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Angry and hurt, a tearful Clara, feeling betrayed by the Doctor, tells him to go away. (TV: Kill the Moon)A year later, Oswin aided the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams in finding safe passage through the Dalek Asylum. She later wiped all the information about the Doctor from the Daleks' Pathweb at one point to save him from the Daleks in Intensive Care. The Doctor attempted to rescue her until he found her and discovered she was a Dalek. The Doctor explained this to Oswin, who first nearly gave in to her Dalek conditioning by attempting to exterminate the Doctor, then broke down over what she had become. During 2012 and 2013, the character is introduced as three different people with the same name. Each was played by the same actress. The first two incarnations die during the episode they appear in. The third becomes the Doctor's companion. While each one is different, the characters are meant to be seen as the same person. This sets up a mystery to be solved. Coleman took over as the show's female lead in the mid-series Christmas special. At that time, she was portraying Victorian governess and barmaid Clara Oswin Oswald. At the end of that episode, Coleman is seen playing a third version of the character. This character was from modern day London and was named Clara Oswald. Starting in the following episode, Clara Oswald travels as the Doctor's full-time companion. During her third introduction, she gives herself the nickname Oswin. It is a mixture of Oswald and win. I see someone already recommended my blog :) I also have a Wordpress blog which is very similar, but it's a bit more thorough and easier to look for specific things: Clara Oswald Cosplay Blog. However, on the Tumblr blog, I made a specific post about the easiest Clara cosplays because someone asked me and you can find it here

Despite her compassion and strong morals, her travels with the Doctor changed her, numbing her in a way to the requirements and challenges of a normal human life, such as when she declared Danny's death to be boring, (TV: Dark Water) or when she eagerly jumped on the TARDIS to witness the solar storm, forgetting her duties to her students. (TV: In the Forest of the Night) Some of the Doctor's inhuman traits rubbed off on her, especially in moments where she took on the role of the Doctor. She told Rigsy to forget George when he was taken by the Boneless. (TV: Flatline) When Clara used Rudy Zoom's mind and its absence of self-loathing as a weapon against the Umbra, she didn't know for certain if the plan would have worked but knew it was at least worth a try. The Twelfth Doctor, claiming that Clara wasn't aware of this, pointed out that she was "definitely" starting to think like him. (COMIC: The Eye of Torment) Her grief over Danny's death drove her to the limits of her loyalty and enabled her to betray the Doctor's trust for her own selfish reasons. In the end, she resembled the Doctor at his darkest, using her clever mind in a ruthless manner. Furthermore, she immediately regretted her decision afterwards, believing that she had betrayed the Doctor which he acknowledged although he assured her that it didn't make a difference. After this incident, she made a vow to never compromise her kindness and honesty to others ever again. (TV: Dark Water) Coleman was born in Blackpool, Lancashire. Incidentally, Blackpool is also the hometown of her character, the modern Clara Oswald, as revealed in Robot of Sherwood. She kept travelling inside the TARDIS, eventually arriving in an echo of the control room. She was pulled through to another echo room and reunited with the Doctor, meeting Bram and Tricky Van Baalen. The Doctor switched off the countdown to the TARDIS's non-existent self-destruct sequence but realised that the magno-grab had caused the engine to start malfunctioning. On the way to the "centre of the TARDIS", the four kept running from the time zombies and reached the Cloister Room, where they found out what the time zombies really were: them. The Doctor managed to trick the time zombies and make them fall to their deaths inside the Eye of Harmony. The Doctor and Clara ran to the heart of the TARDIS. There, the Doctor told Clara about her uniqueness, and about her multiple lives and deaths. However, they double-crossed the Doctor and used Clara as the vessel of Kali's spirit, mutating her into Kali's form; Clara retained awareness of what was happening. When the Doctor returned, he managed to help free Clara briefly from Kali's control, saving him from being sliced to death. However, the Doctor had a backup plan; he had placed his sonic screwdriver in the fourth sword and tricked Kali into destroying her power source. The vengeful spirits forced Kali out of Clara, returning her to normal. Borrowing a shirt from Priyanka, Clara and the Doctor attended the Festival of Light with Priyanka and her new girlfriend Rani Jhulka, a time-displaced Amazon from 18th century Africa. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

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The Doctor landed on the Pollyanna, the first of the Ninth Era sunships, which had been on an expedition to circumnavigate the Sun. Because the temperature was kept cold in spite of the Doctor telling Clara he was taking her "somewhere warm", Clara went back inside the TARDIS to change in warmer clothing, while the Doctor ran off without her. Clara met the boss of the expedition, the egotistical "handsome quadrillionaire" Rudy Zoom, and was shown the Pollyanna's flight deck. When the Umbra, a group of "psychic predators" who fed off self-loathing, began attacking the Pollyanna, Clara used the TARDIS to translate a looped signal Sandy Tanaka had been trying to decode. The signal was a message recorded by an alien scientist whom had created the Umbra. He said that originally, the Umbra had been a psychic fabric fashioned into a cloak which drained guilt. However, the Umbra gained intelligence and devoured his people's "spirits". In addition, Coleman played multiple versions of Clara Oswald from different points in her timestream in the mini-episode HOMEVID: Clara and the TARDIS. She also played an elderly version of Clara in TV: Last Christmas. Her 2013 audiobook, AUDIO: The Time Machine does not feature Clara; instead, she voices a one-off companion named Alice Watson as well as the Eleventh Doctor.

In 2018 she starred in the Australian drama The Cry. Her performance won her a Most Outstanding Actress Logie Award, a most prestigious Australian acting award. Like most companions, Clara's wardrobe varied, and after her first few adventures with the Doctor, was rarely seen wearing the same outfit twice except on occasions where one adventure led directly into the next. One notable exception was a leather jacket she began sporting in conjunction with her motorcycle riding. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) According to some accounts, however, she was also keen on a red sweater, blue skirts and dark tights outfit which she often wore during some of her more brief adventures with the Doctor (COMIC: Empire's Fall, etc.) She rarely wore revealing outfits, and opted for period-appropriate dress whenever possible. (TV: The Crimson Horror, Robot of Sherwood, COMIC: The Highgate Horror, etc.) Clara sent a video message to Earth, asking humanity to vote whether they should destroy the creature or not. Although the human race unanimously voted for killing it, Clara could not bear such a decision and cancelled the countdown. At the same moment, the TARDIS arrived back, and the Doctor took the three women to a beach on Earth. The creature harmlessly emerged from its egg, its eggshell dissolving without doing any damage to Earth, and laid another egg. He explained that the sight of such a creature being born would fascinate humanity and inspire it to pioneer into space and spread across the universe. Featuring Clara Oswald's last appearance and the 13th Doctor's first appearance. Notes: Originally written for a Doctor Who team challenge~ Fanfiction about Capaldi's Regeneration Work Text: His footsteps marked the heavy snow beneath him as he trotted the way to his big, blue box. The TARDIS sat on top a hill, whose barren land beneath had. She met the Eleventh Doctor outside the pub's rear exit on 23 December, and they examined a snowman which had appeared from nowhere. Clara then chased the Doctor down the street when he left. The Doctor locked her in his cab and ordered Strax to get a memory worm to erase the last hour of her memory. After Strax kept forgetting to put on gauntlets, the Doctor got the memory worm himself, but then a Snowman attacked, followed by several more. Together, the Doctor and Clara caused the Snowmen to melt by imagining them doing so, and then the Doctor told Strax to take Clara back to the pub. Instead, Clara followed the Doctor to a ladder that led to a spiral staircase which took her up where the Doctor had parked the TARDIS. After knocking, Clara ran back down the spiral staircase when the Doctor came to investigate.

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Here's the 'Doctor Who' Clara Scene We Almost Got in the Capaldi Finale surprise appearance as Clara Oswald. with Clara first and then says goodbye to glass avatars of. First Appearance: Into the Dalek. Most Recent Appearance: Clara Oswald. Bradley saying please - that's a wonder! One person is more amazing - harder to understand - but more amazing than. Clara Oswald made a speaking cameo appearance in Ben 10 vs The Doctor. She was portrayed by Angela Trimbur. Clara Oswald is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and portrayed by Jenna Coleman in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. First appearing in the show's seventh series, Clara serves as a companion of the eleventh and twelfth incarnations of.

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Clara remained angry at the Doctor for several weeks, but eventually, she realised that although she couldn't carry on travelling with him, she didn't want to part with him on bad terms, and agreed to make one final trip with him as "a goodbye to the good times". The Doctor took Clara to the space-bound recreation of the Orient Express, where they soon learned that one of the passengers, Mrs Pitt, had recently died. Theorising that she was killed by the mythical Foretold, the Doctor set off to investigate, while Clara followed Maisie, Mrs Pitt's granddaughter, to the luggage car, where the two got themselves trapped. Clara was an accomplished liar, which she occasionally used to her advantage, most notably when she lied to Danny about giving up travelling with the Doctor. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express) and she also lied to the Doctor about being reunited with Danny so that the Doctor would be free to find Gallifrey without being tied down to her. (TV: Death in Heaven, Last Christmas) She was also able to, for a time, successfully bluff a group of Cybermen into thinking that she was the Doctor by reciting facts about his life. (TV: Death in Heaven) She eventually got to the point of boasting about her lying skills, though her attempt to use this ability against Bonnie backfired. (TV: The Zygon Inversion) Despite her kind nature, Clara knew that occasionally it was necessary to not be kind. On several occasions she indicated a willingness to engage in deadly force when necessary, such as commanding a group fighting Cybermen, (TV: Nightmare in Silver) indicating her intent to kill Missy, (TV: Death in Heaven) being prepared to order UNIT snipers to shoot Missy during a later encounter, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) and she also once wielded a sword in battle. (TV: The Girl Who Died) In a rare documented example of her using deadly force, Clara, during a brief time when her mental abilities were augmented by the Doctor to the point where she developed a form of telekinesis, used said abilities to drop a chandelier on a Sea Devil, supposedly killing him. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death) The first Dalek introduced in the new series spared Rose Tyler after being infected with her humanity and who could forget Rusty, 9 They Were Originally Humanoid In Appearance. RELATED: Doctor Who: 10 Wisest Clara Oswald Quotes. In the season 1 finale, the Emperor of the Daleks used human contestants of gameshows to create a new Dalek.

Needing a fake boyfriend, Clara called the Doctor twice while he was orbiting a planet surrounded by the universe's most dangerous enemies. She convinced him to come but was shocked to find him naked, which he fixed for her by putting a holographic filter on her. Clara introduced him to her family, who saw him naked because he hadn't put the filter on them. Learning from Handles that the planet was apparently Gallifrey, Clara and the Doctor travelled there. When the Papal Mainframe arrived, the Doctor made Clara swallow a holographic projector to generate holographic clothes around her. Once on board, they met Tasha Lem who agreed to teleport the two to the planet. On the planet, Clara found a Weeping Angel. Surrounded by Angels, the Doctor pulled a secret key out of the wig he was wearing and summoned the TARDIS, saving them. He then flew the TARDIS to the nearby town of Christmas, where they learnt that the town was surrounded in a truth field. Searching for the source of the transmission, the two found a crack in time, and the Doctor realised that it was the Time Lords trying to return. The Doctor then explained that if he said his real name the Time Lords would return but all hell would then break loose. After learning that the planet was Trenzalore the Doctor had Clara return to the TARDIS. In the TARDIS, Clara inserted a device the Doctor gave her and was returned home, but grabbed onto the TARDIS as it dematerialised again. Soon, Clara and Ashildr piloted their TARDIS to Nevada and used its chameleon circuit to have it take on the form of an American roadside diner. Somehow, the Doctor found himself at the diner. Clara, dressed as a waitress, listened to the Doctor's story of what happened to her and how he couldn't remember much beyond her name and bits of their adventures together. Though the Doctor believed he would recognise her if he met her, he didn't and Clara was devastated. During his visit, the Doctor played a romantic melody. Hearing him play this tune, and realising she had lost the Doctor, Clara suggested that perhaps memories become songs when they are forgotten. With the Doctor turned away and distracted by his playing, Clara opened a door at the rear of the diner, and dematerialised around the Doctor, leaving him with his own TARDIS next to him and a message on his chalk board inside stating "run you clever boy and be a doctor." Flying off, Ashildr informed Clara that their chameleon circuit was stuck and their TARDIS was stuck in the form of an American diner. Clara's heart hadn't restarted and she realised that her death was a fixed point in time and she had to die. However, Clara noted that she was now effectively immortal so she had some "wiggle room". Clara decided to return to Gallifrey to have the Time Lords return her to her death, but to go there "the long way around", going on more adventures with Ashildr. (TV: Hell Bent)

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Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year Two #1 - Clara Oswald and the School of Death, Part 1; Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year Two #2 - Clara Oswald and the School of Death, Part By the end of Series 9, Coleman had become the longest-serving companion actress of the revival era, surpassing Karen Gillan by several episodes. Clara as a child (WC: The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel). Clara Oswald was born on 23 November 1986 (TV: Death in Heaven) in the Lancashire town of Blackpool.(TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Robot of Sherwood) She first met the Eleventh Doctor as a young child when she accidentally kicked a football at his head at a park.(TV: The Rings of Akhaten) She loved to attend Sunday school. The Doctor's previous companion, Clara Oswald played by Jenna Coleman, might return for a special appearance in the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special. The tenth season of the series seems to be off to a good start for Peter Capaldi's final appearance as the Doctor, having teamed him up with new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie

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This Doctor sees rich Character Development over the course of his adventures and overtime is shown to be capable of a deep love of many kinds. His first companion Clara Oswald, the first woman the Doctor fell in love with since Rose Tyler, is arguably the only woman who ever could be considered the Doctor's soulmate; he endured 4 1/2 billion years worth of torture for her, afterwards he. During a walk through a graveyard, a friend of Clara's tells her she doesn't like being in them because of ghosts, which Clara says she doesn't believe in. ("The Snowmen")

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Clara volunteered to supervise a school ski trip with Danny, so the Doctor brought her to the planet Isen VI, which they discovered being terraformed by Kano Dollar and his company Dollar Intergalactic. The terraforming woke up a Hyperion named Rann-Korr. Clara had to use a ski-pole to fence with Eric the drone, reprogrammed by Rann-Korr, and helped the Doctor to revert an area of Isen VI around Rann-Korr to its original icy state, freezing Rann-Korr inside. This was Clara's first encounter with Hyperions. (COMIC: Terrorformer) When the Doctor detected strange energy emissions in London, the chase led them to a comic book store where the Doctor was outraged to discover Time Surgeon, a comic based on him and Clara, even if Clara herself was greatly amused. When she turned her head however, she found that the Doctor had disappeared with the staff showing her that everyone was being absorbed into the comics. When Clara saw Luke being absorbed, she realised that the Boneless had returned and she led Molly back to the TARDIS, following the Doctor's instructions to use the telepathic circuits to create a spatial/temporal flux that disrupted the fourth wall and returned the Boneless to their dimension. After the Doctor had gotten his new friend Natalie a job, he turned to an invisible audience and told them to leave, to Clara's visible confusion. (COMIC: The Fourth Wall)

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In her apartment building, she checked her iPhone and saw that she had missed 127 calls from the Doctor. At the top of the building's stairs, she met Sandeep, a child who lived in the building. Sandeep was sad because he couldn't find his mummy and daddy. Entering his apartment, Clara found his "mum", who was actually a Zygon. She was then attacked by the aliens and replaced with Bonnie. (TV: The Zygon Invasion) The Doctor and Clara went on a tour of Snowcap University in Antarctica in 2048. While taking a helicopter ride, they learnt that one of the students, Polly Evans, had stayed behind at the end of term to join the classified Project Sub-Zero. When another student, Quinn Norton, who also a part of Project Sub-Zero, was killed in a helicopter crash the Doctor and Clara narrowly avoided being on along with Polly's father George, they returned to Snowcap U to investigate. Clara met a research graduate called Winnie Clarence, short for "Oswin Clarence". Winnie looked exactly like Clara and recalled dreams of living a thousand lives in a thousand places. Winnie overheard a discussion between the Doctor and Clara over whether or not this meant she was one of her splinters who was born to die based on a decision Clara made and ran off on a snowmobile. Clara tried following after Winnie but the two fell down a crevasse into an ice cavern where the missing students had been experimented on, engineered by Dr Patricia Audley to survive in extreme cold. Along with the spy Paul South, Winnie released most of the imprisoned humans from captivity. While the Doctor was out, the TARDIS demonstrated her antagonism toward Clara by deleting her bedroom and creating a holographic leopard while she was in the bathroom. It also created multiple versions of Clara simply to annoy her. (HOMEVID: Clara and the TARDIS) After this, he and Clara made an arrangement: he would pick her up every Wednesday and they would have adventures, but unlike his previous companions, she wouldn't travel aboard the TARDIS on a permanent basis as she had responsibilities on Earth of being a nanny. (TV: Nightmare in Silver) The Doctor is the title character in the long-running BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who.Since the show's inception in 1963, the character has been portrayed by thirteen lead actors. In the programme, the Doctor is the alias assumed by a millennia-old alien Time Lord who travels through space and time in the TARDIS, frequently with companions

Clara Oswin Oswald is a Time Lord/human/Anodyte hybrid from every planet the Doctor has visited in Ben Ten: Enter the Ultimatrix who wields the Chronomatrix. Contents[show] Appearance She looks similar to Eunice in Omniverse, but the hair is brown, and the eyes change color from green to brown. Also, her mouth is different. Her dress is usually red, and her shoes are usually brown, but when. In the long-running BBC television science fiction programme Doctor Who and related works, the term companion refers to a character who travels with, or shares the adventures of, the Doctor.In most Doctor Who stories, the primary companion acts as an audience surrogate.They provide the lens through which the viewer is introduced to the series. The companion character often furthers the story.

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  1. At some point, the TARDIS had been lost in 22nd century London and kept a boy called Simon safe when the city had been taken over by wolves. At a time when Simon, the Doctor and Clara all needed help, Simon triggered the TARDIS' telepathic circuits and the TARDIS materialised around the Doctor and Clara just as they were "about to be turned into toast by an Aaaraanandal slime beast". They took Simon out of the danger zone to bring him to his parents in Bedfordshire, before leaving in the TARDIS. (PROSE: When the Wolves Came)
  2. Coleman made her first appearance on the hit TV show as a variation of Clara Oswald during the 7th season's Asylum of the Daleks. She made her real debut in the 2012 Christmas Special of Doctor Who titled The Snowmen. Doctor Who returns to the BBC and BBC America in 2015
  3. Clara Oswald was an associate of the Doctor, and unbeknownst to them, once travelled to Narnia. Trivia Clara Oswald is based on the character of the same name from The Nutcracker and Doctor Who. First appearance: March of the Nutcracker. Appearances: TV: The Rat King,.
  4. At some point, Clara went to Baghdad in 1930 with the Doctor, where she met and befriended Amy Johnson. After an adventure, Clara bade a sad farewell to Amy, knowing that she wouldn't see Amy again until Amy's death. She soon found a loophole in that her body was never found and, thus, as Amy was drowning a few years later, the TARDIS materialised around her. The Doctor and Clara took Amy to Cornucopia. (COMIC: A Wing and a Prayer)
  5. Clara was acutely aware that one danger involving time travel was learning the circumstances of one's own demise. On at least two occasions (TV: Deep Breath, Listen) she became adamant that she not be given "a preview" of her death. From the time she was extracted from the trap street by the Doctor, however, she was thereafter aware of the exact time, place, and circumstances of her death. This had the effect of, if anything, decreasing her fear of death even further. (TV: Hell Bent)
  6. Oswin Oswald - now fully converted into a Dalek - struggles to accept that she is no longer human, before advising the Doctor to run for his life. Memorable scenes from Asylum of the Daleks.
  7. In 2012, Coleman also introduced the prequel, The Great Detective, and the trailer for The Snowmen, for their broadcast during Children in Need.

Danny Pink is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and portrayed by Samuel Anderson in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.He is a supporting character in the eighth series of the program, first appearing in the second episode, Into the Dalek.He appears alongside Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor and his storylines stem primarily from being the. Her curiosity once led her to learn the Doctor's true name, although she forgot it when the Doctor rewrote time. Clara was terrified when she was cornered by a mysterious zombie creature, and after the Doctor rescued her she punched him on the arm. She was shocked and devastated when she realised the burning zombie that had chased her was herself from an alternate reality. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) Clara blushing with excitement at the sight of one of her childhood heroes, Robin Hood. (TV: Robot of Sherwood)

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Clara's memories were retained by the Testimony which later created a glass avatar of Clara. As a Christmas gift to the Doctor before his regeneration, the Clara avatar restored the Doctor's memories of her. The Doctor was pleased to remember Clara again and before disappearing, the avatar ordered the Doctor not to forget her again. Afterwards, the avatar reverted to the appearance of Bill Potts. (TV: Twice Upon a Time) First Doctor Edit Susan Edit. Susan (Carole Ann Ford) was the Doctor's granddaughter.She escaped with him from the planet Gallifrey in a stolen TARDIS.From her grandfather, she has an advanced knowledge of history and science. Her first appearance was in An Unearthly Child.Her last appearance was in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.In that episode, she meets David Campbell (Peter Fraser), a young. Clara Oswald was born on 23 November 1986 (TV: Death in Heaven) in the Lancashire town of Blackpool. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Robot of Sherwood) She first met the Eleventh Doctor as a young child when she accidentally kicked a football at his head at a park. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) She loved to attend Sunday school, taught by a "nice lady teacher" in a small church room that smelt of oak polish and had felt-tip colouring on the walls. (PROSE: Into the Nowhere) Clara Oswald didn't really become an actual person until Peter Capaldi's first episode; unfortunately, by the time that happened I had already judged Clara Oswald too harshly. Let's get this out of the way: the Impossible Girl storyline was terrible When Clara was nine years old, her father, Dave, took her on a trip to a tower block near Southport with a restaurant at the top. The restaurant had a solid clear glass floor, but Dave assured her it was "safe as houses". Two lads inside the restaurant started jumping up and down on the glass, shouting they were going to break it in "language Dad later said did not suit young ladies". Since then, Clara was not very keen on heights, or indeed glass floors. (PROSE: Normality)

Clara visited the Obsidian Mainframe and attended the auction for various creatures. She was with the Doctor when the TARDIS was sold, and the Doctor gained a lot of money. They were then forced to travel "the normal way" to the Cornucopia's airport, where Amy Johnson lived. (COMIC: Pay the Piper, The Blood of Azrael) Oswin Oswald is a Black Black Tank companion with a combination of Boost and Gem Drop powers. Oswin Oswald is a Rare Drop in the level Harbingers of Bad Luck . Read more about this topic on the Tardis Data Core. Attributes Edit. Oswin Oswald has the following base attributes On another adventure with the Doctor, she spent too long in the Spider Mines and ended up with a Love Sprite crawling up her spacesuit. She was rescued by the Doctor, and they landed on Earth where they were captured by Vikings and brought to their village. Clara met Ashildr, a Viking girl, and they were transported to the spaceship of the Mire, where Ashildr foolishly declared war on the Mire and their leader, who was disguised as Odin. The Doctor trained the Vikings to fight against the Mire and used Clara's phone to record their humiliation and retreat. After returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor revealed that the Viking girl he saved, Ashildr, may have become immortal. (TV: The Girl Who Died) Podcast B041 Twice Upon A Time - The 2017 Christmas Special The First Doctor > The Thirteenth Doctor > The Twelfth Doctor > Bill Potts > Clara Oswald > Nardole > Cybermen > Daleks > Glass avatars Two doctors refuse to regenerate, then get into some scraps, then regenerate after all

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The Doctor and Clara landed on the space station Le Verrier in the 38th century, where the Morpheus pods which created Sandmen on board were used by Gagan Rassmussen, the creator of Morpheus, to put on a show for dramatic effect where he sent a video of the adventure containing an encoded message that could create further Sandmen out of the sleep dust in humans' eyes throughout the solar system by altering the humans' brain chemistry. Clara Oswald is a Red Green Tank companion with a Healing power. Clara Oswald is a 100% Drop in the level Fists of Arnickleton and a 100% Drop in the level (12th Doctor only) Death in Heaven . Clara Oswald is also a 100% Drop in the level Victorian London (Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1). Attributes Edi Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor first found Clara making souffles inside a Dalek, then later as a nanny in the 19th century, before bumping into the original Clara in his favorite companion hunting ground, modern day Britain. The mystery was solved in season 7's finale episode, The Name of the Doctor. The Great Intelligence hatches a scheme to. After several more people were killed by the Foretold, the Doctor discovered that the Orient Express was actually a trap orchestrated by Gus, the computer who controlled the train, to study the Foretold. Learning that Maisie would be the next victim and planning to make use of her death in order to study the Foretold, the Doctor phoned Clara and told her to bring Maisie to the lab, making Clara lie to her that the Doctor would be able to save her. Gus unlocked the luggage car door, allowing Clara and Maisie to the lab, where the Doctor admitted knowing all along, or at least suspecting, that this wouldn't be just a relaxing voyage. Clara realised that the Doctor had once again placed her in a dangerous situation. The Doctor was able to make the Foretold attack him instead of Maisie and, identifying it as an "ancient soldier being driven by malfunctioning tech", surrendered to it, allowing it to die. Having no more need for the scientists, Gus proceeded to remove all the air from the train, making Clara and the rest of the passengers pass out. The Doctor retained oxygen long enough to use the Foretold's teleport to rescue everyone on board. Clara Oswald is a companion of the Doctor, traveling with him during his Eleventh and Twelfth incarnations. She at one point jumped into the Doctor's timestream and was scattered across his life, saving him and dying time and time again. She also pleaded with the Time Lords to give the Doctor a new set of Regenerations

The Doctor and Clara travelled to a galactic auction in Earth's orbit where unclaimed storage was being bid on. One of the storage pods belonged to the reclusive collector Hyphen T Hyphen. When the pod was opened, a mother Rigellan Hyper-Kraken emerged and began killing everyone. Her eggs were jolted after being transported with the station's dimensional shunt and began to hatch. Clara helped distract the Hyper-Kraken along with the station's auctioneer as the Doctor safely transported the Hyper-Kraken, her eggs and the storage pods to a backwater world. (COMIC: Space Invaders!) The following is a list of Clara Oswald's appearances. Series 7 Asylum of the Daleks, The Snowmen, The Bells of Saint John, The Rings of Akhaten, Cold War, Hide, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, The Name of the Docto After Trenzalore, Clara became a school teacher, though she still travelled with the Doctor, meeting the Doctor's War and Tenth incarnations. She was with him when he regenerated into his twelfth incarnation, having encouraged the Time Lords to grant him a new regenerative cycle and continued to travel with him thereafter.

Because of her interaction with the Doctor's timeline, Clara Oswald met the Doctor in many forms, each time being born and dying. She met and saved the lives of the Doctor's first twelve incarnations (excluding his war incarnation). She noted, however, that he rarely ever noticed her. (TV: The Name of the Doctor) However, Clara realised that not all of these splinters died after saving the Doctor, and many lived their own lives. (COMIC: Blood and Ice) When alone, Clara would sometimes talk to herself. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Before the Flood) Clara Oswin Oswald, the Victorian barmaid/governess was originally meant to be the companion but was scrapped to a one-time only role since the producers wanted to have a more modern Clara for the audience to identify with. A lot of people did like that Clara, as did I, and they would rather have her as the companion than modern Clara 6 Have Grown - Clara Oswald. When she was first introduced in Season 7, Clara Oswald was basically only there to act as a mystery for the Doctor to solve. For the entirety of that season, Clara's character development was minimal at best. River's last appearance made the character condescending and even childish at times. 4 Have Grown. Let's tackle the Doctor and Oswald first. Clara is rapidly turning into the opposite of a positive and strong female role model. A jelly baby last made its appearance in Who under a.

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  1. The Doctor and Clara joined a rescue mission on Le Verrier looking for Rassmussen, but eventually got split off, until only the Doctor, Clara and Chief Nagata were left. Nagata apparently killed Rassmussen when he apparently tried to get the Sandmen to spread from Le Verrier to other planets and moons, and the Doctor blew up the station's gravity shields so that the Doctor, Clara and Nagata got past the Sandmen blocking the way to the TARDIS to get to Triton to destroy every last Morpheus pod there. (TV: Sleep No More)
  2. Clara was also a sidekick to Matt Smith's Doctor. She is the first companion to be killed off since Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) in 2012
  3. Clara implied that her feistiness was partly due to her home town being Blackpool. When questioned by Sheriff of Nottingham in 1190, she told him that "you can take the girl out of Blackpool". (TV: Robot of Sherwood)
  4. ently in 'The Pilot'
  5. g qualified, perhaps with the Doctor's help.
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  1. Clara returned to Trenzalore three hundred years after she left and found the Doctor middle-aged. The Doctor had been defending Trenzalore from various threats and revealed to Clara that this would be the end of him. Clara begged him to let someone else take up the job of protecting the planet, but he refused. Clara watched the planet's brief sunrise with him, during which Handles died and the two were invited by Tasha to return to the Papal Mainframe. There, Clara and the Doctor were led into a trap, as the Daleks had already taken over the Mainframe and converted everyone into Dalek puppets. When the Doctor threatened to release the Time Lords if the Daleks tried to kill him, Tasha took Clara hostage, and the Doctor claimed not to care if she died. Bravely, Clara declared she would die anyway. Using Clara as an example of bravery, the Doctor helped Tasha regain control of herself and she teleported them back to the planet after disposing of the Daleks.
  2. Clara later asked the Doctor to help one of her students, Evie Hubbard, with her homework. As the assignment was an imaginary interview with Winston Churchill, the Doctor decided to just take Evie to meet Winston and ask him his thoughts.
  3. She appeared to usually wear very little makeup; the Twelfth Doctor was very confused when she had put some on for a date with Danny Pink, asking why she had coloured her face. (TV: Time Heist) She also was seen to wear heavier-than-usual makeup on occasion while teaching during her times when not travelling with the Doctor. (TV: The Caretaker, The Zygon Invasion) She wore a variety of jewellery including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Dresses were her main item of clothing, along with tights, jackets and skirts. Early in her travels with the Doctor, she regularly carried around a red bag that sometimes held her keepsake book that used to belong to her mother. As time went on, however, she no longer carried the bag or the book with her.
  4. Unlike many of her generation, Clara did not have a tattoo during her "normal" lifetime, though she indicated to Rigsy that she was interested in someday getting a small and discreet one. This was just before taking on the Quantum Shade timer on the back of her neck, which resembled a tattoo. (TV: Face the Raven, Hell Bent) Aside from following the standard human custom of piercing her earlobes to wear jewellery, she also sported an additional "helix" piercing midway up the cartilage of her left ear in which she often wore a stud. The piercing became more visible after Clara cut her hair after the dream crabs incident. (TV: The Girl Who Died, etc.)
  5. Clara was not oblivious to her appearance and on several occasions acknowledged that she knew she was physically attractive, at one point accusing Madame Vastra of being attracted to her "pretty face" (TV: Deep Breath) and joking with the Doctor, after correctly surmising the origin of the Morpheus machine's name, "Oh yeah, not just this [indicating her face]". (TV: Sleep No More) On one occasion where she had the rare opportunity to view an earlier version of herself from the rear, she expressed approval. (TV: Listen) Ashildr also told Clara shortly before her death that she was as beautiful as she was in photographs she had seen. (TV: Face the Raven) She once caught the attention of Leonardo da Vinci and was the original model for his famous painting, the Mona Lisa, which would go on to intersect with the Doctor's life on numerous occasions. The Twelfth Doctor indicated to Leonardo that the likeness wasn't very good, except for capturing Clara's perpetual smirk. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)
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  1. Clara initially disliked the Doctor's TARDIS, calling her a "grumpy old cow", in reaction to the TARDIS' apparent dislike of her. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) Clara once confided to the Doctor that she felt the TARDIS was looking at her. However, she did try to be civil to the TARDIS, unless she was frustrated or desperate like when the Doctor was trapped in a pocket universe and apologised when she shook water all over her floor from her umbrella. (TV: Hide) She later kissed the TARDIS console when she thought that the TARDIS had brought her to the control room. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) After sacrificing herself for the Doctor on Trenzalore, (TV: The Name of the Doctor) Clara finally managed to earn the TARDIS' respect, being the only person apart from the Doctor known to be able to open and close her doors with a snap of her fingers. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) The TARDIS also extended its shields to protect her when she hung on to return to the Doctor, despite the fact that doing so slowed the TARDIS's travel severely. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)
  2. After Clara's death, the Twelfth Doctor continued to speak to her and ask her what she would do while he was inside his confession dial. He had hallucinations of writings on the TARDIS blackboard writing by itself and briefly, an apparition of Clara herself. She told the Doctor to "Get up off your arse, and win." A "very old" painting of Clara also appeared inside the tower in the Doctor's confession dial. (TV: Heaven Sent)
  3. While attempting to return Clara home, the Doctor accidentally took the TARDIS to Bristol, and the pair discovered that the TARDIS exterior had reduced in size. Staying behind in the TARDIS to investigate the effect, the Doctor sent Clara to look around and find the cause. Clara met Rigsy and his community service crew and learned that people had been disappearing in the area, with murals of them appearing on the walls of a pedestrian tunnel. On returning Clara discovered that the TARDIS had shrunk further, preventing the Doctor from getting out. However, the doorway was still large enough for him to pass Clara his sonic screwdriver, his psychic paper and a nanotechnological device that allowed him to communicate with Clara and see through her eyes. Putting the small TARDIS in her handbag, Clara set off to find the source of the dimensional leeching.
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At first I was dismissive of the idea because it admittedly sounded unlikely. Then I started thinking about Clara and the suggestions that she was too perfect, and held to big an influence on the Doctor's life. It still seemed rather unlikely until I remembered the Clara Who references and the quote Clara Oswald has never existed The thirteenth Doctor has been officially confirmed as Broadchurch's Jodie Whittaker.Peter Capaldi announced that he would be leaving Doctor Who back in January, 2017, and ever since then, speculation has been rife concerning who might take over control of the TARDIS, what age they might be; their ethnicity, and even their gender. The news was announced immediately after the Wimbledon Men's. Peter Capaldi was chosen to replace Matt Smith as the new Doctor and made his first appearance famously the episode in which Clara Oswald dies, which means the fact that she's saved from her.


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  1. Clara Oswald The Impossible Girl. Clara and the Doctor finally connect in the second half of season 7 in The Bells of Saint John. The doctor and Clara go off on numerous adventures. However, the mysteries of Clara's many incarnations does not reveal itself until the Season 7 finally, The Name of the Doctor. In this episode, the Great.
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  3. Clara Oswald was born to Ellie and Dave Oswald on 23 November 1986 in Blackpool. ('Death in Heaven')
  4. g true, the publicity from paranormal, wildlife and antique experts made Clara's fundraiser at the Halloween Fayre a success, and a few months later, Clara opened the Danny Pink IT Suite, which the Doctor was also present at. (COMIC: Witch Hunt)
  5. Ashildr Is an immortal character who travels with Clara Oswald while being an occasional friend and foe to the Doctor. Raised by a Viking society Ashildr always was destined to be a warrior, when an alien race pretended to be the norse gods, and all the best warriors were taken, Ashildr and the others in the town took up arms with help from the Doctor and Clara, just not in the usual way

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  1. Clara Oswald last edited by cloudguy on 01/15/19 01:11PM Clara made her first appearance in Doctor Who Adventures #314 with the story The Mystery of the Mould. She subsequently appeared in.
  2. But beyond that, just who is Jenna-Louise Coleman's Clara Oswin Oswald? Since her first wise-cracking, bi-sexual pepper-pot appearance - and death - in Asylum of the Daleks, the new.
  3. g of the Warsong by using a Sontaran osmic projector to send Bruckner's trigger mechanism through time, and Clara broke free. Rommel threw Bruckner into the Warsong, killing him, while the Doctor destroyed the "orchestra" of the Warsong by using his sonic screwdriver to blow it up. Afterwards, he brought Clara to the frost fair. (COMIC: The Instruments of War)
  4. Clara was among the billions of people across the world who had briefly become a part of the Master Race. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)
  5. After she escaped the Doctor's timeline, Clara could only remember bits and pieces of her echoes' lives. Some memories were more vivid, others she only recalled as dreams. (PROSE: Into the Nowhere)
  6. After Clara saved the Doctor from a marriage to a sentient plant on the "second most beautiful garden in all of time and space", they received a call from Rigsy, who had lost a day of memory and had a strange tattoo on the back of his neck. The Doctor and Clara found that the tattoo which was counting down was a chronolock counting down to Rigsy's death, because of Rigsy being accused of murder in the trap street. Clara willingly took Rigsy's chronolock to buy time, but this changed the terms of Ashildr's agreement with the Quantum Shade, and Ashildr was not able to remove it, because she had been cut out of the deal. Upon knowing the Doctor could not do anything to stop the inevitable, Clara told the Doctor not to let her demise change him, to be a doctor, and not to get revenge for her, and declared she would die and no one on Trap Street or anywhere else would suffer. The Doctor asked how he would cope with her death, and Clara replied they would both have to be brave. She chose to face her end on her own and wished the Doctor goodbye, trying to be as brave as she knew how to be. The Quantum Shade then flew to kill her. (TV: Face the Raven)

When emotional, Clara had the ability to make her dark eyes appear even larger. This was noted by the Doctor on numerous occasions (TV: Dark Water, etc.) and on one occasion, he immediately sensed something was wrong when he saw her expressive eyes during a video call. (TV: Before the Flood) At some point during her encounters with the Paternoster Gang, Clara learned the art of lockpicking from Jenny Flint. (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) During her time with the Doctor, she learned self-defence skills, as demonstrated when she used her fencing skills to defeat a robot possessed by Rann-Korr with a ski pole, (COMIC: Terrorformer) and when she stated that she had been learning tae kwon do after school, though she had little opportunity to display her skills. (TV: Robot of Sherwood, COMIC: The Hyperion Empire) She was later said to be aiding her students in learning the martial art. (TV: The Woman Who Lived) Clara also once used a sword in battle. (TV: The Girl Who Died) She was also a skilled swimmer, able to dive to the bottom of a lake to access the submerged TARDIS without breathing equipment. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death) Clara Oswald + is a Red Yellow Balanced Expert companion with a Healing power. Clara Oswald + is a 100% Drop in the level No Heal Gems: I Need A Doctor! (Expert Levels). Attributes Edit. Clara Oswald + has the following base attributes Clara planned to travel the world with her mothers book of '101 Places to See' when a family friend died and Clara decied to stay and support the family. She became a full time nanny to the family and looked after Angie and Artie. ("The Bells of St John") 

Illustration of some of Clara's echoes along with Winnie Clarence. This illustration includes the Oswin Oswald and Clara Oswin Oswald splinters. (COMIC: Blood and Ice)She used this new skill to hack the Great Intelligence's operatives, choosing "Oswin" as a username. She discovered their location in the Shard, before she was downloaded again by a Spoonhead, this time successfully. The Doctor had the entire cloud downloaded back where possible, restoring Clara once more. He invited her to come with him and she told him to return the next day and ask again. (TV: The Bells of Saint John)

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Entering the decaying TARDIS through a hidden passageway, Clara began to remember the events of a deleted timeline, in which the Doctor told her about her multiple lives, causing her to panic slightly. They eventually made their way to the Doctor's tomb, where the Great Intelligence demanded the Doctor tell him his true name. When he refused, River uttered it, and the door opened. Inside the tomb, the Intelligence entered the Doctor's timeline, rewriting his history, changing all his victories into losses. The universe began decaying, all the people and civilisations saved by the Doctor now destroyed. With no other choice, Clara did what she was meant to do, saying, "Run. Run you clever boy, and remember me", she walked into the timeline as well, scattering herself across time and space. This action projected her across time, creating many other versions of her that saved the Doctor time and time again. Meanwhile, the Eleventh Doctor decided to jump into the timeline as well in order to save her. Hearing the Doctor's comforting voice, she approached him. As they were just about to leave, Clara noticed an incarnation of the Doctor that she'd never met. This version was the only one to break the promise of the name "the Doctor". However, the stress of the experience caused Clara to faint, so she didn't find out anything more about this incarnation. Clara and the Eleventh Doctor then departed, with the mysterious Doctor watching them leave. (TV: The Name of the Doctor) The moment before her death, a later version of the Doctor had the Time Lords use an extraction chamber to freeze Clara in the moments between one heartbeat and another before her death and take her to Gallifrey. The General, believing Clara was there to help locate the Hybrid, tried to tell her that she was not really alive and would have to be returned to her own time to die after they were done with her help, but the Doctor overpowered the General and grabbed his gun. After the General refused to let them go, the Doctor made sure he could regenerate and then shot him, taking a neural block calibrated for humans with him as he fled with Clara. Clara Oswald: First and Last Appearance - 7x01 (Asylum of the Daleks) // (Twice Upon a Time) 4057 notes #claraoswaldedit #dwedit #clara oswald #doctor who #dw #moffatedit #dw spoilers #jennacolemanedit #jenna coleman #christmas special #series 7 #gifsets #echoes #made by tanya The Doctor and Clara arrived in a forest on a planet, where the TARDIS was stolen by dragons. Navigating to a nearby village, they learned from the Lord Mortigan that they were on a planet designed to resemble medieval times, with the dragons being the planet's natural inhabitants, which had been genetically modified. The dragons had been freed from being inhibited by inhibitor chips by a person known as the Dragon Lord, who aimed to wipe out the townspeople, having already killed the royalty. Although the Doctor declared his intent to leave and let the townspeople get what they "deserved" for enslaving the dragons, Clara reminded him that he shouldn't decide which lives were worth saving. The Doctor, Clara and the town's remaining lords set off to reason with the Dragon Lord. Along the way, they ran into a baby hatchling, but Lord Mortigan killed it, causing its parents to attack the party. The Doctor was separated from Clara in the chaos, and reuniting with Clara at the Red Castle, they found that the Dragon Lord had been killed, believing they would have been grateful to him for liberating them. The Doctor and Clara retrieved the TARDIS from the dragons' treasure hoard and left, calling rescue ships to evacuate the planet of humans to allow the dragons to live in peace. (COMIC: The Dragon Lord) "I think I'm more scared of you right now than anything else on that TARDIS." (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

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When Clara was attacked by a dream crab who slowly fed on her brain, she had a dream where she became an old woman filled with regrets. She turned down many marriage proposals, taught in every school in Europe and learnt how to fly an aeroplane. She was then attacked by a dream crab, and in the dream within the dream was a young woman who saw Santa Claus' sleigh crash on her roof. The Doctor arrived and invited Clara into the TARDIS, and they arrived at a base on the North Pole on Christmas Eve. The Doctor, Clara and the scientists at the polar base were again attacked by dream crabs and had a dream within this dream where Santa saved everybody's life. Clara told the Doctor that Danny was, in fact, dead, while the Doctor explained that he lied about finding Gallifrey. While trying to fetch a dream crab specimen for the Doctor to examine, Clara realised the specimen had come to life, and attacked her face, causing her to have a dream within this dream. In the dream, Clara had woken up on Christmas morning to an alive Danny, and the Doctor had used a dream crab to enter this dream. Clara assured the Danny in the dream that she would miss him for five minutes every day while for the rest of the time she would "get the hell on with it". Previous slide Next slide 12 of 24 View All Skip Ad Coleman made her first appearance as one of three of Clara Oswald's incarnations in series 7 Christmas special Asylum of the Daleks in 2012. The cunning handling of her introduction was praised by critics, seeing her make three appearances as three different characters before settling on Clara Oswald and joining the Doctor in the Tardis.When she started at school, Clara temporarily said goodbye to the Doctor and the TARDIS, so she could live a normal life for a while. Six weeks in, she began to regret this decision. (PROSE: Normality) Clara visited Tickle Town with the Doctor and was trapped in a roller coaster. She eventually escaped in the TARDIS. (COMIC: Welcome to Tickle Town)

Sometime later, whilst at home with Angie and Artie, Clara received a letter from Vastra laced with a soporific that took her into a "conference call". There, she learnt that the murderer Clarence DeMarco had said "The Doctor has a secret, you know. He has one he will take to the grave. And it is discovered," and showed Vastra the co-ordinates to where the Doctor's tomb was. The call was interrupted by the Whisper Men attempting to murder Jenny. River woke up Vastra and Strax, and the Great Intelligence appeared, using the face of Walter Simeon, to tell Clara that to save his friends, the Doctor had to come to Trenzalore - the place of his grave. When she woke up from the conference, River stayed connected. Using the telepathic circuits to get the co-ordinates, the Doctor and Clara went to Trenzalore, crossing the Doctor's timeline. The Great Intelligence was waiting there and wished to enter the tomb of the Doctor, a future, decaying version of the TARDIS. Clara tells the Old God about her mother's leaf that's full of history and full of "a future that never got lived". (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)Shortly after leaving Skaro, the two fell into a trap set by the Celestial Toymaker who sought the TARDIS. Much to Clara's horror, the Doctor casually handed over his ship only to reveal to Clara that he'd merely surrendered the Zero Room, allowing the Toymaker to have his peace. (COMIC: Relative Dimensions) At some point, Clara and the Doctor met novelist Jane Austen. Clara befriended Austen and the two would play pranks on each other (TV: Face the Raven) She once confided in her class that Austen was "a phenomenal kisser" (TV: The Magician's Apprentice), and later told Rigsy, "I love her," before teasing him with the statement, "Take that how you like." (TV: Face the Raven) While the Doctor recalled saving Jess Collins' life in Highgate Cemetery and having prevented the Corvids from being unleashed on Earth, he failed to remember that Clara was with him at the time. Jess mentioned that if it wasn't for the Doctor and Clara, Jess would be dead. The Doctor was also unclear as to who Jess was referring to when she asked him where Clara was. (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart)

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In one of her lives in which the Doctor did notice her, she went by the name Oswin Oswald. She once claimed that the first boy whom she ever fancied was called Rory, but quickly admitted that "actually, she was called Nina. I was going through a phase." First Appearance: The Girl Who Died. The Doctor, Ashildr and Clara ultimately defeat the very idea of the Hybrid, but not without sacrifice. Clara Oswald View Clara Oswald. Ashild

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Clara had close relationships with her mother and father, and kept the leaf that had started their relationship for many years after her mother's death. Clara had a great strength of character and was very brave and selfless, even more so than the Doctor at times. She was easily willing to give up things extremely important in order to save people she hardly knew. Although she was frightened of Akhaten, she showed great courage by standing up to it and helping the Doctor defeat it. She gave up both her leaf and her mother's ring in order to defeat the Old God, although she later got the ring back. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) Clara's selfless and loyal nature led her to make a huge sacrifice for the Doctor by jumping into his time stream to save him from the wrath of the Great Intelligence, even after River Song told her that her real self would die, leaving only echoes. The Doctor shortly thereafter jumped in to save her. (TV: The Name of the Doctor) Her selflessness was reflected by her echoes, especially her Dalek-self who brought down the shields of the Asylum, allowing the Doctor to complete his mission of destroying it and escaping with Amy and Rory. (TV: Asylum of the Daleks) The Twelfth Doctor makes a first, uncredited appearance in the programme's fiftieth anniversary special, New Series Adventures released novels starring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald in September 2014: Silhouette, The Crawling Terror, and The Blood Cell

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Rigsy later painted a memorial for her on the TARDIS doors, which included a portrait of Clara. (TV: Face the Raven) It was still there when Clara and Ashildr dropped off the TARDIS in Nevada for the Doctor, but the Doctor had now forgotten her. As the TARDIS dematerialised, the mural he painted disintegrated, (TV: Hell Bent) though some flakes of paint remained from the portrait. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) First appearance The Girl Who Died (2015) Last appearance Hell Bent (2015 The Doctor's companion, Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), a time-travelling school teacher from 21st century England, persuades the Doctor to save her. He implants Ashildr with Mire medical technology, bringing her back to life and making her functionally immortal. Believe it or not, The Bells of Saint John is the first official adventure Clara Oswald has with the Doctor. It might be her third appearance on-screen, but as far her influence over the Doctor's life and her travels in the TARDIS, this is where her story begins The Doctor arrived to investigate the pond that the former governess had drowned in and then rescued Clara and the children from the Ice Governess, who had been created from the frozen corpse of the drowned woman. He melted her with his sonic screwdriver, but the Ice Governess recovered and chased them down the stairs, where they met Captain Latimer. The Doctor claimed to be Clara's "gentleman friend" in order to explain his presence in the house before Vastra, Jenny and Strax arrived to help. Jenny trapped the Ice Governess behind a force field, and everyone hurried into Latimer's office. The Doctor quickly explained the situation and then told everyone to stay in the office and left. Clara followed and kissed him. The Doctor then confronted Dr Walter Simeon at the front door, who demanded that he give him the Ice Governess. The Doctor and Clara led the Ice Governess up to the roof, where Clara used an umbrella to pull down the ladder that led to the TARDIS. They led the Ice Governess up the spiral staircase and the Doctor tried to trap her under the cloud supporting the TARDIS. He then showed Clara the inside of the TARDIS and she commented, "It's smaller on the outside" before asking if there was a kitchen, explaining that she liked making soufflés. When the Doctor gave her the TARDIS key, the Ice Governess attacked Clara from behind. She dropped the key and was pulled off of the cloud, falling to her death in the Latimer's courtyard.

The next morning, Clara found a newspaper advertisement that called her the "Impossible Girl" and invited her to "dinner on the other side"... of the page, which turned out to be an advert for Mancini's Family Restaurant. Believing it was a message planted by the Doctor, Clara travelled to the restaurant and indeed found the Doctor there, though he denied leaving the message. Clara and the Doctor were taken down to the restaurant "larder" so that the droids could harvest their organs. After being separated from the Doctor, the Half-Face Man interrogated her with threats of death, but remembering what happened when she had unsuccessfully threatened her rebellious students, dared him to, calling him on his bluff and saying that if the new Doctor was really the Doctor, he'd save her. The Doctor suddenly revealed himself. She and the Doctor called the Paternoster Gang into action, and they began fighting off the droids. The Half-Face Man escaped, but the Doctor followed. Clara and the Gang seemed to be overpowered by the droids, but before they could be killed they all suddenly deactivated. Coleman made her first appearance as one of three of Clara Oswald's incarnations in series 7 Christmas special Asylum of the Daleks in 2012. The cunning handling of her introduction was praised by. Whilst trying to fix her computer in 2013, she visited a tech shop where a women gave her the Doctors number, which she called "the best helpline in the universe". This was revealed to be the Missy who set the Doctor and Clara up. ("Death in Heaven") Clara had strong control over her will, and during the time she was mentally linked to Bonnie, she was able to on several occasions physically manipulate the Zygon without Bonnie even being aware - most notably causing her to miss when firing a rocket at a plane carrying the Doctor, as well as making Bonnie send a text message to the Doctor without realising - and, during a direct confrontation, her will was strong enough to cause Bonnie to momentarily revert to Zygon form. (TV: The Zygon Inversion) She similarly used her willpower to try and fight off being taken over by the goddess Kali, causing the creature to momentarily lose control over her. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

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When left in charge of a group of soldiers by the Doctor, Clara showed that she was a natural leader, adapting to the situation very quickly and keeping the soldiers in line. However, she did seem unprepared for the possibility of someone disobeying her. She was a good strategist and could use anything available to her advantage, using a cable to electrocute the Cybermen in a moat, although this idea failed due to the Cybermen's ability to upgrade their defences on the spot. Clara was very protective of Angie and Artie Maitland and at one point even referred to them as "my children", suggesting that she considered them to be her daughter and son, despite Angie constantly pointing out that she wasn't their mother. Clara was also humble and had no interest in being the queen of the universe, gently refusing Porridge's offer of marriage. (TV: Nightmare in Silver) Her worst fear as a child was getting lost. While on a bank holiday visit to Blackpool beach her nightmare came true, her mother eventually found her.

Clara was five feet and one inch tall, (TV: Deep Breath) which was nearly a foot shorter than the Eleventh Doctor (TV: The Snowmen) and a "very similar" height to the Sontaran Strax, (TV: Deep Breath) according to her Victorian incarnation and the Twelfth Doctor, respectively. The Eleventh Doctor referred to her as being small, (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow) while the Twelfth Doctor said that she was "sort of small and roundish" (TV: Into the Dalek) and realised her legs were much shorter than her predecessor, Amy Pond. (TV: Deep Breath) Wolf made a crack about Clara's height being about the same as one of Santa Claus' elves when he said it was hypocritical that someone of her height would say a "racist" remark towards elves, to which Clara reacted self-consciously. (TV: Last Christmas) According to Clara, she was average height. (PROSE: Shroud of Sorrow) Upon seeing an image of Amy Pond for the first time, Clara was heard remarking in a mixture of jealousy and admiration about the length of the previous companion's legs. (HOMEVID: Clara and the TARDIS) During a brief period when she was taken over by the spirit of Kali, Clara temporarily grew to super-Amazonian height and grew two additional arms while her skin turned blue and she grew fangs. After returning to her natural state, Clara remarked that being tall was the only part of the affair she liked. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali) Clara was quite observant, being the first person to notice that the ghost in Caliburn House was always in the same position and easily recognising a romantic attraction between two people, saying that Alec Palmer's feelings for Emma Grayling stuck out like "a big chin". (TV: Hide) Clara's keen sense of observation made her the first person to realise that Sweetville had a chimney that didn't blow smoke. She was also very resourceful and could use anything to her advantage, as shown by her use of a chair to smash Winifed Gillyflower's machine. Her resourcefulness was even enough to impress the Doctor, who remarked that "chairs are useful". (TV: The Crimson Horror) Clara also had a knack for playing politics, as shown when she reminded Skaldak that he listened to her when she begged him to spare Grisenko's life (TV: Cold War) and convinced the Half-Face Man that killing her would not help him in the slightest. (TV: Deep Breath) Clara Oswald is a 24-year-old main protagonist in My Impossible Girl. She is from the planet Earth, and she is the Doctor's companion in his Eleventh, and later Twelfth, Incarnations. She is the only companion of the Doctor's to have met all of his Incarnations in person. She and the Doctor alternate narrarating My Impossible Girl in first person. In Doctor Who, she is first introduced as the.

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The Doctor found that the burn marks on Clara's hand had formed words: "BIG FRIENDLY BUTTON". The Doctor then realised they needed to go back to the point of the disaster and activate the magno-grab remote, which had caused the burn marks on Clara's hand before, to stop the field and prevent the disaster. The Doctor passed through a time rift to give the device to his past self, who successfully activated it, undoing the damage to the engine and making Clara forget about the Doctor's name. The Doctor did not want Clara to go searching for his name, because an important secret was connected to it. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) This adventure, although negated, was later recalled by Clara when the TARDIS leaked time energy. (TV: The Name of the Doctor) Has any Companion ever had a rockier road than Clara Oswald? Jenna Coleman first appeared on Doctor Who three years ago, airdropped in the middle of the final run of Amy-and-Rory episodes. She. Clara never adopted a "catch phrase", but she did have a tendency to use the word "Seriously?" as an inquisitive, often after the Doctor said or did something puzzling or unexpected. (TV: Time Heist, The Witch's Familiar, etc.)

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Wanting to raise funds for an IT suite at Coal Hill School in memory of Danny, Clara came up with the idea of a Halloween Fayre. However, few people had actually turned up. As part of the Fayre's witch hunt, the time traveller Miss Chief, intending to create mischief, brought the Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins to find Clara. When he did so, Miss Chief sent them back in time to the 17th century, where Hopkins captured Clara, in costume as the witch, throwing her into the water to see if she floated. Miss Chief saved Clara from drowning, and Clara later found a mob was accusing a woman called Agnes Leech of being a witch. Trying to save Agnes' life and prove her innocence, Clara was captured by Hopkins again. Clara and Agnes were framed as witches; imprisoned and left to starve and be deprived of sleep in solitary confinement until they confessed. 'Doctor Who' gives Clara one last plot twist in the season finale In Clara Oswald's last episode of 'Doctor Who,' the Doctor must finally learn to let go. Feb 29, 2020, 3:01 pm Clara Oswald was just an ordinary girl until the Time Lord known as The Doctor set out to learn why she was so extraordinary. Sucked into his weird world, she ended up risking her life to save his, jumping into his personal timestream and being splintered into countless different versions of herself scattered through his history until the now restored Doctor pulled her out. The Doctor.

At some point, Clara took tae kwon do lessons with the year sevens after school. (TV: Robot of Sherwood) The much-loved British science fiction TV show has garnered a cultlike following and can be seen around the world. Channel your inner Time Lord, and master this quiz Clara often displayed tendencies that led her to be labelled by the Doctor as "bossy" (TV: Nightmare in Silver) and a "needy game player" and a "control freak". (TV: Deep Breath) Clara took great exception to this after being told the latter, denying that she was a "control freak" several times, but at one point uttering "Nothing is more important than my egomania." While under the influence of Trenzalore's truth field, however, Clara admitted that she was, in fact, a control freak. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) This the a fantastic buy! Clara Oswald from her first appearance in Asylum Of The Daleks in bright red skirt and high top shoes with utility belt and the Doctor in his top hat/victorian-era clothes with Pocketwatch from The Snowmen! The perfect combo unit with 2 of the finest detailed figures! Doctor recommended

Jenna Coleman (born 27 April 1986) — initially credited in Doctor Who as Jenna-Louise Coleman — played companion Clara Oswald in Doctor Who, also making a cameo in Twice Upon a Time. Coleman later appeared as Bonnie in the Doctor Who television story The Zygon Invasion/ The Zygon Inversion and read AudioGO audio story The Time Machine with Michael Cochrane and Nicholas Briggs. Prior to. In one particular lesson, Clara decided to switch things up, proclaiming, "Normal is overrated," and brought her English class outside to teach them about tardigrades, in an attempt to give them a glimpse into the wonders of the universe. Once they got settled on the grass, she instructed them to look up at the sky for ten seconds, then to shut their eyes, count to five, open them again and tell her what they saw. (PROSE: Normality) Clara Oswald is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and portrayed by Jenna Coleman in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.First appearing in the show's seventh series, Clara served as a companion of the eleventh and twelfth incarnations of the alien time traveller known as the Doctor

The daleks first appearance in Dr Who was in 1963 with William Hartnell. It was the 2nd story, the first was 'An unearthly child' I loved the initial story - although there was something amongst cavemen in the few episodes of that weren't my cup o.. 'Doctor Who' Underrated Villain of the Week: Zygon First appearance: Last Christmas (2014)—season 9, Christmas special Twelfth. Companion: Clara Oswald. Last Christmas, I gave you. They quickly found that the Ice Warrior Grand Marshall, Skaldak, had been brought on board. The Doctor attempted to convince the submarine's crew to be peaceful to him, but Lieutenant Stepashin stunned Skaldak with a cattle prod. The Doctor ordered the crew to imprison Skaldak; Clara was sent to try and talk some sense into him, under the Doctor's guidance, but discovered Skaldak had managed to escape his capture and threatened to launch the submarine's nuclear missiles. The Doctor and Clara managed to make him hesitate his decision, and Skaldak and the submarine were rescued by an Ice Warrior ship. Skaldak left and remotely disarmed the submarine. The Doctor then confessed to setting the HADS, and found that it had sent the TARDIS to the South Pole; he had to ask the submarine captain for a lift, much to Clara's amusement. (TV: Cold War)

Published on Jan 12, 2016. Take a look back on Clara's story in Doctor Who since she first appeared on our screens in 2012 until she Faced the Raven... Goodbye, Impossible Girl! (By Jack Judge. This is the first appearance of Superman. This is the first appearance of Clara Oswald. This is the second appearance of the Doctor. He appeared last in LEGO Worlds Collide Prelude: Doctor Who/ The Hobbit - An Unexpected Episode. Watch the video here at LEGO Batman v Superman: Dawn of More Movies on YouTube The first face the Eleventh Doctor ever saw belonged to Amy Pond, the girl who waited over a decade for him to return and a further year before she finally saw the inside of the TARDIS

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In at least one lesson, she lost control of the class and tried to use empty threats to make the children behave. This was unsuccessful, and later this memory would help her when facing threats against her in a further adventure. (TV: Deep Breath) The episode marks the third appearance of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara Oswald, but her first official appearance as the Eleventh Doctor's new companion. The story focuses on alien time traveler, the Doctor (), searching for Oswald, following two previous encounters with her in different moments of time, dying in both encounters.Finding a third version in present-day London, he soon becomes. Plot Prequels. A prequel was released to iTunes on 1 September 2012, and to Zune and Amazon Video on 2 September 2012. In the prequel, a hooded messenger informs the Eleventh Doctor that a woman, Darla von Karlsen, requests his help for her daughter. The messenger provides space-time coordinates to the planet Skaro, home planet of the Daleks.. In addition, Pond Life is an earlier five-part. After leaving Danny, the Doctor realised that the dream crab had left no wound on either of them and everyone at the polar base still had the pain in a spot on the head, which meant that they were still dreaming. The Doctor, Clara and the scientists woke up, but before they left, Clara asked the Doctor how Santa could have been on her roof if he was a part of the dream. Ashley Carter signalled Santa with a flare to get them away from the dream constructs that were psychic representations of the dream crabs' attack, and as they rode on Santa's sleigh, the base's scientists, who weren't actually scientists, woke up in the real world. Inside Clara's dream as an old woman, the Doctor pulled the dream crab off her face while she failed to wake up, and he realised that he had arrived sixty-two years after he had last met her. As Clara told the Doctor about her life and the Doctor wished he could have come back for her earlier, Santa arrived, asking the Doctor, "How much do you wish that?" The Doctor woke up again, and pulled the dream crab off of Clara's face again at her home, revealing a young Clara. The Doctor offered Clara to travel through time and space in the TARDIS again, and she agreed. (TV: Last Christmas) Oswin Oswald is first seen in the first episode of the seventh series, "Asylum of the Daleks". She is the only survivor of the Starship Alaska. The Alaska crashed on the Asylum, a prison planet for insane Daleks. She has lived on the planet for about a year when the Doctor (Matt Smith) and his companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) go to the Dalek Asylum to turn off the planet's force field. They are trying to do this so that an army of sane Daleks can destroy the asylum. Clara communicates with them and helps them escape from the Daleks. She also removes all of the Daleks' memories of the Doctor. She helps the group escape and the Doctor tries to rescue her. He soon learns that she has already been captured and is now a Dalek cyborg. The Daleks had tried to keep Oswin's intellect. Because her mind could not deal with being turned into a cyborg, it created a fantasy where she survived as a human. When she learned the truth, Oswin was almost taken over by her Dalek personality, but in the end she still would not kill the Doctor. She deactivated the force field. Clara makes a final request that the Doctor remember her. She then lets the Doctor, Amy, and Rory leave the planet before it is destroyed.[2]

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7 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald was one the companions to the 11th and 12th Doctors. Her actor is Jenna Coleman. Her first appearance is Asylum of the Daleks and her last is Twice Upon a Time. I don't know why everyone hates Clara. Rose will always be my favorite but Clara is my second. She's Brilliant and I like her better than Amelia Pond There, they explored the markets and watched the festival. When Merry Gejelh, whom Clara had comforted and encouraged to sing the Long Song at the Festival, was taken by the Mummy, Clara and the Doctor saved her. In doing so, Clara had to give up her mother's ring, which had extreme sentimental value to her. To destroy Akhaten, she was forced to sacrifice something even more precious: the leaf that brought her parents together, "the most important leaf in human history". After saving everyone on the planet, they thanked her by returning her ring. After the trip, the Doctor dropped her back off at her house in London, which she remarked looked different. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten) But today it has been announced that former companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, will be making a guest appearance as the Doctor regenerates. Wow

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