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Hi all :) Ultimate Ninja and booster 1.2.8 compatible 1.5.0 version Dying Light recommended start a new game with 1.5.0 to work correctly for uninstall the mod : remove data in data3.pak in dying light game folder /DW PLEASE REPORT IF YOU HAVE DIVERS BUG 1.2.9 normal and apocalypse version : this is the lastest update for 1.5.0 Dying light , UNB 1.0 to 1.2.9 is the result of one month of work. Stinky Edge – On a blue motel northwest of the top building safehouse mentioned above. (Thanks Rafe Mofohoho) Dying Light features as set of 67 collectible items to track down across the city of Harran, split into three different types. Notes shed light on the game worlds' inhabitants, whether they're.

Dying Light Cheats & Tips for Xbox One We have 11 cheats and tips on Xbox One Bozak will appear on your map when you have completed ALL the poster challenges. Travel there to obtain the Exploding Throwing Stars blueprint, and kill the madman before escaping. The video below will show you the location of the posters The Blueprint is delivered by the explosion so be sure you pick that up! 20. Strobe Knight-- On the barrels on the ground floor of Eurynomos Bank. 21. Toxic Reaper-- Inside the Yellow Van in the Tunnel (next to a Police Van). DLC The following Blueprints are obtained only after you purchase and install the optional DLC for the main game.. Once you complete the Witch Queen side quest, Crane will receive this from Dahlia at the Black Serpent Bazaar. Crane must collect mushrooms for Dahlia at a cave to the south then bring them back to her.

Go out to the large parking area with buses and vans in the southeast portion of the map – to the northeast of the Museum safe zone. Find the white diesel truck in the southwest portion of the parking area and check the west side of that truck to find this blueprint in a container along the side of the truck. Get into the building to the south of Tariq’s Building safe zone through the south side of the building. Enter the room along the walkway and this will be on a desk with a laptop near an open window.

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Dying Light Resurrecting Canned Hellraid in Upcoming DLC: Apr 29, 2020: Dying Light Announces Crossover with Left 4 Dead 2: Oct 24, 2019: Dying Light Celebrates Four Years With Special Double XP Even While at The Cauldron safe zone, find a tall blue building to the southeast. The building is past the overpass highway. Climb up to the top floor of that building and you'll find this on a shelf in the dark room.

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Old Town is another area in Dying Light that you will get some side quests in. Some are easy to find and others are hidden throughout the city. This guide will help you find the quests and completeYou get some basic blueprints from the first skill in the survivor tree. If a blueprint takes a side quest to beat we also have those on the site. Enter the Harran University safe zone and go down to the bottom floor. Enter the room where you find Spike (from the Tower) and then step into the side room off to the left. You’ll find this on the counter to the right in that room.

Strobe Knight The blueprint is on a blue barrel on the ground floor of the building (after doing the sidequests for NPC called Savvy).Electrocutioner and Flame Blade The blueprint is at the top of a covered tower. There is also a rope using which we will get on another tower where is located the second blueprint. For Dying Light on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Need throwing knife blueprints please help The Dying Light Prima Official Game Guide includes: A spoiler-free walkthrough of the entire main story, including myriad side quests.. Our exclusive maps from the game developers chart the locations for all 200 Collectible Items in Old Town and the Slums—Antennas, Zombie Statues, and more!. A Skill-by-Skill Breakdown for Survivor, Agility, and Power abilities

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The original Dying Light was released in January 2015 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, and has received extensive support from Techland ever since. The game sold five million copies by August. Swim out to the small rock island on the far southeast corner of the Slums map. You’ll find a headless body with a sword stuck in it on the east side of the island. Move toward the sword to get a prompt to lift it out. Hold the button down until the meter fills ALL the way up (around 2 minutes of holding it) and you’ll get 3000 XP and this sword will come available to pick up. If you wait around, the body will burn (don’t stand on it or suffer damage) and the EXPCalibur blueprint will be left where the body was at.

In Dying Light, there are tons of those weapons, just waiting to be used. But to get them, you'll need some blueprints, string, batteries, chewing gum and a midget corpse. But to get them, you'll need some blueprints, string, batteries, chewing gum and a midget corpse Dying Light Blueprints Location Guide Look for the open area on the map to the southwest and you'll find the landfill (Exorcist). THX. I have all Blueprints in Dying Light and in. The road to hell might be paved with good intentions, but in vanripper’s Helltaker, it’s also filled with demon girls. Setting off on a quest to catch them all, should players enter its depths to… Unofficial Dying Light Interactive Map. The Slums; Old Town; The Countryside; facebook; twitter; Created by lordfiSh (orginal Code from witcher3map.com / untamed0) For the full list of Javascript libraries used, click here. licensed under CC BY-NC-SA. Dying Light logo, icons, map & text are the property of Techland and used without permissionTechland and use Dying Light is an open-world first-person survival horror video game and the Following DLC edition will take you to a whole new level. The Player needs to survive from the parkour-fueled zombies.

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  1. Throwing Stars – Last Blueprint you get form the “Survival Starter Kit”. You will need 1 Blade and 1 String to create these.
  2. - Some of these values are generated by the Dying Light Manager which I'll be describing next. 2. Dying Light Manager - This is a tool for launching Dying Light with various engine options that are not available otherwise
  3. Guides › Dying Light Pulling up your map is by far the easiest way to find these quests, and you can track your progress using the in-game checklist found under the personal statistics within the extras menu of the main menu. Using blueprints 100 times will easily come naturally, especially from the many med kits you will be crafting.
  4. Find the river to the north of the Northeast Highway Tunnel safe zone and follow it all the way to the north until you find a building off to the right. Run to the back of the building and open the green chest to find this blueprint. This location is in the far north portion of the Slums map.
  5. Guns in Dying Light are few and far between but can be found if you know where to look. Question is would you rather use a melee weapon or an assault rifle? This guide will help you find guns

This blueprint is inside of a box to the right of a green chest inside of a green train cart about halfway down the train tunnel. You really need to destroy the nest or at least enter at nighttime. Right hand of gloVA - the fourth step We have to put the stones into the eyes of the skull to receive the blueprint. Dying Light Easter Eggs Guide If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption Beat the game with Prima's free Dying Light walkthrough. Get your copy of the official Dying Light Guide now! A spoiler-free walkthrough of the entire main story, including myriad side quests; Our exclusive maps from the game developers chart the locations for all 200 Collectible Items in Old Town and the Slums—Antennas, Zombie Statues, and.

The map in The Following is twice as large as the two in Dying Light ­- although it is not nearly as dense. The new Nightmare Mode introduces a higher level of difficulty where enemies are tougher and night lasts longer Dahlia’s Shroom Potion – Completing the side quest “The Witch Queen” will get you this blueprint.

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Here is the list of blueprints that I've found in the Game in alphabetical Order. Please help if you find a (collectible) Blueprint which is not liste Dying Light - 68 Blueprint Locations - PlaystationTrophies.or Once Crane kills all the bandits at the end of the Goodnight Mr Bahir side quest, you will unlock the drug store as a safe zone. The drug store is located to the northwest of The Tower. You'll find this blueprint below a shelf to the left after stepping into the building - it will be to the right of a refrigerator.

Dying Light is a serious zombie game for the most part. Some of the requests made in side missions are a bit silly (looking for crayons for the kiddies, for example), but by and large, it's a dark adventure where people struggle to survive Part of the fun of Dying Light is using blueprints to craft some outrageous and powerful weapons, like an electrified bat or a flaming knife. Blueprints can be acquired by either completing quests. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by Mmorpg life DOO or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. The gosunoob.com content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of gosunoob.com

Despite being more than five years old, Dying Light just keeps on getting updates. The latest introduces a whole new difficulty setting for free runners who prefer to focus on the game's story.&#. Moltovs – Another one from the “Survival Starter Kit”. This one takes 1 bottle of Alcohol and 1 String. Stasis Field Projector blueprint. During the Rupert The Gunsmith quest chain, explore the Magic Fortress in Old Town to find a pink teddy bear in the empty room of the kindergarten, on the floor above Rupert. Activate the teddy bear repeatedly until it explodes to get the Stasis Field Projector blueprint. Weapon blueprints (The Following DLC

Statis Field projector – Old town, Rupert the gunsmith side quest, when you get into the “magical fortress” there is a pink teddybear on the top floor. Keep making it say “i love you” until it gets pissed off and explodes, leaving this blueprint. (Thanks Zauyrio)Pyza Suit On the building roof is located the chimney inside which is standing a green tube. After pressing F we will teleport on the obstacle course which we have to pass to get the blueprint.

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Complete the Electronic Parts side quest to get this as a reward. The side quest appears on the bulletin board at the Tower and it requires two electronic parts (rare loot) to complete. Conducting Liquid – Item store on the tall building safehouse with four zip lines on it. (Thanks Rafe Mofohoho) Released for the 5th anniversary of Dying Light, this bundle offers gear worthy of a Harran Veteran: a new character outfit, a new buggy paint job, and blueprints for three new weapons (a powerful yet fast shotgun, a gas pipe, and a sledgehammer). Dying Light - SHU Warrior Bundle Jan 23, 2020. The bundle includes a new outfit which reduces the.

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Dying Light Blueprint Map Old Town Get Ted'S Woodworking Plans (⭐️ Step-By-Step Blueprints) | Dying Light Blueprint Map Old Town Download Guides!!how to Dying Light Blueprint Map Old Town for Nothing online beat this website because all the free plans are set up to provide a step by step lesson with detailed instruction, helpful hints. Following the undying enthusiasm and engagement of millions of fans who continue to play Dying Light, we have decided to launch the 10-IN-12 program for our beloved zombie game. In the next twelve months we will deliver ten free DLCs featuring brand-new locations, mechanics, weapons, enemies, and story-driven quests alongside gameplay. Dying Light Blueprints, Blueprint Locations, Blueprint Guide, Blueprints Here you see (maybe all) 19 Blueprint Locations on the second Map called Old Town in Dying Light. One Blueprint is located. Like its hero, the wall-climbing, sewer-spelunking, city-hopping Kyle Crane, Dying Light has its ups and downs and is kind of all over the map. Techland, creator of the Dead Island series, takes.

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  1. Industrial Grade Leech – I bought this off a vendor at the Tower for 800$, it was his item of the day. This upgrade will make your weapons cause enemies to bleed.
  2. Go to the museum area to the south then get along the beach that extends to the southwest of the museum. As Crane reaches a rock wall along that beach, use survivor sense and you’ll find another unknown rock so grab it. There is a large boulder out in the water across from this pickup.
  3. This blueprint for this weapon lives in the North West of the map, on top of a water tower in a place called Jasmir's Farm. Once you've retrieved it you can rain papery death down on the undead.
  4. While inside of the Slums school during the Siblings story quest, this blueprint can be found in the second classroom on the right side of the hall on the top floor during the second time through the hall. After dealing with the soldiers in the library and getting the key to the basement, push the shelf out of the way of the door ahead then break through that door. A group of zombies will attack then another group of zombies along with a viral will attack further ahead. Enter the room where the zombies and viral attacked then you'll find this blueprint on the middle table.
  5. Firecrackers – This is also from the “Survival Starter Kit” You need 1 piece of Plastic and 1 set of Household Supplies to create these.

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  1. In the base game, there are 54 blueprints that can be used to modify weapons to increase stats and add various effects. Below are the existing mods available to modify with. When making a blueprint, please look at the requirements for that blueprint in order to craft it.
  2. The fishing village is on the east side of the slums map and the ferry harbor village is to the north of that village. While in the ferry harbor village, you'll find a yellow bus at the front. This blueprint is on a table behind a fenced area across from that bus.
  3. Expcalibur – Slums map, southern coastline, there is a rock off the coast. Has a sword in a corpse, pull the sword out, the corpse will set on fire, and when the fire dies down, the blueprint will drop. (Thanks Zauyrio)

Fastball Special – This was another Item of the Day at the vendor in the Tower for 800$. You will be alerted in the corner when they get new stock so check back from time to time. Dying Light has since continued to have an active community, but Techland decided to give it a little nudge with the launch of Dying Light: The Following, a brand new, full sized expansion pack. Find the group of houses on the docks to the southeast of the Northeast Highway Safe Zone and you'll find a house with this blueprint inside. Open the door then look on the shelf behind the door to find this on that shelf. This group of houses is to the northwest of the Taurus Gas Station safe zone. The biggest totally free game fix & trainer library online for PC Games [https://gamecopyworld.com

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  1. Crane will have to go to the Fan Zone building during the Fan Zone side quest and it is to the east of the Embers’ Tower safe zone. In the plaza area to the west of the Fan Zone building, climb the blue wall on the south side and you’ll find this blueprint in a yellow box at the top of that wall.
  2. Find all of the Dying Light blueprints across all locations with this Dying Light Guide: Blueprint locations. Crafting will be one of the keys to victory in Dying Light. In order to get the best equipment you will need to find the blueprints scattered throughout the city of Harran. This guide will help you find them as you go along!
  3. This is the second portion of Dying Light's map. At that point, you'll be able to fast travel between Old Town and The Slums, but only between them. You still can't zip between different safe-houses
  4. Go to the “Jump Drink” building on the far northeast corner of the map – to the northeast of the Djinn in the Jar Hotel safe zone. Run to the northwest side of the building and search the back of the yellow van to find this blueprint. This area has two supply drop crates near it that are guarded by Rais’ thugs, so you might have to kill them to get to this.

If you haven’t already done the Do You Believe side quest then you’ll need to go and speak with Mufid at Harran University. Either way go to Ishaq’s Building safe zone, which is to the south of the High Floor Apartment 2 and is the building with the music coming from it. Find the skull that sits on top of a rock in the first room then place both of the unknown rocks in the eyes of the skull. The skull will start to burn then lightning will strike in front of it and reveal this blueprint on the floor. Zombie Classic – Beating the quest “The Prodigal Son” will get you this blueprint from Alexi.

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The above map marks locations of the individual blueprints that you can find in the Old Town. On the map, you can find only those of the blueprints that you find during the free exploration of the game world. Apart from the ones marked on the map, you can also obtain blueprints by completing quests and challenges, as well as by buying them from traders. The update also comes with a number of additions, such as new outfits, blueprints, and a new live event. Dying Light's latest update is available for free on PS4 right now. Here's what to. How to Get to Old Town in Dying Light. The city of Harran in Dying Light has two main areas for you to explore, the Slums and Old Town. The latter is a picturesque location, with tons of old.

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— Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) October 23, 2019. As much as we would like to see a limited-time mode in Dying Light, we could just get skins as well however that would be cool as well. We would be able to play as Left 4 Dead characters in Dying Light however we would still love in valve would just release Left 4 Dead 3 Thanks to the Dying Light Developer Tools you can take the quarantine zone in your own hands to create new maps, tell original stories, and design over-the-top scenarios. Don't miss that chance to unleash your inner developer! Techland stated. Modders were a massive part of our gaming community since Call of Juarez 2 and Dead Island—and we wish to continue that with Dying Light, the. Dying Light Dockets Codes. 9.9K likes. I'm a fan of dying light and try to post on this page free docket codes for Dying Light to gain new Weapon's within the game and Video' Dying Light 2 Release Date The highly anticipated sequel to the smash-hit zombie-killing parkour frenzy, Dying Light 2, is still in the works, and Techland Games is keeping quiet about the gameplay, story, and world showcased at E3 last year Get the most powerful melee weapon in Dying Light and crush every undead enemy with ease using this quick Korek Machete location guide.. This completely unbalanced and overpowered machete was thrown in as a secret developer weapon. Similar unique blueprints were included in Techland's other zombie game Dead Island.Like those weapons, this one is pretty well hidden -- it takes some serious.

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One blueprint in particular is hard to find without help, which is the Dying Light Sick Bomb blueprint - requiring you to complete a series of tasks over 5 in-game days This can be found under a circular rooftop to the south of Embers' Tower (the twin tower safe zone where Troy is located) on the southeast side of the map. After completing the Office Outpost side quest, the electricity on the bottom of the building will be turned off and you'll be able to freely explore the bottom floor. You'll find this blueprint on top of some blue barrels across from the elevator doors. This is in the Dr. Zere Trailer safe zone to the west of The Tower safe zone. Find the trailer that Dr. Zere is in then climb on top of it and you'll find this inside of a yellow box.

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Run out to the far northwest corner of the Old Town map and search for the tall tower in that area. Get up on the walkway in the back of the tower then move into the top of the tower and you’ll find this on a small table inside the tower. Run to the far northwest corner of the map, labeled in the first few pictures below then find the tower along that hill. Get on the west side of the tower and find the piece of concrete debris that has fallen from that side. Climb up to the platform above that concrete piece then pick up the unknown rock from near the wall along that platform. Dying Light All Slums Zombie Statues Locations Guide shows the locations of all Zombie Statues Collectables available in the Slams area of Dying Light for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 1080p HD. On the map above, you can see the location of Zombie Statues in Slums. To locate the Statues, it is good to use Survivor Sense, but you can find. Companion for Dying Light is your free, one way ticket to Harran, the zombie infected city in which you managed to survive in. As a newly promoted scout commander, your role is to manage a team of Scouts - other survivors who are brave and swift enough to fight with the infected while gathering supplies and saving other survivors. Manage your scouts as they embark on dangerous missions

This page was last edited on 15 March 2015, at 04:25. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors During the Pact With Rais story quest, you'll have to get payment from Jaffar in the safe zone to the southeast of Rais' headquarters. After coming out of Jaffar's garage, this blueprint will be on a table in the garage to the right. This is labeled as "Jaffar's Building" on the safe zone list in this guide. Complete the Firebug side quest and Zaid will hand this over to Crane at Jaffar's Building safe zone. Jaffar's Building is located to the north of the Black Serpent Bazaar. Go to the far southwest building on the Old Town map – it’s to the far west of the South Old Town safe zone. Get up on the chimney along the rooftop and look down at the green metal device on the chimney until you get a “pull” action then perform the action to make a minigame available. Jump back on the chimney and choose to start World 1-1 on the Mario minigame. While playing the game, after hopping over the fourth green pipe, move around 7-8 blocks ahead then jump. Crane’s head will hit an invisible block that will appear above him. Jump on top of this hidden pink block to find the Pyza Suit on top of it. This suit will allow Crane to glide while you wear it. I am updating this as I go so check back soon for updates! If you know one I missed be sure to leave a comment so I can add it.

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Best Buggy Parts in Dying Light: The Following are a set of experimental military car parts which are scattered across the Countryside. You'll need to advance through the campaign in order to get them, and you'll have to get a special military keycard. They are all level 6, providing better bonuses than any other buggy parts or create a new account Register Sign in with: Neoseeker : Guides : Dying Light Walkthrough and Guide : Blueprints Location Guide Dying Light Blueprints Location Guide Edit Page 230V Area: Slums Location: Safe Zone to the north of The Tower Airstrike (grenade/flare) – Antenna map(After Old Town), search the coast underwater for a helicopter wreckage. In the pool of poison fuel, there is a crate, open it, inside you can find the blueprint. (Thanks Zauyrio) Dying Light's $20 DLC pass will be available for $20 across all platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It includes three expansions, featuring new missions, weapons, outfits, and more List Map. Redo search when map moved. Blueprints, formerly Community Action Southwest, is a non-profit organization that serves 20,000 residents in Greene County, Washington County, and West Virginia. Our 50 programs act as catalyst to mobilize the resources of the entire community, enabling families and individuals to attain the skills.

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Dying Light doesn't just resemble Dead Island in its setting or style, it repeats entire gameplay features. The focus on melee weapons is the same. The kick you use to keep the undead at bay is. Dying Light: The Following is the expansion pack that takes the core gameplay of Dying Light and morphs it with a range of new features: a vast new map to explore, drivable and customizable dirt. Thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the Legendary Blueprints effects + Locations. Airstrike Location: Story Mission Broadcast exclusive Map. While looking at the Infamy bridge it is underwater near the wreckage of a Helicopter. (Easier to see during the daylight after the mission is complete. The wreckage clips in the water Crane will receive this blueprint after he delivers the tissue sample of the bolter to Dr. Zere at his safe zone during the Siblings story mission.

Dying Light - Where to find Korek Machete Location Guide. This shows you how to get the Korek Machete, one of the best weapons in the game. The blueprints for the insanely overpowered Korek Machete can be found on a rooftop in the north of the Slums. You should get this weapon as soon as possible to make the rest of the game easier Used to block incoming damage (Biters, gunshots, etc). This variant freezes the target if blocked at the right time.

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Heavy Wielder – Chest at the back of a shack in the cove at the top most of map, the Slums map. (Thanks Rafe Mofohoho) Update, December 12: The second free content update for Dying Light is available now, with a Gun Silencer that lets you sneak up on your undead foes.As nearly three-year-old games go, Dying Light.

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Dying Light: World 1-1 Easter Egg, and the Pyza Blueprint (Hidden Blueprint) Techland takes us on a journal into our childhood, but don't worry we brought a map Dying Light Airstrike Blueprint Location. During the main mission Broadcast, if the player were to feel up to swimming during the storm, they may venture out into the water from the main shore line.Towards the bridge, they will find a crashed helicopter. Not far off is a crate, inside of which is the blueprints for the Call of Duty Air Strike perk. As soon as it is collected, the player will.

God Hammer The blueprint is in the room in the building's basement from which is going out a dangerous enemy. The map is far from complete, as I'm sure some blueprints are still missing. If you have any, post in the comments and I'll update the picture on the go. I've reposted this due to the picture having a certain spoiler to the potential ending and the previous post did not support editing Reach the Sports Court safe zone to the north of the tower, where Crane has to kill an infected runner during the First Assignment story quest and you'll find this on top of a box at the foot of the bed inside.

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Go to the Tower safe zone then go all the way up to the rooftop of the building. Search around the walls of the middle area for a checkers game that will be on a table – it’s on the opposite side from the entrance to the roof. Walk toward the checkers board and you’ll get a “Use” command. Use the checkers board and Crane will place some chips on it. You must reset the command on the checkers board by going down to the elevator and using it to go back down to the bottom floor of the Tower then EXIT the Tower completely (get the message “Leaving Safe Zone”). Once you exit the Tower, go back inside then return to the checkers board on the rooftop to be able to use it again. Keep returning to the bottom floor and using the checkers board and eventually the SiCK Bomb blueprint will appear on the checkers board. It takes a total of five moves of checkers to win the game, so you have to enter and exit a total of six times since the blueprint won’t appear until resetting the game following the winning move. It’s a very lengthy process with all the loading in between entering and exiting the elevator. Basically, Crane seems to be playing checkers with the guy near the checkers board and the guy doesn’t make his move until Crane leaves the building. Dying Light Co-Op FAQ.All the details you need to know!. A News about Dying Light and its co-op game features Blueprints in The Following. There are 14 additional blueprints that aren't weapon modifications. Below are the new blueprints available to craft. Techland will release select community maps for Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition on consoles, the studio announced today. The team will also be playing some of the very best.

Cloud9 – You find this in the University in the Old town. Go to where Spike is and in the room next to him it is on the counter. Dying Light The Following is filled to the brim with awesome and deadly weapons but few more so than the awesome Twilight Phantom or Master Sword blueprint. This Where to find the Master SwordFind the survivor (Faruk) that stands outside the tower (to the south) and escort him to safety and he will offer Crane this blueprint. He has to make some deliveries. Near the end, you’ll have to fight one of Rais’ thugs – he has an explosive barrel next to him so shoot it. Many of the enemies in this escort have some type of hazard next to them such as a trap car or fence.

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Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and The Following expansion have been available for less than two weeks and you're already bored. Bounties are completed out of habit, your buggy is completely. During the Searchlights side quest, Crane must climb the Infamy Bridge in order to collect UV lights for Alfie. The Infamy Bridge is to the northwest of the Fishing Village safe zone. When you reach the second set UV lights, the area through the doorway ahead of Crane will be a safe zone. Look above that safe zone and you'll find several platforms to climb. Climb all the way to the top of the pillar above the safe zone and you'll find this blueprint inside of an open box at the top.

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Dying Light - How to Quickly Level Up Survivor and Legend Level (Legitimatley) Written by Stuff 'N' Thangs / Mar 14, 2018 This is a brief guide on how to quickly level up your survivor and legend level if you are struggling on increasing them Surprise MFs!!! – You can find this at the top of the bridge. You need to go up past the safe house to the the very top and you can find it there. Go to the far west of the South Bar safe zone and find a tent that is to the north of a large warehouse. You’ll find this blueprint on a table in the middle of the tent.

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Every blueprint is auto-learned by this mod, including the limited time event reward blueprints. If you choose to auto-learn all blueprints, the C4 blueprint will also be auto-learned. If you choose to only add in select blueprint categories to be auto-learned, the C4 blueprint is included in the 'Throwables' category Go to the Kindergarten safe zone that you unlock during the Rupert the Gunsmith side quest – it’s on the northeast portion of the map and is marked with a door icon. Enter the top floor playroom (with no kids inside) and find the pink teddy bear on the stack of bean bags to the left. Keep interacting with the teddy bear and it will start to frown and say different phrases. Eventually, the teddy bear will blow up and knock Crane down then leave the stasis field projector blueprint behind. At the end of the Troll side quest, Rupert will tell Crane to come to his workshop. Rupert's workshop is to the west of the Embers' Tower safe zone. Go there and defeat the thugs on the west side then open the door on the west side of the building to get in. Speak with Rupert to end the quest and he will give you this blueprint. Korek Machete – Slums map, northern, same house there is a quarantine zone in, parkour up to the top, there will be a blue toolbox within a bunch of crates, kick it several times to open, and pick up this 500 damage weapon! (Thanks Zauyrio)

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Dying Light - Map for Daily Routine In the early games, you will only get a basic weapon. As you play the game, you will need more powerfull weapon or mod weapon that you can create or craft from a weapon blueprint. Skill points will help you to unlock many crafting blueprints and sometimes side quest or main quest will reward you a blueprint Old Town is the second area in Dying Light and in this guide we will show you locations of some very rare Blueprints used for crafting items in the game. There is a significantly smaller amount of blueprints in Old Town (compared to the number of blueprints in Slums area or one blueprint in Antenna area), but the power and usability of these. Dying Light featured it's own series of collectible developer blueprints hidden in secret locations on both of its expansive maps, so it's no surprise these Easter eggs are back in the Following add-on. The vanilla zombie parkour adventure also featured Super Mario 1-1 in 3D, and a Plants vs. Zombies tableau. We're hoping for even more Easter.

Home » Dying Light. Map with every Blueprint, Buggypaint and Collectible. Still work in progress Interactive map with all Collectibles in game. Multiple languages (in progress, scroll down) Mobile and tablet friendly. Easily link your map view to others, address bar is automatically updated with a permalink. Collapsible sidebar Get on the overpass highway to the northwest of the Drug Store safe zone and, while traveling north, find a bus that has crashed against the left railing. Get inside the bus via the hole in the top and you’ll find this blueprint in the driver’s seat of the bus. Area: Slums Location: Complete the Dulse side quest and Sophia will hand this over as a reward in the Fishing Village

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Right hand of gloVA – Old town, search the tower at the very north for an object called “unknown” (its frustrating to find, as it is invisible) and the beach south of the museum (castle, southern part of the map) for another unknown. Take this to the safehouse by the striped dragon hotel quarantine zone, and put the two unknowns into the eyesockets of the skull in the safehouse. This spawns the blueprint known as the Right hand of gloVA. (Thanks Zauyrio)Find the tall tower to the southeast of the Harran University safe zone and climb to the top floor of it and you'll find this blueprint lying on top of a stack of pallets near one of the railings. This is the same tower with the "Tower Run" challenge and you'll also have to go here to contact the GRE at the end of The Clinic story quest.

To unlock the new Carapace Armor, you need Hardened Carapace’s. This guide on Where To Find Hardened Carapace In Remnant: From The Ashes will tell you the location of special bugs that you must…Exorcist – I got this from an escort quest I did on the map. Basically the guy thought he was going to turn into a werewolf and I had to help him find supplies for his potion. After I did that and we got to the tower he gave me this blueprint. This is on a table in the back room of the power distribution building that Crane has to travel to in order to turn the power back on shortly after he finished setting all light traps in the First Assignment story quest. The building is to the northwest of The Tower and to the west of the safe zone that is north of The Tower.

Pocket Lighter – You can get this one during the side quest “Goodnight Mr. Bahir” which can be found in the Tower. After you clear out the bandits go into the drug store and look to the right of the refrigerator to find this blueprint. You'll find this at any merchant as an "Item of the Day" for sale. It will appear at a merchant's shop randomly.

Dying Light: The Following - Easter Egg Ending Guide

Medkit – You get this from one of the first missions in the game when you need to heal a survivor. You will be using this throughout the whole game to keep yourself alive. It takes 1 Alcohol and 1 Gauze. Guides » Dying Light: The Following - How to Find Twilight Phantom Blueprint (Legend of Zelda Easter Egg) Feb 26, 2016 Twilight Phantom looks like The Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series While in the fishing village on the east side of the slums map, find the workshop that is across from the building with two floors and this blueprint will be on the table inside. Crane will have to come to this village to find the second payment for Rais during the Pact With Rais story quest. If you're looking for the new blueprints from The Following DLC, take a look at our New Blueprints in Dying Light: The Following guide. UPDATE: We also compiled a list of Old Town Blueprint locations and Blueprint Location in Antenna area Dying Light GUNSLINGER find dawud a gun location 1 in map Dying Light GUNSLINGER find dawud a gun location 1 in map Dying Light GUNSLINGER find .\r\rDying Light gunslinger find dawud a gun location 2 in map Dying Light gunslinger find dawud a gun location 2 in map Dying Light gunslinger find dawud a gun .\r\rDying Light Walkthrough Slums Gunslinger PS4 HD Check part 7 actually get the gun.

In The Following, there are now 30 new weapon modification blueprints to choose from, and freezing effects can now be applied to weapons. Below are the new blueprints available to craft. Dying Light: The Following is a huge expansion to the already brilliant, massive world of Dying Light.This recently released content continues the story of Kyle Crane, the main protagonist of the zombie-action title Multilanguage interactive map for dying light with every blueprint buggypaint and more. Old town was a place for the rich but was also the first place struck by the harran virus. They will be seen when you come nearer to them. Custom interactive map for dying light including blueprints flags notes achievements and many more 230V – You get this during the “First Assignment” mission when you clear out the safe house. Look on the table near the bed for this blueprint. You can make Knives do electric damage with this one with the right materials.

Grill’em And Kill’em – Complete the quest “Lighter Gas” from the Tower board to get this blueprint. Here is a list of all found or Known Bluprint Locations Within the Dying Light in the Slums and Old Town. If there is any others that we have missed or new ones that has been added feel free to comment below and we will add to the List. Name ↓ Location ↓ [ Right hand of gloVA - the second step The second stone ("unknown") is on the beach which extends at the back of the museum.Electricutter – During the quest “Voltage” you will go to three substations to activate power for a part of the city. In one of those there will be a green box you can open and inside is where you find this blueprint. Dying Light Mega Guide: Cheats, Unlimited Money, Weapons, Health, Blueprints & Collectibles. A complete guide for Dying Light. Posted By Rashid Sayed They will be indicated on your mini map.

Go to the South Substation safe zone that you unlock during the Voltage side quest and hop over the southeast fence to the right of the safe zone building. The best way I have found to hop over the fence is to get on the gate to the side of the wooden platform with the ladder then move over it and hop inside. Once inside, you’ll find this in an open yellow box near one of the generators that is close to the safe zone building. In order to get out, climb up on top of one of the thin bars in between two metal pillars then hop back over the fence. The Swamps of Corsus DLC introduces a new armor set, Carapace Armor. This guide on How To Get New Carapace Armor In Remnant: From The Ashes covers everything you need to know to unlock this set…Angel Sword Blueprint – You get this for doing all of Rupert’s quests. Once you finish up the quest “Troll” talk to him in his workshop to get it. Looking to create the most powerful weapons in Dying Light The Following? This Dying Light The Following Blueprint Location Guide lists the location of all the blueprints we’ve discovered, their uses and how to get them. Below you will find the name of each of the Blueprints in Dying Light The Following along with a screenshot of its location. Note, the exact location is the same location as the primary player, the green arrow. Dying Light The Following Blueprints Locations will help you to upgrade to better weapons and gear. In this guide we will provide you in Dying Light The Following Blueprints Locations that will allow you to craft and upgrade weapons in the game. Many of the blueprints crafting items that you will be doing will be collected during your gameplay, so do explore to find various things in the game. While exploring the various apartments inside the apartment building during the Chasing Past side quest, Crane will eventually get the keys to the basement then go inside of a locked room and fight a cannibal inside. After killing off the cannibal, go inside the room that he busted out from and this blueprint will be on the workbench to the left. This building is to the northeast of the South Old Town safe zone and the entrance is on the east side of the building.

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