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This Google Data APIs documentation applies only to a few APIs, as described in the GData API Directory. About the Google Data Protocol Some services at Google provide external access to data and functionality through APIs that utilize the Google Data (GData) Protocol. The GData Protocol is a REST-inspired technology for reading, writing, and. Yahoo is shutting down the Yahoo Social Directory API on 6/30/2020. We have created a new UserInfo Endpoint service which you can on-board to now. The new service is only compatible with OAUTH2.0 Tokens

Yahoo Finance API had a great API but that has been shutdown/disappeared. I got some potential results: 96 Stocks APIs: Bloomberg, NASDAQ and E*TRADE, Alternative to google finance api, etc The Google Finance API has sparse documentation. It’s difficult to find any information about it published by Google. However, some third-party documentation covers the more basic aspects of its usage. As far as public endpoints go, the Google Finance API is very standard. It’s able to take REST requests, and it returns the desired data in JSON format. A day after being involved in a car accident on the way to Bay Hill, Kyoung-Hoon Lee carded an opening 72 as the first alternate in the field following Francesco Molinari's withdrawal

Help for Yahoo Finance Select the product you need help with and find a solution Agent support is limited due to COVID-19 health and safety considerations for our employees. Visit this page for help with common password, account, Mail, and subscription issues, or try searching our help articles. For Yahoo account and Mail help, you can also use. 1 There are several alternatives, but I suppose you are looking for free services? One alternative is Quandl. There is a Database called "Wiki" that is free. Curl the finance.yahoo.com page while storing the dropped cookie and parsing the CrumbStore crumb value from the page Building the download data link using the crumb value and passing appropriate period date range value

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  1. Yahoo Finance API was a reliable intermediary in obtaining free data from financial markets. The convenient facility of downloading historical data on financial assets from Yahoo Finance to Python and other languages was used to support investors, analysts, financial application developers and startups
  2. Quandl appears to work well but the data is spread across multiple databases which makes getting appropriate access timely and costly.
  3. Overview What is a Google Data API? A Google Data API is an API based upon the Google Data protocol.The Google Data protocol is based on the Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 syndication formats, plus the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP).. The Google Data protocol extends those standards in various ways, using the extension mechanisms built into the standards
  4. The most common tags within stocks are 53 financial stocks APIs, 46 finance stocks APIs and 18 trading stocks APIs. On the mashup side, we list 15 stocks mashups. We named Stock Price Scanner as mashup of the day in June. For reference, here is a list of all 96 stocks APIs. 360T API: Stock Trading Service. Track this API
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  6. Alternative to yahoo finance api. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 5 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 8k times -3. I am new to yahoo finance api. There are several alternatives, but I suppose you are looking for free services? One alternative is Quandl. There is a Database called Wiki that is free. share.

Yahoo Weather API for your apps. Get up-to-date weather information for any location, including 10-day forecast, wind, atmosphere, astronomy conditions, and more. You can lookup weather by location (city name) or lat/long Google Finance was deprecated in 2011 but still appears to work somewhat. However, there is little to no documentation, and I need to pull dividend data which I was unable to find.

LifestyleMarketWatchMy husband refuses to give me my stimulus check. He says that I don’t deserve it because I didn’t earn it. What can I do?‘It is outrageous that a spouse would share liability for tax debt, but not share in the refund.’ What legal recourse does this woman have?Some other alternatives include the Unofficial Yahoo Finance API, Alphavantage, CurrencyLayer, IEX, and Tradier. An application programming interface, or API, is a set of programming code that queries data, parses responses, and sends instructions between one software platform and another. – per source

The IEX platform aggregates recently posted news articles, and they provide a quick and easy way to figure out what the latest updates are on the less technical aspects of a given stock. We discuss the ways to circumvent the API change of Yahoo.Finance and alternatives to it, esp. Alpha Vantage. Our feelings about the abrupt change of the Yahoo Finance API are twofold. On one hand Yahoo's contribution to retail investors community was enormous and it was free of charge: so never look a gift horse in the mouse

Alphavantage does have a usage limit that might be prohibitive for some users. You can upgrade your account to allow 1200 requests per minute with no throttling or blocking. -2 AssetMacro.com API provides free access to historical data for 120,000+ Financial Securities (Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Credit Default Swaps, Indices) and Macroeconomic Variables for 120 countries. The Yahoo Finance API is an obvious choice for replacing the Google Finance API. It's one of the most popular and visited financial sites with extensive stock market data. While the old Yahoo Finance API no longer works, there are still many ways to access the data. There's an unofficial Yahoo Finance API available on RapidAPI Immediate deprecation of Google finance and Morningstar for historical price data, as these API endpoints are no longer supported by their respective providers. Alternate methods are welcome via pull requests, as PDR would like to restore these features How the Free Yahoo Finance API Works. Yahoo finance provides a great and simple way to download free stock quotes. This service returns stock data in a CSV. (comma delimited format, you can just open it in Excel if you like) The service Yahoo finance provides for free stock quotes is REST based

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Keep up to date with your stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and mutual funds in single portfolio. Institutional-grade news. Our daily newsletter and instantly sourced news coverage keep you informed about companies you care about. Save time reading through SEC filings. Extract any table or financial figure within seconds Yahoo Finance Option chains have been missing a lot of options for major stocks lately. Is there an alternative to Yahoo Finance Option chains? Must be free and not require me to . Must include weeklies. Nasdaq option chains suck There’s a lot of finance APIs out there that you can use to track the status of certain stocks. As a computer programmer, you are more equipped to make informed decisions when participating in the stock market. matplotlib.finance.quotes_historical_yahoo_ochl (ticker, date1, date2, asobject=False, adjusted=True, cachename=None) ¶ Get historical data for ticker between date1 and date2. See parse_yahoo_historical() for explanation of output formats and the asobject and adjusted kwargs

Alternatives to the Yahoo Finance API. The forex api has long been a reliable tool for data-driven investors. Many rely on their real-time data flow and create clean commercial applications. Unfortunately, one day Yahoo decided to discontinue its service and put a huge price tag on getting data from them ASX stock feed alternative to Yahoo Finance API. Archive View Return to standard view. from November 2017; to April 2020; last updated - posted 2020-Apr-11, 10:15 am AEST posted 2020-Apr-11, 10:15 am AEST User #4486 184 posts. Deandob. Forum Regular reference: whrl. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Yahoo! Finance. At Yahoo! Finance, you get free stock quotes, up to date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, message boards, and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life

They allow you to track cryptocurrencies, and track securities on FOREX. According to their website, they’re a trusted data provider for institutions like Ycombinator and Harvard University. This gives Alphavantage some authority within their field. / Alphavantage - Alternative to Yahoo Finance API. Alphavantage - Alternative to Yahoo Finance API. July 22, 2017 by Rajandran 5 Comments. Recently Yahoo Finance discontinued its Free API service to retrive quotes and historical stock market data and the service dead now. It is a big blow for financial market traders/investors who uses. Replacement for Yahoo Finance and Google Finance found. I noticed that the Yahoo and Google finance equities APIs are both shut down as of 1/2018. I wrote a python wrapper for the service which allows retrieval of both intra-day and historical equities data from The Investor's Exchange (IEX) devleoper API It really is a matter of preference. I have never been one that subscribes to the notion of just looking at one site especially as it relates to finance because over time the bias of the editors comes out and will affect the news that you see. Her.. BusinessMarketWatchForget bonds — here are 5 safe tech stocks offering dividends and growthThese established, well-known technology leaders boast staying power in all markets, writes Michael Brush.

Introduction IEX Cloud is a platform that makes financial data and services accessible to everyone. API Reference. The IEX Cloud API is based on REST, has resource-oriented URLs, returns JSON-encoded responses, and returns standard HTTP response codes Yahoo_fin is a Python 3 package I wrote to scrape historical stock price data, as well as to provide current information on market caps, dividend yields, and which stocks comprise the major exchanges. Additional functionality includes scraping income statements, balance sheets, cash flows, holder information, and analyst data. The package. To reiterate, the Google Finance API is no longer supported by Google so it’s undocumented and unreliable. Therefore, this API is best for private toy applications. Quandl offers a simple API for stock market data downloads. Our daily data feeds deliver end-of-day prices, historical stock fundamental data, harmonized fundamentals, financial ratios, indexes, options and volatility, earnings estimates, analyst ratings, investor sentiment and more. This post describes how our stock market data is organized. How to Import Share Price Data into Excel (with Yahoo! Finance) IMPORTANT: On 2 November 2017, Yahoo blocked access to the CSV API. No solution is yet known. Editor's Note: This software is non-commercial and for personal use only. No support is available. Yahoo! and Google both unofficially provide a free way to download stock quotes using an API

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You will be able to find many alternatives for the Google Finance API in RapidAPI’s extensive database. Here are some of the top Finance APIs on the Marketplace to use instead of Google Finance: With Yahoo Finance being taken down, so many that have come to rely on the API are looking for a replacement. We have a solution for those of you looking for an alternative API, and its coming from our very own @Rishi_at_Tiingo Google Finance API has been out of commission for quite a while, and it seems to have gone the way of Yahoo Finance. Fortunately, there are many other great options for programmatic traders who are looking for new public data endpoints. I can't imagine they're happy about people possibly using Google or Yahoo Finance APIs for similar purposes either (since most of the uses of market data APIs are probably for non-display use). There are plenty of alternative paid APIs out there that made switching easy. Hopefully others who had legacy developers integrate with the.

At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, the latest news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates to help you manage your financial life News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel The API follows a freemium pricing model, meaning the API offers a certain amount of API calls for free. It charges for more requests past the threshold.The currency layer API is free to use on RapidAPI. All you need to do is to acquire an API key from https://currencylayer.com/product and add it to the “access key” form field.

Yahoo data is not as clean as alternative data providers such as CSI. Some issues are: i) data for some tickers is missing, ii) incorrect data (rare but it does happen), iii) sometimes they fail to merge the price histories of firms that undergoe corporate actions (i.e. merger, acquisition, or changes in corporate headquarters) Last week I received an email from Quandl stating: On June 30, 2017, we will remove two databases from Quandl: GOOG and YAHOO. Unfortunately, the source data will no longer be available to us, so we cannot continue to offer it on the site. I assume that means the databases will be unavailable everywhere, Quantopian algorithms included. I've used that data via either csv or pipeline and have. Google Finance is often touted as an alternative to Yahoo Finance and works better in a few areas in my experience. First, it's less prone to instabilities and data corruption unlike Yahoo Finance which, on random days, spits out different data for the same security over the same period Yahoo Finance offers real time data for free and a fundamental statistics that are typically only available in paid services. Tip Ranks, that I have personally tested myself, when reviewing the Daily Fintech Index publicly traded stocks after the Brexit to identify those that dropped more than 10% and more than 7%; has limitations in the free version

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Now, the first step before writing any line of code is to understand how the Yahoo Finance API for Historical Stock Data is working, which implies to first learn how URL (Uniform Resource Locator) are built and used to access content on the Web. A URL is a Web address that your browser uses to access a specific Web page Google/Yahoo are only third-parties to provide you the historical data. Commercial Data. CSI Data: it claims to be the provider to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other resellers; Yahoo's providers here and notice the small writings at the bottom here; Educational and Research Data. Shiller Data about stock market dat

In Quandl, I found a good alternative. This post covers how to pull the end of day stock data from Quandl with our BFF Python. Before proceeding, the quandl python package must be installed The Yahoo Finance API is no longer available, so Finance::Quote needs to point at something else. Recent versions of Finance::Quote can use AlphaVantage as a replacement for the Yahoo Finance API, but individual users need to acquire and input an AlphaVantage API key. Pretty decent documentation for how to this is available at the GnuCash wiki Alternative to yahoo finance api Ask Question Asked 2 years, 5 months ago Active 6 months ago Viewed 8k times .everyoneloves__top-leaderboard:empty,.everyoneloves__mid-leaderboard:empty,.everyoneloves__bot-mid-leaderboard:empty{ margin-bottom:0; } -3 I am new to yahoo finance api. I am also a beginner investor. I always use yahoo finance api to keep track of my investment portfolio. But it does not work recently due to yahoo stopping this service. Will you kindly share any alternatives for me? Thank you. But, only very few brokers provide a good api and plug-ins for MS Excel or Matlab etc. Free Real-Time Data Feed. Now, there is a third alternative, which might be good enough for you: It is free and it pulls free data into your MS Excel as a real-time data feed

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At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life Finally, Tradier API offers a high-quality solution for programmers who want to trade on the same platform that they track stocks from. The Yahoo Finance API (Application Program Interface) used to allow fetching of the stock quote but it has been deprecated for use outside of their website. Google Sheet, with the GoogleFinance API, is now the only spreadsheet capable of fetching quotes. Excel is manual or requires add-ins Caveat: I have not yet used Alpha Vantage myself. The focus of my work requires long daily data series and for that Quandl (or, while it lasted, Yahoo) is better because (unlike Alpha Vantage) it provides both split-adjusted and un-adjusted data, which is helpful for tracking corporate actions etc. AssetMacro API is a Free, Easy to use Finance API, covering 120,000+ Financial and Economic Indicators and can be used as a substitute to Yahoo Finance API

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IEX Cloud is a game-changer for CommonStock and a cornerstone of our investment group-chat platform. Before IEX Cloud, we spent ten times the money and ten times the effort wrangling a haphazard mess of APIs. IEX Cloud lets us focus on building features that delight our users, making CommonStock the most powerful place to find, share and discuss the world's investment knowledge World Trading Data provides real time and historical stock data in JSON or CSV format through our API endpoints. Obtain real time prices for up to 500 stocks per request, or return over 30 years of historical data in under a second. Our services are 100% free to sign up to so you can develop amazing apps

IEX API Developer Terms. This document sets out the terms that you need to follow if you access or use IEX API data in your service, product, or application. 1. You are prohibited from distributing Investors Exchange (IEX) API data, which includes data licensed from third-parties, for commercial use Simple access to flexible and cheap fundamental and historical data! Stock prices start at $19.99/month. We offer fundamentals, intraday, historical and live data, dividends, splits and options for competitive prices. Our prices are low and the model is simple. You pay only for what you need. $19.99 for end-of-day data for entire world (60. BusinessMarketWatchThis is how much you need for retirement — and how COVID-19 will change thatAmericans need on average 70% of their pre-retirement income to live comfortably after exiting the workforce, but many do not have that much saved away — and the coronavirus crisis is about to make it worse. Workers who retire at 62 have a median replacement ratio of about 55%, according to the New School’s Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis. A replacement ratio is how much pre-retirement income a person needs to maintain her standard of living in retirement.

Like most APIs, it offers free public endpoints and it simply requires a key for tracking your usage.The official Yahoo Finance API was discontinued. Check out these other stock market APIs you can use in its stead.

After reviewing over 77 stock market data APIs, we found these 8 APIs to be the very best and worth Top Best Stock Market and Brokerage APIs include Alpha Vantage, Yahoo Finance, Schwab and more. In addition, you can import data and_ geospatial files for easy mapping. Excel VBA - Get Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance API - Duration: 21:49 This library provides some methods that should make it easy to communicate with the Yahoo Finance API. It allows you to request detailed information, some statistics and historical quotes on stocks. Separate functionality is available to request a simple FX quote I don’t know if it can still help but there is a API called **Quotient ** which allows to pull intraday (at 1-min level), EOD market (FX, Crypto, Stocks (US, CANADIAN, UK, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE), ETFs and Futures. It also provides earnings, dividends, splits and a lot others informations. Yahoo Historical Price Extract This free spreadsheet is a solution for share traders who relied on the Yahoo Finance historical price extract feature that was suddenly discontinued. You can use this new method in Excel to extract the historical price for any security from the Yahoo Finance website Yahoo Finance API ReplacementChange the date Google's lower-cost Pixel phones may have been revealed in FCC filings. Clicking on Market Data delivers a list of asset type to select from—stocks, mutual funds, options, ETFs, Google Stock APIDecember 31, 2010In Finance

The Yahoo Finance API is dead. Without prior announcement, Yahoo has abandoned their only remaining service that was clearly ahead of the competition. Many scripts that I've posted on this blog use Yahoo for downloading price data Their documentation does not disclose any limit to their API usage, and they have officially stated on their website that individual developers can make up to one hundred requests per second. This is much higher than most free APIs. Since Quotes::Finance fetching from Yahoo finance no longer works, it is an alternative. - fetch_stock_prices_for_gnucash.py Since Quotes::Finance fetching from Yahoo finance no longer works, it is an alternative. - fetch_stock_prices_for_..

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  1. Tiingo is a tracing platform that provides a data api with historical end-of-day prices on equities, mutual funds and ETFs. Free registration is required to get an API key. Free accounts are rate limited and can access a limited number of symbols (500 at the time of writing)
  2. After the refresh of Google Finance, I am in need of a Google Finance Alternative.The update is really a disappointment from a DIY investor perspective. Losing the portfolio was not a big deal but the new layout, new graphing and removal of some key data is a major let down
  3. Yahoo Finance - Yahoo Finance has long been Google Finance's largest competitor and is a good solution for investors looking for a portal-type website to research stocks. Yahoo Finance offers comprehensive company profile pages, a portfolio monitoring tool, a stock screening tool and news headlines for most companies
  4. Python wrapper for an unofficial Yahoo Finance API. Available data matches what is available through the different tabs seen through the Yahoo Finance front-end (Summary, Chart, Statistics, Historical Data, Profile, FInancials, Analysis, Options, Holders, and Sustainability). Also, Premium data is available to YF Premium subscribers. Tags: API, Finance, Asynchronous, Stock Market, Pandas.
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Alpha Vantage offers free APIs in JSON and CSV formats for realtime and historical stock and forex data, digital/crypto currency data and over 50 technical indicators. Supports intraday, daily, weekly, and monthly quotes and technical analysis with chart-ready time series. 100% free with unlimited API calls Stock Quote API Demo. Presented by MOD/Labs, the Stock Quote API is useful for determining the current value of a company's stock. The response of this API contains price information for companies traded on the BATS Exchange in the United States. The result set includes the most current trading price of the share, the volume of that company.

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Haha. You're being unreasonable. The data was free to start with. However, what Yahoo did wrong was to pull the plug immediately. At least give some warning so that the customers can look for alternatives before this nasty surprise. Now, everyone is left vulnerable and fighting in the dark against the market. bad bad Yahoo They also offer detailed instructions for getting started with their API for first-time users. This can be helpful even if you’re not new to programming, as it minimizes the amount of time spent fiddling with your code just to get a “HelloWorld” example up and running. Finance Quotes API for Yahoo Finance (Java) Website. This library provides some methods that should make it easy to communicate with the Yahoo Finance API. It allows you to request detailed information, some statistics and historical quotes on stocks. Separate functionality is available to request a simple FX quote

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  2. Barchart Provides Free Stock Price APIs for Impacted Yahoo Finance API Users News provided by. and intraday delayed stocks data offering Yahoo users an alternative to their discontinued API.
  3. The Yahoo! Finance app brings to you a combination of market and stock information, financial news hot off the press and access to your investment portfolios in an aesthetically pleasing package
  4. fetching data from yahoo. Learn more about fetch, yahoo, historical stock prices Datafeed Toolbox. I've tested several alternatives and found that https: with very similar format for Yahoo Finance users, API Documentation and even VBA Examples, you can find them in Knowledgebase. Also there is a https:.
  5. Their endpoints do require the use of an authorization token and API key, but this is the case for most APIs and shouldn’t be too prohibitive.

Finance and Google Finance are great at offering overall financial market information, stock quotes, and investment data. The nearly 10-year lead that Yahoo! Finance has over Google Finance shows For those of you that have used the free Yahoo stock download server URLs for years but then noticed that is hasn't worked for the past 2 months (a lot of people are upset as their software is built around this service) here is an alternate Yahoo URL (the Yahoo finance stock history page that allows you to manually download the data.

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Data alternatives - and alternative data - to use during U.S. government shutdowns. The US government shutdown ended on January 25, but with funding only restored until this Friday (February 15), analysts, economists, and other data-dependent specialists may be again in need of reliable alternatives Finance market data downloader +fix for Pandas Datareader's get_data_yahoo () This library was renamed to yfinance . For reasons of backward-competability, this library is importing and using yfinance - but you should install and use yfinance directly. Change your code to import yfinance instead of fix_yahoo_finance The biggest opportunity for investors in this decade comes from the signals buried in the data generated by the digital economy. Alternative data is the deepest, least utilized alpha source in the world today. Our Value to Wall Street. We Tap Into the Data Economy to Give our Customers Unique Powerful Insights Yahoo finance recently discontinued their API. I have been looking for alternatives. The ones I've found so far are Google Finance and Quandl. Google Finance was deprecated in 2011 but still appears to work somewhat. However, there is little to no documentation, and I need to pull dividend data which I was unable to find

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Google Finance kept things simple and to the point. It wasn't perfect, but it worked and that's what I also liked about it. Google Finance Portfolio Alternative (Paid Version) We don't offer a free version at old school value (not yet anyways), but our premium product includes Google Finance-like functionality with a whole lot more The API has no latency, the newsfeed is available via rest API, FTP, TCP, and it allows for a 1 API call per second. The website includes easy-to-use API documents as well. 2 For many years numerous Python textbook examples have used the Yahoo Finance API as a data source for stock information. With Yahoo's abrupt end to this free service earlier this year, people have. In this article, we’ve gone over the functionality of Google Finance, which is now deprecated and not officially available to the public. Browse 13+ Yahoo Finance API Alternatives APIs available on RapidAPI.com. Top Yahoo Finance API Alternatives APIs include Morning Star, Yahoo Finance, Fidelity Investments and more. Sign Up today for Free

Put aside the labels we are all pro-Bahrain For a Tolerant & Forward-looking Bahrain Bahrain's wellbeing is our shared responsibilit Their rate limit is fairly slow if you’re not paying for an API key, but they offer a high-quality paid solution if their product is appropriate for your goals.Under the Basic plan for the Yahoo Finance API, you’re allowed 500 API calls per month for free, then $0.002 per additional request.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. While MSN Messenger has been forgotten before Google+, Microsoft's MSN Money is a stellar alternative to Google Finance. It provides quick views to the headlines of all the relevant news articles, a huge range of data with different tabs (think basic price, range, market cap and more), and a range of information about different financial.

Filed Under: APIs Tagged With: alphavantage, finance, google finance, stock market, stocks, tradier, Yahoo Finance Buy-now, pay-later options are surging, and Afterpay is riding the wave. He had a piece of paper and said: 'This is $100.' Ripped it in half, the NBA Hall of Famer recounted to Yahoo Finance recently. Several banks dropped balance thresholds, advertise low- no-fees, and offer digital banking features like Apple Pay that capture the. And if you’re interested in further reading, RapidAPI.com has an excellent selection of Finance APIs & Stock Market APIs that can help speed up your research.

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  1. Google’s Finance API might have a lot of weight in the industry given its association with the Google brand. However, it has gone several years with no maintenance.
  2. Agent support is limited due to COVID-19 health and safety considerations for our employees. Visit this page for help with common password, account, Mail, and subscription issues, or try searching our help articles. For Yahoo account and Mail help, you can also use our chat assistant
  3. The New Investors. All Markets Summit. Australia Markets closed. -0.0021(-0.31%) Other trending tickers. Your list is empty
  4. In a previous post, I gave an introduction to the yahoo_fin package.The most updated version of the package includes new functionality allowing you to scrape live stock prices from Yahoo Finance (real-time). In this article, we'll go through a couple ways of getting real-time data from Yahoo Finance for stocks, as well as how to pull cryptocurrency price information
  5. Yahoo finance API seems to be the most popular since Google Finance API has been deprecated (have been discontinued in October 2012). If you want to try another provider, feel free to look at 96 Stocks APIs: Bloomberg, NASDAQ and E*TRADE article. Update 2017-11-02: Yahoo finance API discontinued and now ?, see our post to find an alternative

4. Yahoo Finance. The Yahoo Finance stock screener is very basic, but what it lacks in its depth of technical and fundamental criteria to be filtered, it gains with simplicity. Alongside ease of use, the free stock screener includes free streaming quotes, ESG data filters, and results include columns of popular Yahoo Finance fundamental data Yahoo Finance is simply an information and news site. It is a great resource for investing and I use it as one of my primary tools. There are many great online sites for stock trading. You can use etrade, scott trade, schwab, etc

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Discover, evaluate, and integrate with any API. RapidAPI is the world’s largest API marketplace with over 1,000,000 developers and 10,000 APIs.Alphavantage is another good alternative to Google Finance because it’s regularly maintained. It also has public documentation and an enormous amount of available data options tailored to your data-tracking interests. In general,Google Finance, Finviz, Marketwatch would make good alternatives. Yahoo Finance's real time data costs quite a bit, and would be hard for a startup to pay for using only ad revenue. Most people I know use Yahoo Finance, but only because its free. I think it will stay relevant for quite some more time It seems that after several changes Yahoo Finance closed their API forever. The API was closed on May 15, one month ago already. I've tested several alternatives and found that https://eodhistoricaldata.com the best one for those who used Yahoo Finance Get access to PitchBook's data feed or API. Integrate relevant datasets into your systems. Request public and private market data on demand: companies, investors, deals and more

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Yahoo Finance API Replacement. Google also offers a free finance API but, now that data providers are aware of Yahoo's redistribution redistribution, it seems likely that Google's service will be next. Google doesn't support the API, meaning developers can't get help when a call doesn't work or historical prices are unadjusted Their public endpoints are numerous, and they even offer an IPO calendar so you can track historical and upcoming public offerings for certain stocks. The Yahoo Finance API has long been a reliable tool for many of the data-driven investors. Many have relied on their real-time data-flow and have built neat trading applications. Tragically, one day Yahoo decided to discontinue their service and slapped a hefty price-tag on getting data from them


  1. The Yahoo Finance API is an obvious choice for replacing the Google Finance API. It’s one of the most popular and visited financial sites with extensive stock market data.
  2. See the complete list of world stock indexes with points and percentage change, volume, intraday highs and lows, 52 week range, and day charts
  3. This can push them to seek other Yahoo! Finance alternatives which is why I have put together this list. So, without much further ado, let's dig in. 7 Reliable Alternatives to Yahoo! Finance 1. Google Finance. Launched in 2006, Google Finance is among the best alternatives to Yahoo! Finance. Both Google and Yahoo! Finance are free to users
  4. Stocks Per Request ( real time API) Stocks Per Request ( multi single day history) Stocks Per Request ( stock search API) Full Real Time API Access. Full History API Access. Full Intraday API Access. Full Forex API Access. Priority Support. Click here to view advanced pricing plans instead. Do you have more questions? CONTACT US HERE
  5. It’s difficult to find any drawbacks to this organization because the service they offer is quite exceptional.
  6. Free your financial data. Data powers innovation - but only when it's accessible, flexible, and reliable. That's why we're shaking up the fintech industry with data that's meticulously cleansed and standardized, available in multiple access methods for developers and non-developers, and fully covered with free support for all customers

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  1. Yahoo! Finance market data downloader. Ever since Yahoo! finance decommissioned their historical data API, many programs that relied on it to stop working.. yfinance aimes to solve this problem by offering a reliable, threaded, and Pythonic way to download historical market data from Yahoo! finance.. NOTE. The library was originally named fix-yahoo-finance, but I've since renamed it to.
  2. Quandl brings together over 20 million financial and economic datasets from over 500 sources on one easy-to-use platform. One Single Interface. All datasets on Quandl are available via the same API, irrespective of who originally published the data or in what format. New Data Added Weekly. New datasets are added to Quandl every week. Need some.
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  4. Yahoo Finance (hidden) API December 22, 2009 greenido api , finance , yahoo 77 Comments I was looking for long time after a way to get some finance data from sources like: google, yahoo etc' without the need to parse long html pages
  5. Python SDK for IEX Cloud. Architecture mirrors that of the IEX Cloud API (and its documentation ). An easy-to-use toolkit to obtain data for Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Forex/Currencies, Options, Commodities, Bonds, and Cryptocurrencies: Market analysis (gainers, losers, volume, etc.) Stable documentation is hosted on github.io
  6. US Fundamentals and Stock Prices We price our data on a per-data-feed basis - you'll only pay for what you use. With customizable license options tailored to suit your needs, we ensure you'll get the most cost-effective deal for your use-case

ASX stock feed alternative to Yahoo Finance API - Investin

Yahoo Finance API was shut down in 2017. So you can see a lot of posts about alternatives for Yahoo Finance. However, it went back sometime in 2019. So you can still use Yahoo Finance to get free stock market data. Yahoo's API was the gold standard for stock-data APIs employed by both individual and enterprise-level users That cost may naturally lead a senior to look for alternative sources of funding for specific long-term care (LTC) needs, and a reverse mortgage may be one such alternative for seniors in a specific situation. This is according to SmartAsset's Rebecca Lake in a new posting on Yahoo Finance Yahoo's YQL. Yahoo's YQL stand for Yahoo Query Language. It's a query language very similar to SQL that lets users query their multiple web services using a single unified language so that users wouldn't have to learn multiple APIs. The information about the service is here. The YQL Consol Their rate limit for their free and public endpoints varies from 60-120 requests per minute, which should be more than enough for the vast majority of uses.

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