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  1. The P210 Legend also offers an improved manual safety, internal drop safety, side magazine release, custom wood grips and adjustable target sights. The return of the SIG SAUER P210 Legend will now ensure that many more shooters will be able to enjoy one of the world's most accurate and legendary firearms
  2. The 47/8 model supported easy change of the barrels between 7.65 and 9mm Parabellum and a kit to convert to .22 caliber. See Table.[3]
  3. SIG P210 PST 9MM 8R 5SS . Precision Machined Stainless Steel Slide and Frame - Upgraded Ergonomic Controls - Target Grade Trigger - Custom Walnut Grips - (2) 8 RD Mag - CALIBER: 9MM - FRAME MATERIAL: STAINLESS STEEL - FRAME FINISH: NITRON - SLIDE MATERIAL: STAINLESS STEEL - SLIDE FINISH: NITRON - MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 8 ROUNDS - SIGHTS CONTRAST: SIGHTS - TRIGGER: SAO - OVERALL LENGTH: 8.4 in.
  4. The ONLY SIG made handgun in history was the SIG P210. This is NOT currently made. SIG has NO firearms business. The SIG P210 design has been passed to Sig Sauer. In January 2107 it was announced that Sig Sauer will start making the Sig Sauer P210 model. There is NO Sig branded handguns made anywhere in the world today
  5. Sig Sauer P210 Legend Super Target - 6 version. level 1. 5 points · 1 year ago. Gorgeous. level 1. 4 points · 1 year ago. That is one super sexy gun. level 1. 5 points · 1 year ago. Gorgeous. But I am afraid to ask how much it cost. Got my first Sig today after years of Glock. 258. 36 comments. share. save hide report. 248. Posted by 4.

A couple years ago I had a chance to shoot a 2003 model known as the P210-5LS, which is a long slide with 6-inch barrel target variant, for the Ballistics By The Inch tests of the 9mm Luger cartridge A version of the P210 is still made although it is a quite different animal by comparison with the original classic P210’s. This new pistol is the SIG Sauer P210 Target and it is being made in the United States. This pistol has been extensively re-styled as a pure bred target competition handgun chambered for the 9x19mm cartridge.The SIG P210-4 was made for the German Bundesgrenzschutz border police. This model omits the lanyard ring and has a loaded chamber indicator. The pictured pistol is for sale by Rock Island Auction at time of writing. (Picture courtesy Rock Island Auction).

SIG P210-1: The first version chambered in 9 mm Luger and .30 Luger, with wood grips, fixed sights, and polished blued finish. The P210-1 was issued to the Swiss armed forces, and it was also sold commercially. p210 sig, pistolet sigsauer p210 super target 6, sig 210, sig 9mm micro scorpion forums, sig p210, sig p210 forum, sig p210 forums, sig p210 standard forum, sig sauer p210, swiss sig forum. Click on a term to search for related topics. Display Options: Showing threads 1 to 40 of 278

SOLD FOR: $3,300.01 Make: SIGARMS INC Model: P210-6 Serial Number: P 307473 Year of Manufacture: circa 1980 Caliber: 9×19 Parabellum Action Type: Single Action Semi-Automatic with Removable Magazine Markings: The left side of the slide is marked P307473 P 210-6 with the SIG logo in the center.The left side of the frame is marked P 307473 MADE IN SWITZERLAND S / F The SIG P210-5 was the sports and target model with longer 5 7/8″ (150mm) barrel. (Picture courtesy simpsonltd.com). Oct 14, 2016 - Explore Art_Locas's board Sig Sauer P210 Legend Target 9mm, followed by 4774 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sig sauer, Hand guns and Sig sg 550 The American-made Sig Sauer P210 Target model takes over where the Swiss classic left off. The author used to carry a P210 concealed for self-defense, which worked because of its thinner plastic grip panels. The P210 was originally built in Sig's Swiss Neuhasen factory before production shifted to Germany and eventually the United States

The 44/8 pistol was made with an eight round magazine, which allowed it to be made thinner and slightly less tall than its 44/16 sibling which featured a sixteen round capacity magazine. Both models 44/8 and 44/16 were made in 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm), although I have come across one source that indicates that prototypes were also made in 7.65x21mm (.30 Luger). After testing no less than eleven prototype designs the Swiss government settled on a refined design based on the 44/8 pistol in October of 1949. This pistol was designated the Pistole Modell 1949, otherwise known as the SP47/8. Notify me!

Sig P210-1 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol - 1952 C&R OK. arrow_back Return To All Sold Items arrow_back Return To Sold Fine European Arms. Sold For: $4,375 The current model of the SIG Sauer P210 Target is made in the USA as a purpose built target competition pistol. (Picture courtesy SIG Sauer). The P210-6 was introduced in the early 1950s, which indicates that the numbering system was thought up after the P210-5 hit the market. The P210-7 is a .22 rimfire version of the P210, although it is usually encountered as an add-on slide and barrel for the P210-5 or -6 P210-2: Same as the -1, but with plastic grips and a parkerized finish. Later Swiss issue pistols were of this type.

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  1. P210-5: A target version, with a longer 6″ (150mm) barrel and barrel-mounted front sight. Also uses a heavier frame and adjustable rear sight.
  2. SIG P210-5: The sports extended barrel version chambered in 9 mm Luger and .30 Luger, with wood grips, an adjustable trigger, a 150 mm extended barrel with a detachable front sight mount, adjustable target sights, and bead blasted finish.
  3. SIG P210-6: The sports (120 mm barrel) version chambered in 9 mm Luger and .30 Luger, with wood or plastic grips, an adjustable trigger, fixed or adjustable sights, and bead blasted finish, built on the standard or heavy frame.
  4. My SIG P210 isn’t black but brown and has a mag release in the side. It has black grips. I think it’s a 1989 version but I don’t know for sure. Can you tell me what version could have?
  5. For our firearm inventory only. Please contact or visit our retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability. Sig Sauer 226R9LEGION P226 Legion Single/Double Action 9mm 4.4. Sig Sauer 226R-9-BSS-CA P226 Nitron CA Compliant 10+1 9mm 4.
  6. Serial numbers starting with a P were made for private use. Those that start with an A are the property of the Swiss army. Those that start with a D belongs to the Bundesgrenzschutz issues. Those that have a P added to the rear of a serial number that starts with an A have been sold by the Swiss army to civilians. A stamped "P" (="privat") on the front of the trigger guard shows that a weapon was left as a gift to the owner upon leaving the Armed Services. Danish and German P210s have their own special serial numbers.
  7. SIG P210-6 SIG P210-6. OLI210. 32 15. Member. OLI210. 32 15. Post 5:27 AM - Feb 12 #1 2020-02-12T11:27. Saw a classified with a 210-6 for sale recently. I immediately contacted the seller in writing and he called me the next morning. He had several enquiries but got in touch with me since I was first. Sometimes you have to be quick

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  1. The Sig Sauer P210A Target pistol is a fresh design based off the original Swiss P210 which entered production in 1947.Starting with a machined stainless steel frame and slide, this competition pistol offers match-grade components and ergonomic grips. The single action only trigger is light with a crisp break
  2. Sig Sauer GmbH is the German representative of Switzerland-based manufacturing firm Swiss Arms AG.Their firearms are some of the most accurate and reliable weapons available, and are trusted by countless military and law enforcement agencies across the globe
  3. SIG P210-6 - Z34672. SKU: Z34672 $3,250.00. SWISS - SIG 210. $3,250.00. SKU: Z34672 Caliber: 9mm Luger Action: Semi-automatic FirearmType: Pistol LicenseType: FFL. Current Stock: 1. Call To Purchase Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Also on Saturday from 1:00 - 6:00 pm. We hope this will continue to have exactly the firearm you are expecting.
  4. SIG has been going crazy with new releases, lately, and one of the most anticipated new pistols is the USA-made P210. Based on the original P210, it's downsized for carrying. True Pearce sat down with a product manager during SIG's range day at SHOT Show 2020

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SIG Sauer P210 Legend series: In 2010 SIG Sauer introduced a new version called the P210 Legend, now manufactured in SIG Sauer's Mastershop facility in Eckernförde, Germany instead of the traditional SIG plant in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland. While the general profile of original P210 design was followed for the new gun, SIG Sauer this time around chose to use a button-style, frame magazine catch, an elongated 'beavertail' shaped similar to those found on 1911 and SIG Sauer Elite pistols, more extensive use of stainless steel, as well update of other features and specifications. Two versions were originally offered at launch: a fixed sight base model and the Target version that comes with an adjustable rear sight. A limited run collector's variant of the basic model was also offered at launch; referred to as the First Edition, this version consisted of a sequentially numbered run to a total number of 210 examples featuring ornate engraving and metal inlay. In 2012, SIG Sauer introduced a new variant of P210 Legend, called the Super Target, which featured additional modifications such as an extended barrel length to 6 inches, control reconfiguration to a 1911-style thumb safety and wood grips with integral magwell funneling. In 2013 SIG Sauer introduced the Silver series of the P210 Legend, which consists of the existing Legend models finished in silver colored PVD instead of the standard proprietary Nitron finish that is commonly used on SIG Sauer handguns. Jon Branch is the founder and senior editor of Revivaler and has written a significant number of articles for various publications including official Buying Guides for eBay, classic car articles for Hagerty, magazine articles for both the Australian Shooters Journal and the Australian Shooter, and he’s a long time contributor to Silodrome. SIG M/49 (SIG P210 DK): Text only available in German: Weitere Links zu SIG P210 auf dieser Website: SIG P210-1 und SIG P210-2 Schweizer Armee (Pistole 49, P49) SIG P210-1 und SIG P210-2, Polizei.. The SIG P210 has stood the test of time and remains one of the world's great handguns. The thing that the SIG P210 excels at is accuracy. In a close quarters combat at 7 yards situation you won't notice just what a tack-driver this pistol is, but put the paper way out at 50 yards and the P210 comes into its own and simply shines The P210 is a further development of the French Mle 35A pistol. It is a single action pistol that uses short recoil operation. It is made out of steel, with the exception of the grip plates which can be either wood or plastic. The P210 is a high quality pistol and expensive to produce since the slide and frame are machined from blocks of steel

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  1. Description: Sig P210-6 Hvy frame, Target sights New in box , The classic Sig P210 9mm, one of the best in the world shooting pistol, This is the Pistol that so many latter pistol, have some of this sig design in there family tree, Only pistol That I ever shoot that gave a great group at 50 and 100 yards, and Then I used the P210-5 Target. Read Mor
  2. Owing to the omission of the stud that retained the slide catch lever spring in the frame of the SIG P210, there is no simple way to cure this defect in its successor. For the P210 Legend owners, floppy controls are here to stay. 6. The lateral magazine catch button (#4) follows the pattern set by the SAN P210-6S and P210-5LS
  3. 6/1/18 - This is a rare Sig P210-6 Target Model in original box. It is in 'like new' condition with no notable flaws, and comes with two total factory magazines. This is a special series for high ranking police officials, referred to as stealth because the usually bright metal trigger, slide stop and hammer are all in the black
  4. A SIG Sauer P210-A target model taken at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa., USA, Made in Exeter, N.H., USA
  5. Tough one. For most purposes I'd not hesitate to choose a Swiss P210 over most premium 1911s. However I do covet the fit, finish and superb quality of Bill Wilson's creations and if I were choosing a defensive carry gun out of the two (HAH!Fat chance for this thumb-safety averse Glock guy) I'd pick a 1911, specifically WC's EDC X9.Another one of those was transferred in by a customer recently.
  6. The SIG P210-7 was the .22lr rimfire model. Note the slide has been lightened by removing steel from the top of the slide above the grip. (Picture courtesy modernfirearms.net).

SIG P210-4: The German border guards Bundesgrenzschutz issue chambered in 9 mm Luger, a modified version of the P210-2 that omits the lanyard loop and includes a loaded chamber indicator. Serial numbers are D 0001 to D 5000. (Note: You can find the above pictured pistol for sale by Simpson Ltd. if you click here. Simpson Ltd have a number of P210 pistols for sale as well as other makes). I've got this cased P210-6 set from 1967. Its got the matching 30 Luger barrel and entire rimfire upper assembly from the -7 series, plus test targets for all calibers. Extremely rare set, as I only ever saw one other one for sale with the same case and grips The P210-DK was the version of the M/1949 made for the Danish military. It remains in service with them after 60 years of service and still going strong. The caliber of all these pistols is 9x19mm. These pistols are normally issued to officers, military police, and special forces. Retail Price: $ 1,479.99. Used Value: $ 1,198.79. Sale Value: $ 0.00. Sig Sauer P210 9mm 5 Target Black Pistol 210A-8-TGT. Sig Sauer is known for their high quality pistols and with the Sig Sauer P210 Semi Auto Pistols you can be assured that your personal and protection needs are met. The Sig Sauer P210, the timeless pistol of the Swiss Army.

The SIG P210 (Swiss Army designation Pistole 49) is a locked breech self loading, semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured in Neuhausen am Rheinfall (Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland) by SIG.The former SIG P210 model is now the SIG Sauer P210.. It is of all-steel construction chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum and 7.65×21mm Parabellum Last weekend I was fortunate in being able to add to the collection a most surprising and usual pistol -- A Swiss SIG P 210-6 with Swedish 'Tre Kroner' military markings. As I have been informed, in the late 1960's and early 1970's the Swedish military found that the m/07 and m/40 pistols, which were currently in the inventory at that time, were not adequate for marksmanship competition

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  1. The lock up is changed, but I don't think SIG USA attempted to reinvent the wheel with the mechanical design of the new guns. Everything, other than the barrel/slide lock up design, seems very similar, and familiar, to me. For instance, the P210A slide effortlessly slides on my P210-6 frame, and fits just as precisely as the original slide
  2. The P210-3 was a limited order police pistol made for the police forces of Basel, Lausanne and Glarus. These have small differences by comparison with the Model 49 (P210-1) having no lanyard ring and being finished in polished blue. These are a rare version of the P210 there having been only 900 made. They were made in both 7.65x21mm and 9x19mm.
  3. They have a SIG 210 kit with three springs and the guide rod. I sent them an email asking about the fit to the new SIG P210 A Target model. I'll post their reply when I get it. I did not mention your name, their product is listed as fitting SIG SAUER P 210 Legend-Target-Super Target, I've got to assume that is what you have
  4. Jon has done radio, television, magazine and newspaper interviews on various issues, and has traveled extensively, having lived in Britain, Australia, China and Hong Kong. His travels have taken him to Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan and a number of other countries. He has studied the Japanese sword arts and has a long history of involvement in the shooting sports, which has included authoring submissions to government on various firearms related issues and assisting in the design and establishment of shooting ranges.
  5. SIG P210-3: The Swiss police version chambered in 9 mm Luger and .30 Luger, with wood grips, fixed sights, and polished blued finish. Have been built only 900 specimen for the police of Basel, Lausanne, Glarus and a few units for sale to private individuals.
  6. The timeless P210® has been called back to duty. Originally commissioned by the Swiss Army, this legendary sidearm offers the same exceptional accuracy and reliability of the original—with modern enhancements. Discover why many consider it the fi nest service pistol ever made. - Nitron® Stainless Steel Slide and Frame extended for a 6 Barrel

Thread: SIG P210-6. Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; 02-02-20, 14:59 #1. OLIAR15. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Member Join Date Aug 2019 Posts 170 Feedback Score 0. SIG P210-6 Saw a classified with a 210-6 for sale on Friday night. I immediately contacted the seller in writing and he called me the next morning SIG 210-6 Sport Pistole 9mm para . CHF 2'250.00. an Lager. In den Warenkorb. Zur Vergleichsliste hinzufügen. WALTHER PPK Pistole Zella Mehlis 7,65 kurz . CHF 900.00. an Lager. In den Warenkorb. Zur Vergleichsliste hinzufügen. SVI Infinity 2011 Open Pistole .38 Super Auto.

The SIG Sauer Mastershop is divided into the three lines: Sport, Prestige and Individual. From the Prestige line, the German company introduced a total of four new models at the IWA 2019 in Nuremberg. Based on the P226 pistol, the X-Five Performance and Facettes models were presented. The Skeleton and Midnight pistols, on the other hand, are based on the SIG Sauer P210 P210 For Sale. Need Help Filtering. COMPARE RESET (19) Sig Sauer P210 9mm Fiber Optic 8+1 $ 1,476.00 (7) Sig Sauer P210 Standard 9mm 5\ Walnut Target Grip 8+1 210A9B Used Sig P210 9mm. OUT OF STOCK (0) Used Sig Sauer P210 Target 9mm. OUT OF STOCK (0) Used Sig Sauer P210 Standard 9mm OUT OF. Dawson Precision is the experienced shooter's source for top quality pistols, parts and gear. Our state-of-art facility keeps us on the cutting EDGE of technology, providing you with the highest quality products at the best price

pre-owned sig model p 210-6 chambered in 9mm. this pistol is hard to find as there doesnt appear to be a single import mark on it. 4.75 inch barrel displays crisp rilfing with a slightly frosted bore. rear adjustable factory sight. original factory wood grips. 1 factory mag. the pistol displays some high edge wear from a holster Sig had prototypes ready for testing by 1944, with both single stack and double stack magazine variants. The Swiss military decided that the double stack pistols were less comfortable to hold and thus less accurate in practice, and decided on the single stack model. However, World War II ended before they formally accepted a design and the acquisition program was ended. Mechanically, the pistol is basically of the Browning system, with a short recoil, tilting barrel. The unusual aspects are the slide riding inside the frame, the use of a modular and easily removed fire control group, and the exceptional fitting and tolerances.

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The P210-6 was a sports model with bead blasted finish and most usually seen with adjustable target sights. This is the model that I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time shooting. Usually fitted as standard with the plastic grips, wood grips were an optional extra. Made in both 9x19mm and 7.65x21mm the P210-6 has the distinction of being fitted with an adjustable trigger that was excellent to use.P210-8: Recent re-released version produced beginning in 2003. These use a push-button magazine release instead of the original heel release, as well as the heavy target frame and do not have a magazine safety.

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SI0158SW Nill Grips - Sig Models P210-1 / P210-2 / P210-4 / P210-5 / P210-6 / DK M49. Walnut with Rhomlas texture, Swiss Cross logo, and cutout for lanyard ring. SI0258SW Nill Grips - SIG P210 Swiss Cros SIG P210-5LS: The 2003 version chambered in 9 mm Luger, which has a side mounted magazine catch, wood grips, adjustable sights, bead blasted finish, and a longer slide and barrel fitted on the heavy frame.

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The pistols were decommissioned and replaced by the SIG Sauer P220 (Swiss Army designation Pistole 75) which was designed as a replacement for the SIG P210 by the newly formed SIG Sauer company in 1975. Second-hand P210s are greatly valued by shooting sports competitors.[2] The SIG Sauer P210 was made by SIG Sauer, GMBH in Eckenforde, Germany and was exported to SIG Sauer of New Hampshire until recently when it was announced that SIG Sauer in New Hampshire will produce the SIG Sauer P210 in Exeter, N.H. in the United States beginning in 2017. BTW I have a 120 mm barrel P210-6 heavy frame back in Köln and I assure you that the US made gun is not in the same league. This poster is correct about the .22's I have the Colt Gold Cup Trophy in 9mm and the new Sig P210 Target. They are both accurate with the nod going to the Sig P210. The Sig's fit and finish are heads and shoulders nicer. Sig Sauer X-Five .40 S&W caliber pistol. X-Five German made target pistol in excellent condition with box and magazine. Sig Sauer X-Six 9mm (PR45962) Sig Sauer X-Six 9mm caliber pistol. X-Six Scandic 6 target pistol with chrome finish, gold trim and fancy wood grips. A desirable X-Six German made in excellent condition with case and.

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The P210-3 was a limited order police pistol for police of Basel, Lausanne, and Glarus. Some sold to private individuals. Only 900 made. Note that, like the P210-4 made for the German border police, the lanyard ring is omitted. (Picture courtesy swisswaffen.com). ← Back to Sig Sauer Handguns. SIG P210-6 9MM. SIG P210-6 9MM. 3,950.00. SBFG 20413. #P323XXX ORIGINAL CASE SPARE MAG LOADING TOOL FRONT SIGHT TOOL LOADING MANUAL NEW CONDITION. Add To Cart. CALL 662-494-0779 TO PURCHASE. Home - Terms of Sale - Contact. Danish contract SIG P210-DK, known as the M/1949 “Neuhausen”. (Picture courtesy icollector.com).

SIG 210-1 is also used in the Danish armed forces. the test of SIG 210 was made in 1948 and then purchased. Here in Denmark called for 9mm pistol M / 49, unofficially, just Neuhausen pistol. The gun is still in use today, but will be replaced by the H&K USP, when they break. Development of the P210 began in 1937, when Sig purchased the rights to French designer Charles Petter’s Modele 1935A pistol (anyone who has handled both will notice the similarity). This had been adopted by the French army in the 7.65 Long caliber, and Sig began by changing it to 9mm Luger. They also moved the safety down onto the frame of the pistol, and replaced Petter’s barrel linkage with a milled cutout integral to the barrel. I have a SIG P210-4 that I am shooting regularly and have shot half a dozen different P210-6's and one of the new Classic models. I personally prefer the P210-6 over the other models. They were still hand made in Switzerland and are real pieces of art, not just the high quality pieces made on CNC equipment in Eckernförde The design was derived from Charles Petter Modèle 1935A pistol. In 1937 SIG acquired a license for the Petter Browning system from SACM in order to develop a replacement for the Luger Parabellum 06/29, which had been in service since 1900. Apparently not satisfied with the Petter Browning design or the changes they had made to it, SIG evaluated no less than 11 prototypes from 1942 through 1944. Selbstladepistole Neuhausen model 44/16 pistol production began in 1944. Some of the original Petter Browning features had been retained, specifically the self-contained firing and recoil systems. The Neuhausen 44/16 had a magazine capacity of 16 rounds.[3]

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The P210 embodies the virtue and craftsmanship of SIG SAUER. Introducing the new P210 Target pistol. Aimed specifically to deliver unparalleled target shooting performance and precision, this model embodies all of the heritage of the classic P210 ― now equipped with updated ergonomics and a target trigger. Browse Collection. Name Descending The SIG P210 is a rare gun as most Americans have only seen pictures of them and maybe have read an article about how good and accurate they are as well as how expensive they are. GunBroker almost always has some Swiss SIG P210s both new and used ones but again the prices can be pretty high The P210A uses the SIG Sauer barrel lockup system and not the Browning style locking lugs seen in the Swiss P210, SIG Sauer Legend P210, Hi Power, & 1911. I have a 7.65 P210-6 that has had a SIG Sauer Legend fitted to it, but the new barrels will obviously not be compatible. The P210A magazines can use older P210 floorplates or P225 floorplates

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Call us at +309 342-5800 Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Also on Saturday from 1:00 - 6:00 pm. Also on Saturday from 1:00 - 6:00 pm. We hope this will continue to have exactly the firearm you are expecting delivered to you SIG SAUER P210 Legend slide stop spring. Price $21.90. Quick Vie SIg Sauer p210 Target Pistol. Back In Stock The ultimate Target Pistol Sig Sauer P210 . (270) 982-4867 or Email etowngunbbtelClick for more info. Seller: Elizabethtown Gun & Sporting Co. Sig Sauer P210 Target 9mm 210A-9-TGT. Sig Sauer P210 Target semi-auto pistol in 9mm. 5 Steel barrel. Stainless Steel slide and full-size frame, all with. The SIG P210 Legend and Legend Target were offered by SIG Sauer in 2010. (Picture courtesy SIG Sauer).

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The SIG Sauer P210 Target remains very similar in size to its parent. The barrel length is 5.0″ (127mm), overall length is 8.4″ (214mm), width is 1.6″ (41mm), height 5.3″ (135mm), and weight 36.9oz (1,120gm) Once replaced in its service life, the P210 lived on in a sporting role, with the target variants like the P210-6 and P210-5 becoming more popular. Production ended in 2004 or 2005, primarily due to manufacturing costs. In 2010, Sig Sauer reintroduced the P210, as the German P210 Legend. The German models were high quality and great shooting. P210-3: Same as the -1 or -2 but with the early loaded chamber indicator fitted (not a common variant). The SIG SAUER P210 is by far my favorite handgun that they have ever produced in the history of ever. The gun is an absolute work of art, with internal rails and an extremely low bore axis. The trigger is amazing as well. The problem til now has been that the P210 handguns have been manufactured in Germany and imported in the United States While the military contracts were all in 9mm Luger, commercial sales also included guns chambered for .30 Luger (7.65x21mm). Over the years, a number of variants of the P210 were released:

SIG M/1949: Usually called only Neuhausen in Denmark,[3] this is the 47/8 model purchased for the Danish military and issued version for officers, military police, and special forces, chambered in 9mm Luger.[3] This is the standard sidearm in the Danish military, though heading on nearly 60 years of continuous use; the SIG M/49 is being replaced with the HK USP[citation needed], but still in service as main pistol in the Danish military. Charles Petter made sure his original design was a practical proposition in all conceivable environments and situations, and the engineers at SIG were careful to keep those practical features intact. The P210 is very easy to field strip and maintain. The instructions below are for the classic models from P210-1 up to the P210-6 and P210-7. I am selling my Swiss Made P210-6, which I bought in early 2016. This gun is in exceptional condition and I have added a Karl Nill beavertail extension and an extension for the safety, and a pair gorgeous custom grips. I also have the original grips and the factory owners manual. It comes with 1 original magazine Dominion Hobby. Serving the Sport & Hobby Enthusiast. Menu. Home * On-line Store * About Nill Grips; About Randall Knive Français : Le SIG P210 était le pistolet d'ordonnance de l'armée suisse (désigné modèle 1949) jusqu'en 1975, date à laquelle il fut remplacé par le SIG P220

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This P210-4 is coming up for sale by Rock Island Auction on February 16th, 2018. (Picture courtesy Rock Island Auction). Manufactured in 1975 with Swiss and German proofs. Marked Hammerli Tiengen on the right side of the slide and import marked SIMPSON LTD G BURG IL. Standard features along with target sights. Includes an unnumbered blue SIG box G17, G20, P7M8, P7 PSP, Sig P220-9-EU, Sig P210-6, S&W 952, Colt Delta Elites, Colt Pythons, S&W 610, Ed Brown Kobra Carry, Mauser K98k, Russian SKS, Steyr Scout tact., AI AE, Knights Armament SR-15 M4, Smith Enterprise M14 NM x3, Armscorp M14 NM x3, Rock-Ola M1 Carbine. I think that's it. I might be forgetting a few Its hammer action is built into a removable assembly for easy maintenance, after the fashion of the Tokarev TT-30 pistol, whereas its slide rides inside the frame rails, rather than outside as in the traditional Browning pattern. This latter feature mimics the frame-to-receiver interface of its predecessor in Swiss military service, the Luger pistol, allowing for a very tight fit between the slide, barrel and frame without compromising reliability. This construction feature contributes to the unusually high accuracy for which the SIG P210 is known. It ships with a 50-meter (54.7 yd) test target typically showing a group of five to ten shots in a cluster under 5 cm (2 in) in diameter.

P210-4: Same as the -1 or -2, but without a lanyard loop on the grip. This model was sold to the German border guard, and will have a serial number beginning with a “D”.Development was slowed by the Second World War. After testing various experimental models (such as the aforementioned 44/16 with a double column magazine), the 47/8 model was adopted in Oct 1948 as the Pistole Modell 1949 and (SP47/8) for civilian market. Some previous series were tested by Swedish sport shooters and by the Danish army (Danish Defence designation Pistol M/1949).[3] In 1957, the civil designation (SP47/8) was definitively changed to P210 according to the company nomenclature policy. The models listed above are the main ones that represent the Swiss heritage of the SIG P210. There have been a number of other variants made in more recent years, especially in the time when SIG merged with Sauer to become SIG Sauer. The most significant of these were the SIG Sauer P210 Legend and P210 Legend Target. These models featured a move of the magazine catch from the heel of the grip to being a button positioned just behind the trigger as on the Colt 1911. This change was, without doubt, aimed at attracting American buyers. In the various tests published in American magazines the location of the magazine release had been a universal point of criticism. Interestingly, whilst IPSC competitors prefer to be able to work a magazine release with their thumb and let the magazine drop out: Israeli Krav Maga instructors teach students to actively pull the magazine out regardless of whether you think it will fall or not. For the practical Israeli method the original magazine release of the P210 would be preferable. The P210 Legend also features an Amercan style upswept beavertail to prevent hammer bite. Personally I prefer the style of the original pistols, but each to his or her own. The SIG P210 (Swiss Army designation Pistole 49) is a locked breech self loading, semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured in Neuhausen am Rheinfall (Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland) by SIG.The former SIG P210 model is now the SIG Sauer P210.. It is of all-steel construction chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum and 7.65×21mm Parabellum.It was used from 1949 to 1975 by the Swiss army and.

Sig Sauer P210 Target. The P210 Target takes the precision of its 1947 Swiss predecessor and greets it with new sleek, custom walnut target grips, a precision-machined stainless steel slide and frame, and a lightweight target trigger SIG P210-6 9MM for sale online Buy Sig Sauer P210 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more

Consider an example of Whitney's practice, my 150mm 7.65 Para SIG P210 National Match heavy frame P210-5 pistol, serial number P59707, as delivered by SIG to the Schweizerischen Match-Schützenverbandes, the Swiss Match Shooting Federation (SMSV) on 6 July 1967 SIG P210-6 vs SIG Sauer P210 Legend Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by fnfalman, Jun 2, 2017. Thread Tools. Thread Tools. Print; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jun 2, 2017 #1 . fnfalman Chicks Dig It. Messages: 65,123 Likes Received: 26,971. Joined: Oct 23, 2000 Location SIG P210-6S: The 2003 version chambered in 9 mm Luger, which has a side mounted magazine catch, wood grips, adjustable sights, bead blasted finish, and a standard slide and barrel fitted on the heavy frame. Sig released a U.S.-built P210 Target version last year with a $1,699 MSRP, but the company says the P210 Standard is at a price point that will allow more consumers to enjoy this timeless.

Sig P210 Target 9mm 5″ Black 8rd - $1449.99 + Free Shipping Description Sig Sauer P210, Semi-automatic, Single Action Only, Full, 9mm, 5″, Steel Frame, Walnut Grips, 2-8rd Magazines 210a-9-tgt Model: P210 Product Type: Single Action Only Finish/Color: Black Accessories: Swiss Sig P210-6 99%+, Swiss Sig .22 conversion kit with two mags, sold together the only The SIG P210, originally produced by SIG in 1949 for the Swiss Armed Forces (designated Pistole 49) is a semi-automatic pistol SIG P210-6. This was the sports model with bead blasted finish and was available with fixed or adjustable target sights. Plastic grips were standard whilst wood grips were optionally available. (Picture courtesy Askild Antonsen @ Wikimedia Commons).The caliber for the P210-2 was 9x19mm NATO, otherwise specifications are the same as for the Model 49.(Note: the pistol pictured above (serial number D1137) is for sale by Rock Island Auction on February 16th, 2018. To see the sale page click here).

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Fixed front and rear sights. Serial numbers on slide are matched to receiver and chamber. The left side of the slide is marked with the Sig logo, P 210-6 and MADE IN SWITZERLAND is marked on right side. The trigger, hammer and slide release are stainless steel. Checkered wraparound walnut grip with a lanyard ring on left side and the magazine release on bottom The SIG P210 Target has a number of features common to John M. Browning's venerable Model 1911 and a few that are considerably different. For one, the slide is tucked inside the frame, similar to the CZ 75, whereas the classic Model 1911's slide goes over the frame The P210-2 is the most common Swiss military and police issue and can be found with both plastic or wood grips. (Picture courtesy SveenysArmory @ Reddit). According to SIG, the P210 is the most accurate pistol they offer. It even eclipses the X5 and X6 lines in accuracy, but has a price to match. At an MSRP of $2,199, it's less expensive than any of the X6 pistols and many of X5s, but more than double the cost of most of SIG's main line guns Dieses Video zeigt wie man die Pistole SIG P210 zerlegt (disassembly) Zum Shop: http://www.gun-tools.ch

The P210 Super Legend is similar in features to the Super Target, with a longer 1911-style thunb safety and extended slide release lever. It will also feature a Nitron stainless steel slide and frame with 5″ barrel, black controls, American magazine release, and custom wood grips Sig Sauer P210 Target 9mm Pistol Known as one of the world's most reliable and accurate firearms, SIG Sauer is now recreating the Swiss Army's P210 Pistol right here in the United States. Both the slide and frame are precision-machined out of stainless steel with a Nitron finish for wear resistance The SIG P210 (Swiss Army designation Pistole 49) is a locked breech semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured in Neuhausen am Rheinfall (Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland) by Swiss Arms AG, formerly SIG Arms AG (distributed in U.S. by SIGARMS).. It is of all-steel construction chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum and 7.65×21mm Parabellum.It was used from 1949 to 1975 by the Swiss army and. SIG M/1949 is the 47/8 model purchased for the Danish military and issued version for officers, military police, and special forces, chambered in 9mm Luger. Usually called only Neuhausen in Denmark, this model is stamped P m/49, and also known as P210-DK. First issued beginning in 1950 to the Danish Army Technical Corps (stamped HTK), this remained the standard sidearm in the Danish.

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Sig Sauer P210 Super Target. The Swiss army pistol SIG P210 is a legend. Its exceptional precision and reliability was previously regarded as unattainable. Reviving the legend and making one of the best pistols in the world even better fascinated us, and has now become a reality: the P210 Legend from SIG SAUER The SP47/8 became generally known as the Model 49 because they entered service with the Swiss military in 1949, and these are most commonly encountered with the grooved wooden grips. The caliber was 9x19mm which would become the NATO standard pistol cartridge (NATO was created in April 1949). Models issued to police were sometimes chambered for the 7.65x21mm cartridge as it was the chambering of the M1900 Luger pistols used previously.Despite the excellence of the original Petter design, the engineers at SIG were determined to perfect their new pistol and proceeded to test and develop it even as the Second World War raged around them. They produced two development prototypes; the 44/8 and the 44/16. SIG P210-6 vs SIG Sauer P210 Legend. fnfalman Jun 2, 2017. I don't have a lot of these dandies like Bac and Zeleny; only have a Swiss and a German to play around with. To me, they're cool but not so cool as to buy a bunch of variations, though I might try to find the P49 just because it's the original

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The SIG P210 has stood the test of time and remains one of the world’s great handguns. The thing that the SIG P210 excels at is accuracy. In a close quarters combat at 7 yards situation you won’t notice just what a tack-driver this pistol is, but put the paper way out at 50 yards and the P210 comes into its own and simply shines. That may be why SIG Sauer now only make the P210 as a target pistol: it’s pretty certain to outperform most any other handgun that comes up against it. With CNC machining bringing the manufacturing price of this pistol down out of the stratosphere and into the mainstream we hope this great handgun gets discovered and becomes a joy to many. For Sale is my like NEW Sig Sauer P210A (American) Target model 9mm in EXCELLENT condition! Less than 100 rounds through it. Comes with two 8 round magazines, Original box, book and lock. From Sig Sauer: The P210 Target takes the precision of its 1947 Swiss predecessor and greets it with new..

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sig , model: p210-6 , caliber: 9mm luger , comes with 2 magazines. bore is very good. blade front and notched rear sight. two piece plain wood grips with cracked grip panel. shows some handling marks SIG Sauer P6 History. When a service pistol receives approval by the West German government for sale to police (Polizei) or military units, it receives a numbered P designation.For years, the Polizei relied on the P1 (Walther P38), P2 (SIG P210), and P3 (Astra 600) service pistols, until the mid-1970s when the West German government adopted a number of new requirements

The P210 is the pistol that helped put SIG Sauer on the map, and now a new variant of the popular pistol has been introduced. What makes this gun unique is that it is the first P210 to roll off of. The pistol was revived in 1947 through the interest of Swiss target shooters and the Danish Army, and production began that year under the designation SP (Sig-Petter) 47/8. The Swiss government took another look at the design, and finally adopted it in 1949, at which time the P210 name was also formalized. The SP 47/8 and P210 differ in a few details, namely the P210 not having a loaded chamber indicator. SIG P210-6 and lead bullets. This is a discussion on SIG P210-6 and lead bullets within the Range Reports forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I have been tinkering with hard cast lead bullets and a good load for the P210 for years. The P210 has fairly shallow rifling and.

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I have recently found forgottenweapons.com and it is unique and original. I want to thank the creator of the site… and Mr. Zeleny for an excellent link to his research on the p210 and much more. Happy New Year! Sig Sauer P210 Target Pistol, 9mm. This classic single-stack, full-size, semi-auto pistol is chambered in 9mm and comes with adjustable sights. Taking the precision of its 1947 Swiss predecessor, the P210 Target features custom walnut target grips, slide and frame constructed from precision machined stainless steel with a black nitron finish, and a crisp, lightweight target grade SAO trigger The Model 44/8 and 44/16 were essentially the same pistol but made with different magazine capacities. The 44/8 was thinner, having an eight round capacity magazine, the 44/16 was 8mm thicker and 13mm taller, having a sixteen round magazine capacity. (Source picture courtesy Hmaag @ Wikimedia Commons).

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The forebear of the SIG P210 was the Browning inspired SACM M1935A. Note the slide is mounted on rails inside the frame. The safety catch of the M1935A rotates and puts a physical block over the firing pin to prevent the pistol from firing even if the hammer falls. (Picture courtesy legacy-collectibles.com). I have owned an early M75 and my son has a CZ SP1 and I also have two SIG P210s; a P210-4 and a P210-6. The P210s were not bought for pride of ownership but to be shot and they excel at that in the right hands. The accuracy with my hardcast 125gr TC bullets isn't bad in the SIGs and the guns ooze quality. The finish inside is as well executed.

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SIG Sauer IGB Austria custom barrel for SIG P210/5 - 9x19 & 9x21 Caliber with Thread and Slot $345.95: 0 $345.95 $364.95 7d 0h 1m 1487129 Charles Petter’s design sought to improve on John Moses Browning’s M1911 in a number of ways. As previously mentioned he mounted the slide inside rails in the action, creating a more positive alignment between slide and frame. To further ensure a more positive alignment than the Browning M1911, Petter installed a full length guide rod with the recoil spring as an assembly, mounted under the barrel, and thus removing the dependency on the barrel bushing to provide alignment as we find on the M1911. Having been a soldier in the Foreign Legion, Charles Petter was also well aware of the need to make the maintenance of the weapon as easy and idiot proof as possible, so he created the trigger mechanism as an easily removable group component. These features, including the unitary trigger assembly, were included in the new SIG P210 developed in Switzerland.The SIG P210-2 superseded the Model 49 and its main differences were its plastic grips and bead blasted flat finish. This model became the most common of the P210 variants being standard Swiss military issue. This pistol was also sold commercially. It is important to realize that Switzerland believes in having a population of armed citizens. At the time the P210 was introduced all males were required to do three years compulsory military service and then remain in the Army reserve until they were in their fifties. Military weapons, including automatic rifles and pistols were kept by each man at home, the rifle typically hung over the mantelpiece in the living room. In truth the Swiss have long practiced what George Orwell intended when he wrote “the rifle hanging on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy“. Australian poet Henry Lawson picks up a similar theme in “Every Man Should Own a Rifle“. My modest P210 collection - 1. SIG P49 - first issue to Swiss Army 1949, mint 2. Hammerli made Sig P210 - 2 3. Sig P210 - 2- sports trigger kit installed. 4. Sig P210-4. One of 5000 made for the West German Border Guards in 1950. Unfired, this gun is a jewel. 5. Sig P210-6 - unfired. 6

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