’s name to his own. Tiberius ruled from 14 CE to 37 CE. Pantera’s 40 years of service would therefore have started between 27 BCE and 4 BCE. As Pantera would probably have been about 18 when he enlisted, it means he was likely born between 45 BCE and 22 BCE. He could have been as old as 39 or as young as 16 at the time of Jesus’ conception in the summer of 6 BCE.[2] Lucius Iulius Ursus Servianus II Lucius Licinius Sura II dopunski : Lucius Publilius Celsus I 103: Caesar Nerva Traianus Augustus V Manius Laberius Maximus II 104: Sextus Attius Suburanus Aemilianus II Marcus Asinius Marcellus: 105: Tiberius Iulius Candidus II Caius Antius Aulus Iulius II 106: Lucius Ceionius Commodus: Sextus Vettulenus Civica. The Julian calendar, proposed by Julius Caesar in 708 Ab urbe condita (AUC) (46 BC), was a reform of the Roman calendar. It took effect on 1 January 709 AUC (45 BC), by edict.It was designed with the aid of Greek mathematicians and Greek astronomers such as Sosigenes of Alexandria.. The calendar was the predominant calendar in the Roman world, most of Europe, and in European settlements in the.

According to Genesis KJV all males and females were called the sons and daughters of God. (Divine Creator). Jesus was a mystic, which means he had a deeper insight into laws, and mistaken perceptions many people carried with them from more ancient times of the Old Testament. He bucked tradition and power, and didn’t die on the cross “for” sins but “because of them”. Ignorance, fear, politics, religions, (my god’s better than your , god) power, greedy etc. That is why we have reincarnation which is why we evolve and grow in knowledge and wisdom. 105 Tiberius Iulius Candidus Marius Celsus II et Gaius Antius Aulus Iulius Quadratus II consules suffecti: Gaius Iulius Quadratus Bassus et Gnaeus Afranius Dexter; Quintus Caecilius Honoratus (pro Dextro) Marcus Vitorius Marcellus et Gaius Caecilius Strabo; 106 Lucius Ceionius Commodus et Sextus Vettulenus Civica Ceriali Vana-Rooma konsuliteks olid Tiberius Iulius Candidus Marius Celsus, Gaius Antius ja Aulus Iulius Quadratus. Daakiast sai Rooma provints. Sündinud. Surnud. Evaristus, 5. paavst. Pixabay의 방대한 공용 도메인 이미지 및 비디오 라이브러리에서Celsus 도서관 유적 에 베 소 파괴에 대한 이 무료 사진을 다운로드하십시오 The inscriptions, most of which have been preserved, mention Tiberius Iulius Aquila, son of Celsus, who became a consul in 110 AD and is supposed to have funded the heroon, which functioned as a library in honour of his father. 25 Tiberius Iulius Aquila cared for the construction of the building and held memorial services for his father. 26 In.

Celsus Kütüphanesi, Heroon, Efes, Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus. Bu yazı, Ephesos (Efes) antik kentinin en görkemli yapılarından olan günümüzde ise daha çok önemli bir antikçağ. FLAMEN DIALIS The Flamen Dialis was an important position in Roman religion. The Flamen Dialis was one of three flamines maiores, the flamines serving the three gods of the Archaic Triad (Jupiter, Mars, and Quirinus).In particular, the Flamen Dialis was the special priest of Jupiter Optimus Maximus (Best and Greatest), Jupiter in his incarnation as chief god of the Roman state You go to work and can’t see your family around you. You can imagine that they are still alive and the imagination is true. Obrázky, zvuky či videa k tématu Starověcí římští spisovatelé ve Wikimedia Commons; Podkategorie. Zobrazuje se 5 podkategorií z celkového počtu 5 podkategorií v této kategorii După Celsus (scriitor grec din sec. al II-lea d.Hr., a nu se confunda cu Aulus Cornelius Celsus) și Toledot Yeshu (colecție medievală de parodii anticreștine), tatăl lui Isus ar fi Iosif Pandera, identificat cu persoana istorică a soldatului roman de origine feniciană Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera, a cărui statuie se află la Karl-Gelb.

Using Gary Habermas and Patheos as sources to prove your long post is absurd. The former is a Christian apologist, and the latter is, well, not a good source. Your post is nothing more than a long, and tiring, example of Christian apologetics without any historical basis. Construite à partir de 117, elle fut dédiée par Tiberius Iulius Aquila Polemaenus le gouverneur de la ville, à Tiberius Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus, son père, qui gouvernait la ville avant lui.Iulius Aquila, qui décède avant la fin des travaux, lèguera une somme de 25 000 deniers pour l'achat des livres. Les héritiers achèvent son œuvre la et Iulius Celsus tribunus in vinclis laxatam catenam et circumdatam in diversum tendens suam ipse cervicem perfregit. latin-ancient en Julius Celsus, a tribune, while in confinement, loosened his chain, and having twisted it around him, broke his neck by throwing himself in an opposite direction Ioan 17:3 Şi viaţa veşnică este aceasta: să Te cunoască pe Tine, singurul Dumnezeu adevărat, şi pe Isus Hristos, pe care L-ai trimis Tu.

At the back right of the monument is the entrance into a sepuchral chamber that contained the remains of Celsus. The library is dedicated by Ti. Iulius Aquila (cos. 110) to his father Ti. Iulius Celsus Polemaeanus (cos. 92, procos. Asia 106, native of Asia, presumably of Ephesos) Iulius Celsus. V. C. emendauit. Gallia est omnis diuisa in partes tres quarum unam incolunt belge...Ipse bibracti hiemare constituit his litteris cognitis rhome dierum. xx. supplicatio redditur. A. Klotz, ed., Teubner v. 1 (1929) pp. 1-178. 2 There is documentary evidence Jesus' biological father was a Roman soldier (an archer) named Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera.This information comes from Celsus, a second century Greek philosopher. It is not known whether Mary was raped or willingly cooperated, but official Roman records independently verify that Pantaras was stationed at Nazareth when Jesus was conceived Iulius Candidus' on the Fasti Ostienses, and likewise, but only once as an 'arvalis', while he occurs as 'Iulius Candidus' in a letter of Pliny (V.20.5). The consequences are noteworthy. His father had married a Maria, presumed sister to A.Marius Celsus (suff. 69). Second, P.Calvisius Ruso Iulius Frontinus, legate governing Cappadocia

John 3:16 – I am the way, the truth and the light ……….whoever believes in me will have eternal life. Chapter Celsus of Pergamum: Locating a Critic of Early Christianity by Stephen Goranson lēthēs Logos of Celsus, preserved in large part with Origen's response in Contra Celsum, is the most signifi cant extant second-century literary attack on Christianity. Celsus attacked Christianity not only for philosophic reasons, bu The month Quintilis was renamed Iulius, and Caesar divinized as Divus Iulius. Still, even in this environment, Caesar remained an unsimple figure. The historian And when Coluccio Salutati (1331-1406) succeeded in demonstrating that Caesar—not Julius Celsus—was the author of the Commentarii,. It’s funny that Mary was only decreed a Virgin in 1852 by Pope Constance. It’s also convenient that if you have a place like Vatican City where you can change documents and then say they are the truth, and have billions of people believe it. The Church was born on a lie, lives on a lie and will one day pass away because of that lie. What people believe is irrelevent.. Heaven, hell and paradise are marketing tools. In fact They are the best that man has ever thought of. I wish that I had of thought of them. They work people, live of a con.

If we are to believe that Jesus did exist during the 1st century then a Roman military man by the name of Pantera is the most probable answer for Jesus biological father. Just think about it, when Caesar Augustus appointed Herod king over Judea. Herod returned to Judea with a large Roman army and deposed Antigonus II Mattathias. After Herod’s death in 4 BCE, Sepphoris (where Mary was born) became the center of one of several Jewish rebellions against Roman rule. The Roman army moved in under the command of the Roman Governor Varus in Syria (this is where Abdes Pantera was born). So what do you think happens between the Roman troops and local women when they are stationed in Sepphoris? They had relationships (rather legitimate or in rape) that led to what is known as “war children”. Local women having children by a occupying foreign military would have been an embarrassment to a Jewish woman and can lead to being stoned to death. So under these kinds of circumstances what is a woman to do? She would have to marry a local man with the hopes that he would be willing to claim the child as his (Joseph) own. And just one side note: I agree with Julius Africanus and Tertullian that places Jesus birth around 2 BC. I don’t personally think that Jesus lived during the time when Herod was alive, while being fully aware of what the bible says about Herod’s “Massacre of the Innocents” which cannot be verified outside of the biblical source. any book written by men concerning Jesus Christ the only begotten of God the creator of everything thing seen and unseen, known and unknown, revealed and unrevealed, is a mere imagination of the hearts and minds of men in their wise concerning the affairs of God and these are the things that defiler men because they came out from men in their wise. whatsoever God shall reveal to men which is not for men he sealed them in them, and whatsoever God shall reveal to men which is for men, he cause them to speak and write of them from them for them, which shall influence them because they wanted them.I am the way, the truth and the light ……….whoever loves me, kisses me, licks me, be into me and receive me, will have eternal life. Jesus is so sweet. Only lovers trust each other and do nasty things.Luke 1:36-56 says that Mary spent three months of her pregnancy at the house of a relative named Elizabeth. It has been suggested that she made this visit to avoid the disgrace she would have faced in her own community.[7]


But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. .... Then Joseph being raised from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife: We’re also talking about someone recording over a hundred years after Jesus’ supposed death a “Jewish consensus”. So we say we don’t believe these religious wackos but hey we can believe these religious wackos. The Christian representation of Jesus didn’t necessarily paint a kind picture of the jews. It even mentions the jews in Jesus’ lifetime accusing him of being a basted son born out of wedlock. So you’d expect the first and second century jews to have a consensus that Jesus was born of an occupying, murdering Roman soldier. This is no perfect evidence that the Jewish mythology of Jesus is anymore accurate than the Christian mythology. More acceptable from a secular perspective, no more verifably accurate.you been bamboozled the jews got you brainwashed. they are khazars and ashkenazi , they control entertainment banks newspaper everything. NY Times Oct 29 , 1996 “Scholars Debate Roots of Yiddish, Migration of Jews” Remember if you control literature, you control what a people think. And christians are the first to be controlled as “sheeple” with a “shepherd” and “being born again” to keep you a baby and without knowledge because knowledge is power (and why its banned as the forbidden fruit) keep you enslaved dumb and this system going strong.

Aulus Cornelius Celsus. Aulus Cornelius Celsus (ca. 25 B.C.-A.D. 45) was the Roman author of the first systematic treatise on medicine. It is the most important historical source for present-day knowledge of Alexandrian and Roman medicine. Of Celsus the man little is known. It is surmised that he was born at Narbonne in the south of France Ti. Iulius Candidus Marius Celsus II: C. Antius A. Iulius Quadratus II: suff. C. Iulius Quadratus Bassus (BIRLEY) (May-June) Cn. Afranius Dexter (PROSOP) (May-June) suff. Q. Caelius Honotatus (July-August ) suff. M. Vitorius Marcellus (September -December) C. Caecilius Strabo (September -December ) 106: L. Ceionius Commodus: Sex. I don’t believe in magic, like the immaculate conception, even when God does it. If Jesus really existed, then he must have had a father and mother. There are several interesting things about Jesus which are irrefutable. First of all, Mary was unwed when Jesus was conceived. This makes Jesus a bastard. It’s interesting to note that 2 billion people worship this bastard but curse all other bastards as products of “fornication”! Secondly, The story of Mary and Panthera has almost disappeared from Wikipedia, probably due to the transferrel of Gold bullion from the basement of the Vatican! Thirdly, Since Jesus died a bloody death, we should be able to get a sample of his blood, perhaps from the”shroud of Turin”. From this we can decode his DNA. Then we can clone Jesus! Maybe his “second coming” is waiting for his clone!

Having dwelled on the whole matter and bringing science into the picture the whole story has contradictions which leads one to conclude that it is possibly not true leaving me as a agnostic ( one which doubts the authenticity but is not entirely convinced) excelsus (feminine excelsa, neuter excelsum, comparative excelsior, superlative excelsissimus); first/second-declension adjective elevated , lofty Glōria in excelsīs Deō Ephesus was founded as an Attic-Ionian colony in the 10th century BC on a hill (now known as the Ayasuluk Hill), three kilometers (1.9 miles) from the centre of ancient Ephesus (as attested by excavations at the Seljuk castle during the 1990s). The mythical founder of the city was a prince of Athens named Androklos, who had to leave his country after the death of his father, King Kodros


There used to be two temples between the Prytaneum (town hall) and Odeon (Concert hall). They were Imperial Cult erected in the 1C AD with the permission of Augustus in honor of his adoptive father Julius Caesar, and of Rome The 'doctors' in ancient Rome were not nearly as highly regarded as the doctors in Greece. The profession itself, outside of the legions, was considered a low social position, fit for slaves, freedmen and non-latin citizens, mainly Greeks. While there were some who were respected, most were considered just as they were, cheaters, liars and quacks The Celsus Library The Celsus Library, assuredly the most re-known monument in Ephesus, was built between AD 100 and 110 by Gaius Iulius Aquila for his... Byzantine Aquaduct

During the twentieth century, many historians claimed that Celsus believed that the crystalline lens is in the exact center of the eye. In fact, Celsus made no specific statement about the position of the crystalline lens, and his Graeco-Roman contemporaries did understand that the lens is located to the front.[12] Langa impresionantul teatru se ridica Biblioteca lui Celsus, cel mai elegant monument antic din cetate. Constructia dateaza de la începutul secolului al II-lea dupa Hristos si a fost dedicata senatorului Iulius Celsus Polemeanus de catre fiul sau Iulius Aquila. Asezamantul a slujit doua scopuri: pe de o parte, pentru a raspunde unor exigente. To walk from Tyre to Sidon is about 20 miles, which wouldn't have been a small trip in Jesus' lifetime. Yet Jesus did it twice. James Tabor advances the hypothesis that Jesus went to Sidon to say hello to his biological father, and tried to do so secretly.[1]

This is a typical apologists response. For starters, those who compiled the Bible didn’t have a clue who authored Luke so they titled it to him out of convenience. Josephus wasn’t even alive during the Rabbis life, so he’s hardly a reliable source. Tell me, where did the name Christ originate? And how does it pertain to this Rabbi fellow? (Hint; check out the Council of Constantinople) Having been raised by an apologist preacher, it never ceases to confound me why many Christians are more interested in defending lies, rather than putting their efforts towards searching for truth. It all boils down to ‘faith’, a concept designed by corrupt men (& backed up by the fictional ‘Doubting Thomas’ fairy-tale) to ensure obedience from superstitious, gullible & uneducated peasants, to Mother Church. As Pope Leo X himself chortled; “How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us.” How astounding that it still works in these more enlightened times. Download this free picture about Celsus Library Ruins Ephesus from Pixabay's vast library of public domain images and videos Cum spune în Biblie, crede şi nu cerceta. Crede şi nu cerceta, că aşa zic creştinii. Crede şi nu cerceta este un citat folosit de nenumărate ori atunci când se face referire la aspecte mai mult sau mai puţin detaliate despre credinţă şi teologie. Acelaşi citat este pus, de adversarii religie

two senators from western Asia, A. Iulius Quadratus and Ti. Iulius Candidus. Two years later Licinius Sura, consul for the third time, and Sosius Senecio for the second, advertise the conquest of Dacia. The last in the sequence are Cornelius Palma (109), Publilius Celsus (113). About the illustrious company, sporadic facts or valid surmises. Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus (Greek: Τιβέριος Ιούλιος Κέλσος Πολεμαιανός, romanized: Tibérios Ioúlios Kélsos Polemaianós), commonly known as Celsus (c. 45 - before c. 120), was an Ancient Greek Roman citizen who became a senator, and served as suffect consul as the colleague of Lucius Stertinius Avitus. Celsus Polemaeanus was a wealthy and popular.

De multe ori s-a auzit şi s-a vorbit despre sintagma „crede şi nu cerceta”. Ea aparţinea lui Iulius Celsus (sec al II-lea) si reprezenta un atac la adresa creştinismului.It appears this First Cohort of Archers moved from Palestine to Dalmatia in 6 AD, and to the Rhine in 9 AD. Pantera came from Sidon, on the coast of Phoenicia just west of Galilee, presumably enlisted locally. He served in the army for 40 years until some time in the reign of Tiberius. On discharge he would have been granted citizenship by the Emperor (and been granted freedom if he had formerly been a slave), and added the Emperor’s name to his own. Tiberius ruled from 14 AD to 37 AD. Pantera’s 40 years of service would therefore have started between 27 BC and 4 BC.


Ea aparţinea lui Iulius Celsus (sec al II-lea) si reprezenta un atac la adresa creştinismului. Crede şi nu cerceta! este totuşi o practică însuşită de omul modern. Puteţi face un experiment: ieşiţi undeva unde puteţi întâlni diverse persoane Nothing is known about the life of Celsus. Even his praenomen is uncertain; he has been called both Aurelius and Aulus, with the latter being more plausible.[2] Some incidental expressions in his De Medicina suggest that he lived under the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius; which is confirmed by his reference to the Greek physician Themison as being recently in his old age.[3] Which version is better? Prominent related forms of Julius (#341 IN RECENT RANKINGS) are Julian (#36), Julio (#522), Jules (#1752) and Jule.These forms of Julius were at the height of their popularity in the year 2017 (MEDIAN #922) and have remained as popular to this day (#930, 0.5%), but with versions such as Julius falling out of fashion. Julian is the most trendy name for newborns in this.

Este adevărat că nu ai cum să cercetezi toate lucrurile. Sunt TAINE care nu pot fi descifrate. Biblia vorbeşte clar depre existenţa a trei taine: taina fărădelegii (sau a căderii în păcat), taina evlaviei (sau a pocăinţei) şi taina întrupării Domnului Hristos. Aulus Cornelius Celsus (c. 25 BC - c. 50 AD) was a Roman encyclopaedist, known for his extant medical work, De Medicina, which is believed to be the only surviving section of a much larger encyclopedia.The De Medicina is a primary source on diet, pharmacy, surgery and related fields, and it is one of the best sources concerning medical knowledge in the Roman world Celsus (Greek: polytonic|Κέλσος) was a 2nd century Greek philosopher and opponent of Christianity.He is known to us mainly through the reputation of his literary work, The True Word (Account, Doctrine or Discourse) (polytonic|Λόγος 'AληΘής), almost entirely reproduced in excerpts by Origen in his counter-polemic Contra Celsum of 248, 70 or 80 years after Celsus wrote Publius Iuventius Celsus Titus Aufidius Hoenius Severianus (2nd. ct. AD) - the son of a little-known jurist of the same name, hence also Celsus filius - was, together with Julian, the most influential Ancient Roman jurist of the High Classical era.. Celsus was presumably born in Upper Italy, where the name of Iuventius was common and where senatorial Iuventii can also be found Of the numerous volumes of his encyclopedia, only one remains intact, his celebrated treatise On Medicine (De Medicina). "The work’s encyclopedic arrangement follows the tripartite division of medicine at the time as established by Hippocrates and Asclepiades — diet, pharmacology, and surgery."[7] It is divided into eight books.


In 1859 a gravestone surfaced in Germany for a Roman soldier called Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera, whose unit Cohors I Sagittariorum had served in Judea before Germany – romantic historians have hypothesized this to be Jesus’ father, especially as ‘Abdes’ (‘servant of God’) suggests a Jewish background.On the one side, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Mormons who all agree that the thoughts of the creator of a billion galaxies are to be found in a book written by humans (though they disagree about what that book says); on the other side, scientists who every day discover more fundamental facts about the universe that contradict all those books. There is also another alternative to the non Christian point of view. Mary was tempted or solicited by coin which was her price as any woman has a price so to speak. Là thư viện lớn thứ ba trong thế giới cổ đại, thư viện Celsus nằm ở vùng di chỉ Ephesus của Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ từng lưu giữ 12.000 cuốn sách quý. Khối kiến trúc đồ sộ của thư viện Celsus là một món quà của con trai dành tặng cho cha mình là Quan Chấp..

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