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From Denmark Oct 05 2016 1:30 am I you haven't seen this drama,well i recommend you get started right now.. You won't be sorry. the plot is only getting better especially episode 13 which was a masterpiece, just forget the ratings people, i dont think that they are trustworthy just look how one billion of the worlds pupation is loving og cheering for this drama. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Release & Air Dates) Edit. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a Korean drama that was released in 2016. It aired from August 29, 2016 to November 1, 2016 with 20 episodes. The director was PD Kim Kyu-tae, who has also directed It's Okay, It's Love, That Winter, The Wind Blows, and IRIS Christina Oct 03 2016 11:28 pm I can see dots of similarities here and there to the Chinese version, so just like @Hsquared I am very worried the ending is as sad as or more saddening than it. It's terrible to see a 21st century woman being succumbed to such dire state. Seeing her so lonely bring such heartache. She is such an understanding girl. She only asked Wook if he misses her and that's all she asked for and like @heartfilia said, she doesn't want anybody hurt due to her. The more I think of it the more worried I am... If So becomes king, it's surely be bad ending...how can Soo become Queen and live happily ever after? () Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Original Television Soundtrack) Various Artists K-Pop • 2016 Preview SONG TIME For You. CHEN, BAEKHYUN & XIUMIN. 1. 3:16 PREVIEW Say Yes. Loco & Punch. 2. 3:38.

His saguek roles are marvellous. He looks good and he is so talented. He is KING of SAGUEKS. His Iljimae, Arang and the Magistrate, Joseon Shooter are AMAZING! uaena_xxx Jul 15 2016 1:38 am I'm excited to watch IU in Hae Soo's playful character. And all the princes are daebak especially Lee Jun Ki and Ji Soo. Fighting!!! Mangsxnn Nov 02 2016 12:30 pm I thought the ending was apt. She'd outlived her role as someone who could influence him and what was left was that only her death could really change him. He also needed to learn that his decisions especially about her, made so bluntly, had terrible consequences. So in short, only through her death would he become a really good and wise King. Sad, but perhaps necessary.

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P.S. I don’t usually cry in real life situations but kdramas and movies with these kind of concept and plot are my weaknesses ugh jungmal, time travelling is really a fucked up setting huhu 내 사랑 Oct 02 2017 12:16 am Still my favorite drama ever! Still hoping for season 2. Fighting!!! WangSoFan Sep 07 2016 7:44 pm This might be the first time I'm saddened by supporting role being sent away. Lady Hae did a really good job being part of the story-line so far. I don't care how high or low the rating is, but this drama are doing great job introducing each of the characters. Keep it up, team! mumyeong Oct 02 2016 3:32 am @ Jess, You're not the only one suffering. LOL. I never been addicted to drama this bad after The Great Queen Seon Deok. i can't even enjoy my hobbies as my mind keeps wandering to this drama. I've tried to watch another drama, but nothing can distract me. I used to watch 2 dramas ongoing in a week, but i don't have space for another drama right now. Need some hangover medicine. Help meeeeh Xu Oct 15 2016 4:28 am @lee jieun i think u're just a hater that pretend to be a fan....so ridiculous....

same as you.. i gave up to watch moonlight after the prince found out that eunuch is a women, after the kiss scene i gave up.. haha also because my heart captured by SHR.. i cant stand to watch moonlight while my mind wondering how is SHR doing right now.. like having a BF/GF but i have the favorit one in my heart.. haha maybe after SHR i will continue watch moonlight.. but maybe not... i dont know... SHR surely captured my heart right now.. i cant think..i just want SHR...! haha.. Ht sailung fr Mizoram Sep 29 2016 12:15 pm We do not watch this drama because of the handsome actors.Scarlet heart is an interesting drama,i love this drama..As always Lee jun ki's acting is excellent,IU is also a great actress,i believe those who criticize her were her anti fan..I hope the ratings will go up in Korea,they truly deserve it.I wish the actors realize that they have many international fans,fighting!!....Can't wait for monday n tuesday :) Abiqueen Feb 27 2017 5:44 am Im not really into dramas involving politics/historical but this is interesting and filled with lots of unexpected plot twists. Maybe I was just looking for a longer So - Soo screen time. The ending (Not your typical-kdrama-ending) is understandable but it could have been a lot better. Two thumbs up for the cinematography and of course OSTs. But overall it was good enough, not the best but it's worth your time ?❤ Rating : 8/10 uckezzy Jun 02 2017 4:04 am I just watched this drama recently,at first i thought it was an action-packed drama but watching it,i found it very interesting nd it have lots of funny parts...This drama is very entertaning,it kept me glued from the first episode to the end. And the characters protrayed their role well especially wang so,sometimes u will feel sorry for him..Highly recommended

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  1. ent character in the start. KHN and IUs scenes are so believable it's crazy! And I totally agree with your opinion about how Hae Soo is doing the same to Madam Hae, as she experienced whilst being Go Hae Jin. Only time will tell how it's going to turn out! So exciting!
  2. anon Nov 13 2016 1:53 pm I can't believe this drama is not among the top 10 kdramas of the year. Due to the poor viewer ratings, i wasn't keen on watching it initially, but i was in the mood for an epic series so i decided...why not. I became spellbound from the first episode, slept for only 3hrs then continued watching the whole series; stopping only for food and toilet breaks. For me, this is one of the best kdramas I've seen this year and definitely one of the best epic dramas. I enjoyed this a lot more than i enjoyed Jackpot. Can't understand the poor ratings...TRULY
  3. lili Dec 29 2015 3:17 am Yey jisoo oppa. I think IU is beautifull actress but I hope she is refuse this drama
  4. I also feel for Hae Soo because she must have been so confused, thrown into this era, and she clearly sought comfort from different people in her life. She tries to be kind, and does what she feels is right, but sometimes, good intentions lead to bad outcomes.
  5. Adel Oct 26 2016 12:04 am I really REALLY hate Hae-Soo's character. Seriously, why bother to have an independent modern woman from the future when any whimpering weak uneducated woman from that era can play that character? All that modern education and all she could do was make soap and apply make up? SERIOUSLY??? IU's blank acting doesn't help the character one bit. I hate this show.
  6. The best moments through out ep 1-ep 11 is between court lady oh and hae soo. It was so heartbreaking and their face expression was so great. It make me remember the scene from empress ki where Maha getting shots by arrow.
  7. Riviewer Apr 18 2020 3:10 pm This drama is so good! But like the only reason I would not recommend this drama is because this will make you cry so much. Too many people die and it is just way too sad. Keep tissues by your side if you wanna watch :(

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vivi Sep 07 2016 12:48 am I love the story....but i think next episode fix there is no romance story anymore at all between prince wook and hae su. I won't watch it because it will broke my heart aggghhh *crying Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (OST) lyrics with translations: For You (너를 위해), Can You Hear My Heart (내 마음 들리나요), All With You, I Love You, I Remember You (사랑해 기억해 LALA Sep 06 2016 2:23 am Such an awesome drama! I wonder why the rating is so low? It's obvious that the international community love it. Please take this into consideration producers. Don't cancel it because we love it! kathbyunssi Jan 05 2016 5:23 am I'm so excited to watch this. This will be the 2nd drama for Baekhyun! And I'm really excited for Baekhyun. huhu. I'm so proud. Really! I know this will be a good drama! Thank you for letting Baekhyun do this! Thank you so much! He'll be better! I love you all! I hope his acting career will continue just like kyungsoo. ♥ I think he is really good in acting. Comedy acting? lol. I can't wait! He will be with my fav actor Lee Joon Gi also IU! Good luck Baekhyunnie! Good luck oppa! I will support you and EXO until the end! Aja aja fighting! mwaaaaa :* ♥♥♥

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praiseworthy Oct 06 2016 3:00 am I like what kricketsc80 had said. A few comment like this is no bias whatsoever. Anyways, anyone is entitled to have their own opinion. Claire Nov 01 2016 3:54 pm This drama is fantastic !!! Really !!! The story is really catchy and the actors are really good. I cried many times and even in the end i cried because it was the end. I hope they will do a second season where So will find Soo with the others actors like Eun, Jung, Baek ha ect... The OST are really emotional too !! I always loved the concept of come back to life and the Koreans kimonos so match together it's just... awesome ! Steph M Nov 03 2016 8:48 pm Disregarding the history, I think the relationship aspects of this drama stands out. For Wang Wook, you can clearly see how from being kind and loving, he changed almost 180% because he loved a woman (Hae Soo) and because he loved his family. This holds true in many cases. The love of a good / bad woman can truly change someone...! Angela Oct 01 2016 9:40 pm I really hope that Hae soo will be the only woman in Wang so's life...although i think she might not ultimately become queen even when Wang so becomes king..:( if they follow the chi ver that is. But Wang so's heart will only be for Hae soo..I hope we don't see any romance between Wang so and other girl/princess ahem. I'm hoping that we see Hae soo's change of heart in the next episode, and seems like the King is going to pass his throne to Wang So soon. Hence the envy of his brothers and admiration (ambitious dark intent) of Princess Yeon-hwa. It is going to get interesting as we see the brothers fighting for the throne.

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  1. BANGLADESH Oct 07 2016 5:14 am I love love and love this drama. some people r so jealous about it's international popularity. internationaly it's a mega hit drama like dots. so jealous kings will bad mouth about our drama. more bad mouth then realize it's getting more and more popular. so moon lovers don't care about bad comments. just keep loveing our scarlet heart with your heart.
  2. Angela Oct 09 2016 6:57 am I love that Wang So has so much love towards Hae Soo...he's so loyal and steadfast towards her <333
  3. I thought the scenes and the background(?) were so beautiful and the soundtrack was so amazing. This will forever be one of my favorite korean dramas, I am not really a fan of Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds, because the scenario of a female pretending to be male is tiring. Along with lovey dovey, rom com plots in k-dramas also bore me, unless I favor an actor/actress.
  4. lyea... Nov 04 2016 9:02 am Can I ask one question...i want to know hae soo s daughter name..she is so cute...can i know who is her...

the whole korea is crazy over bogummy, maybe thats why shr rating is like.. hurm. no hate, i love both dramas! still have a lil hope that korean viewers could spare some love for shr. replytohater'explain Oct 15 2016 1:50 pm i don't need to explain since i've never thought that way. i don't think IU's bad, she's not the best but she's good enough to play her role. You are excaggerating her flaws. Deeeee Nov 08 2017 3:39 am arghhh. My heart breaks again from watching some scenes from this drama. I still can't move on. huhuhu. Still the best heartbreaking love story for me. Dominique Nov 01 2016 2:05 pm I want a season 2 this drama is so good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Bon Oct 16 2016 10:38 pm It got me thinking, since Wang So clueless about hae Soo's past lover, are we going to expect an ugly event coming up ahead? Like yeon hwa will tell him about Wok-Hae Soo's relationship, and that will anger him? But then it shouldn't, because Hae Soo told him about her feeling toward someone before and he seemed didn't care. Or one thing that will drive me crazy that in Wang So's mind , hae soo lied to him (which not telling and lie are two different things) and that would ignite the wedding between yeon hwa and Wang So? I'm hopeless :((((....

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Touch Light Nov 01 2016 11:28 am Truly sad ending. Yet, hea soo final part is untouchable at all. She lack of emotion. Unlike wang so final word is truly deeply sad. Director or writer should make the ending more better. At least let them meet in 21st century coincidentally and make wang so feel they've some kind of connection from the past. Although it just a coincident yet at least the ending is not that sad at all. hallie Jul 12 2017 10:59 am The best drama out there. Bittersweet, touching and beautiful! Lee Joon Gi is a great, great actor!! And now back to the Hae Soo and Wang So relationship. The thing I am most excited about is when and how Hae Soo is going to acknowledge Wang So as more than just a "palace friend". As of now she is rather content with Wang Wook but we all know that it's going to change soon. Personally I think that Wang So is going to be the first one to try and pursue her and not the other way around. The only missing emotion we have yet to experience from Wang So is jealousy. And I feel we will either see it in episode 8 or 9. It's coming and you guys know it! ;-) eun Sep 20 2016 10:18 pm well this drama is quite interesting. my point of view for this drama is that the 4th prince is going to kill all of his brother for a reason. i dont think that he will kill someone without a reason, right? i guess. hm this drama is srsly going to kill me right now. cant wait for the next episodes. Angela Oct 18 2016 1:23 am Some thoughts about ep 16: 1) I like the 'Trust' issue that was evidently and continuously raised by Hae Soo in this episode. I (we) was quite upset with Hae Soo's lack of trust towards Wang So up till episode 15 even when she accepted his love, which indirectly led to Wang Eun and his wife's deaths. She had clung onto her "vision" that Wang So mercilessly killed his brothers. Hae soo here mentioned more than 1 time that she has come to trust in Wang So now, and kinda confirmed she will not ever doubt him again (I hope so!)

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  1. They need someone who'd look young and then look mature in the process. Lee Jun Ki can also pull the same look, he can look boyish and cute, and look mature and aristocratic.
  2. Christable Jul 04 2018 10:31 pm Great story line Great actors too I will love a Season two of this very drama
  3. Pinky Sep 01 2016 3:40 pm @Tankatsu it's because the series is 21 episodes long and the air dates are twice a week. It's so the last week of the series would be episode 20 and 21
  4. Amy Sep 21 2016 3:23 pm Oh boy. Those two last episodes were amazing. So many things had happened and we've finally been introduced to Woo Hee and Soon Duk! I am very surprised by how similar yet different both of their characters are. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing their stories unfold.
  5. g episodes are all worth watching.
  6. d for months....or may be it's just me :)
  7. it's really confusing if you have watched the chinese version and read the real story from history books and you want to analyze it hahaha !
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Love moonlovers Sep 04 2017 1:47 pm Give is season 2 please. It's almost a year already and I can't move on from this drama. Jessi Sep 01 2016 9:38 am Same here Lara. All casts were awesome. They did a good job. I really like this drama if you want to check it yourself, go ahead. I will try to watch the ONEhd ep 7 tonight if time allowed & compare it later with the SBS version tomorrow if this differences persist. I had watch many saeguk drama & I had to admit the first 3 epi was somewhat lacking in term of story flow comprehension, probably due to editing which is surprising as I read this drama had completed its production beforehand. not revealing the meat early is okay but the overall quality control final delivery is a question mark ... like seriously ?? director-nim, writer-nim & editor-nim, your reputation is on the line here ...

Bon Oct 12 2016 2:39 am @Angela, the reason why I said Hae Soo was acting hard to get, because of her reluctancy. It seems like she's contemplating a lot of things, and it seems can't resolve her own feeling toward Wang So. Sure, she initiated the kiss after Wang so told her that he loves her. It seems like she's telling herself "as long as you love me, that's enough for me" but how about her though? On the other hand, while I thought I was hinted from the beginning that this story is about two people that are madly falling in love with each other? Where's the "madness?" Why Wang so now had to reason? Sure, he can relate his past experience to the king's daughter, but he's not going to be a bad person if he won't marry the king's daughter. King Mu knows how loyal he is to him. It's only relevant if he were to tell the king that he's taken. But if the crew trying to fit him to the history, then there should be this So/soo moments in regard to that situation. It's just odd seeing him avoid the subject (until he got caught) because all these times he had always gone to hae soo if there's something troubling in his mind (I just want to see Hae soo come to him and say "don't do it" LOL). So a person that is ready to be ignored and rejected by Hae soo because what he decided to do, it's not Wang So that I know of lol. Efendi Sep 13 2016 10:14 am I am REALLY LOVE this drama. well, some of the episodes really annoy me. BUT! I bet on ep 7 to become the starting point for good Rating! Time to regain, as Wang So start his move to take over the throne! Oodz Sep 06 2016 7:25 pm I am fan-girling on IU and her acting is getting better every episode. Ha Neul is so natural and his acting makes you attract/focus on him only. He has greatly improved and he is shining brightly in this drama. Fikasirait Oct 09 2016 12:33 am Please dont delayed till next week.. postpone till 1 or 2 hours will be acceptable.

K drama forever May 17 2020 7:02 pm the start of this drama is just so happy,filled with joy and love and a super funny and enjoyable one. but towards the back alot of people were getting killed and the story became super intense and sad. im not sastisfied with the ending i demand a season 2 and hopefully maybe he can go the modern world this time and they meet each other over there Define acting hole? where? who? how is it supposed to be done? And your so called acting hole is so severe that a third episode of a drama must be 7% in rating after just three episodes not the 10th episode but the 3rd! It don't make sense. Nothing can justify that fall in rating except a deliberate attempt to boycott a drama because of its cast. You must watch a drama till about the 5th-8th episode considering the fact that its a 20 episode series to determine any holes of any sort which can make people lose interest. Yuuki Aug 28 2016 10:13 pm Hi guys! I can't believe so many kpop stars are in this. IU is like the best/main character. BAEKHYUN!!!

Mosy Oct 24 2016 6:36 am Omg, I don't know why the rating so low in Korea. This is absolutely the best drama! IU and LJK have absolutely chemistry and their acting were outstanding! We are the international fans (I am from Australia) always support you! Shella Jan 22 2017 4:59 pm The first time I started watching this drama, I was hooked. The story is very unique, the characters are great especially the main cast. I hope for season 2 please...The drama was so great and I can't move on the way they parted. They deserve to be happy in season 2. I'm looking forward for the happy ending. Maithoj Oct 29 2016 2:26 am @Bon''s statement to Angela, I didn't feel Haesoo changed History for Wang so to be king. She had to call him out as king because in the history in drama he is originally king after Yo, she was careful not to mess with that part of history. It was the day of Yo''s death that Wang so becomes king. If he didn't become king however then history would be changed. MoonLoversMyObsession Nov 01 2016 11:43 am I just finished watching the last episode and let me tell you THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST DRAMA OF THE YEAR! Beautiful yet tragic, i grew attached to all of the characters, i'll sure miss them!! i cried buckets watching it, but there also were some happy moments that melted my heart! PS: *thumbs up to Lee jun ki's acting* Scarlet Oct 25 2016 6:50 pm Hae soo becomes more selfish & vague. She promised to stay behind so. But now she is so easily going to leave Wang so with Jung. Wang so explained enough reasons for cha rayung death.why she is so stupid & clueless. I hate Hae soo. She should sacrifice for her love.how come she only think her own happiness & comfort

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Tin Nov 03 2016 2:37 am Real heartbreaking ending...but still this is a good drama...made us curious till the end... You Oct 05 2016 3:42 am Huge mess ha, this is drama not long life movie to keep showing every detail, every actor or scan to make you happy. Drama time is short if they can't focus on main actor how we going to feel his emotions. Whatever not everyone needs to like this drama.

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chatrineevania Sep 04 2016 4:59 pm Can't wait for next ep. I think the acting is amazing really.. the rating should be higher!! I hope many people watch this drama Toniab Aug 22 2016 3:32 pm I love Lee goon gi in traditional movies especially scholar who walks the night. Vica Oct 07 2019 1:45 am I know this drama gonna have season 2 because Wang so going to find hae soo. SEASON 2 KIM KYU TAE I totally lost my shit when Woo Hee died... I liked her with Baek Ha the most... They were my favorite couple, their love was pure. I couldn't believe it, Baek Ha at the very least deserved to be happy....

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1tqz Oct 05 2016 9:56 am I enjoy watching this show immensely. Everyone acted well in their individual roles. Keep it up !! Bon Oct 18 2016 9:24 am Does anyone know for sure whether ep 17 will be available today? Thanks :)

I haven't watch the SBS director's cut yet of the ep 1-3 re-edit version. just got hold of them 1 hour ago. however this is the first time ever I was forced to watch both versions of a drama series that broadcast simultaneously at the same airing time & then get news of a re-edit aired for Korea broadcast only just before ep 4 & 5 aired. not even Hollywood or Britz drama production ever done this!!!!!! genesis Oct 04 2016 1:41 pm so low rating for a drama unforgettable , if you watch this drama definitely gonna be in top 5 of your favorites dramas. This drama deserves a lot of love Shan Nov 01 2016 11:09 am Plz... i need the happy ending for hae soo and wang so.. the ending dissapointed me.. its just liked im eating but im still starving... Angela Oct 17 2016 9:52 pm @Tristan - Yea, I agree LJK could do many diverse roles and I think his acting is versatile too. He could pull off the 'Wang So vibe' in SHR so well. In past roles he could act the heroic main lead, and the sad empathetic character. I like the intensity of expressions in his acting. Totally dreamy lol. He should do voice acting too no doubt! I think his voice is one of the dreamiest/deepest of korean actors so far haha! Angela Oct 25 2016 9:51 pm @Scarlet – Actually, Hae Soo’s been through a lot too. Not to mention all this palace drama is causing a wreck on her health…Hae Soo considers for Wang So, hence she did not marry him, but continue to be the king’s woman…it is partly because she knows she cannot change history..although I do hope that history can be changed haha (for Hae Soo to be his only queen). In Wang So’s position, the way for him to get support from the provincials is to marry someone of status and with financial background, support from the various factions etc. Princess Yeon-hwa’s family is indeed more well-supported than Hae Soo’s, hence we see politics play here….it is inevitable in the drama if Wang So wants to maintain his throne..as much I don’t like that. Unless, Wang So doesn’t want to be king.

Ginna Mar 23 2018 6:54 am Scarlet Heart Ryeo is the best drama ever. its a masterpiece such a moving story that comes alive because of Lee Jun Ki's marvelous acting Jaybee Sep 18 2016 3:57 pm Very good story. Well acted. Touching romance (so far). Always enjoy Korean Dramas involving time travel. Since I only know a little about the time period historical accuracy does not bother me. I suppose if I were Korean and the historical inaccuracies were major then I would likely be irritated. I like the story and acting and hope they don't shorten the series due to low ratings. It really is getting better and better as the series continues. IU is just adorable. Hae so is a person who thinks she is wise just because she lived in modern world but actually so stupid in very tense circumstances. With Shi Shi Liu, Nicky Wu, Kevin Cheng, Hong Yuan. After a car accident plunges a woman into the dreamy Chinese past that gave the whole life in the Beijing imperial palace after that she returns to her life in the modern world

ElGroove Aug 06 2016 7:53 am Since the Chinese version of this drama was very popular, I hope this one will get high rating in Korea and overseas. And thanks to One Channel, it will air this drama in south east Asia at the same time as Korea, DAEBAK!! roake Jan 19 2016 12:15 pm this cast is gonna f*ck w/ my head since I want them all to be get the girl. Sarah Nov 07 2016 11:25 am This drama is the most amazing k-drama i ever watched. the chemistry of the lead actors. and the most applause for IU... her acting was just so incredible...at the death of lady OH. i almst cried n all of the last episodes...i really couldnt get over this drama. LJG.. is my mst fvrt actor. but in this drama he really breaks all the record... i really felt so much for him left alone in allthe world as wang so. poor him and poor hae soo. :( From Pakistan

Vicky Aug 27 2017 3:58 pm I started this last summer but finished it this summer. The drama was so good but the ending made me feel so empty :'( I have to admit, i think i cried during each episode oml it was so sad. Overall, this was a really good drama and each character was portrayed incredibly well. <3 D Sep 11 2016 9:24 pm This drama is amazing. Many actor and actress are good looking good job scarlet ryeo i will watching this drama until end

guguk Jul 05 2016 12:43 pm This drama is the live action of reverse harem kkkk I just remembered this is quite similar to ff My Bodyguard Princess ahhh cannot wait to watch it in Aug soooo exited!! Sally Apr 24 2018 9:46 pm Who can be better than Lee joon gi in any genre especially historical dramas? Aeriy Gatt Jun 26 2016 7:40 pm already watch Scarlet Heart” (“Bu Bu Jing Xin” 1. Best story line. Sad Ending story. how Korean drama will rewrite this drama with korean touch. i Luv prince 10 & prince 13. Jona Sep 13 2016 12:51 am What? This drama is so good, story, acting, make up, all is good, whats up with the people,, This drama is refreshing, Its not fair they got that number,, 대박 Aug 21 2017 11:26 pm I am soo in love with this drama.. This drama hit me so hard that I almost died from crying..

Mushiuaena Aug 17 2016 7:43 am I'm so excited for this!!!iu and lee jun ki fighting..hope moon lovers will be daebak!! Elba Nov 03 2016 2:01 pm Scarlet Heart: Ryeo - was an epic drama with an amazing story and thrill behind every episode. Thanks to all the actors who played in this awesome drama, and hopes for a second part. This Drama is AWESOME!!!! South Korean Actors are the BEST!!!! Aisyah Sep 06 2016 4:13 am This is the first drama about dinasty that i watch, i love the actors, joon gi and ha neul sure does know how to steal my heart and iu ! I love her acting, she looks clumsy and cute !! All the prince are Dahnia Oct 19 2018 7:41 pm And..after rewatching it for so many times, the worst villain still wang wook, i hate his character so much. He with all his empty promises and he with his super cunning action and he with his hypocrite attitude. ??? Thank you to the writer, director, all casts, and crews, because of your hard work, I always have a good time watching this drama. Please make season 2. I'll definitely watch it <3 <3 <3

Atefril Sep 06 2016 11:27 am I love scarlet heart ryeo regardless of its ratings. I'm always after the story line. I watched a lot of korean period dramas and this is one of the most entertaining dramas. I love IU. Jun Ki and Ha neul. The OSTs are great too, especially the song sang by IU. I hope that the casts and crews will not lose heart and continue to do their best. God bless you all. I pray for this drama's success. Anonymous Sep 30 2016 7:43 am This drama is amazing!! Episode 11 is epic. The acting was superb. I cried a lot in this episode. OMG i can't wait for the coming episodes.

Angela Nov 02 2016 7:39 am Read through comments, perhaps this drama allows us to appreciate king Gwangjong more...agree that Hae Soo changed Wang So for the better. 2.They tried to blend in good modern OST's, it worked almost to a Hollywood standard, with great detail for the darkness around the 4th prince. example ep 1 the parade of the 4th in the town just like in Lord of the rings when the dark lord was riding his horse. good. Ksc Jan 21 2017 10:29 pm I watched this whole series.... twice already! So good, especially Lee Joon Gi. Bravo. Season two needs to happen asap!!! Xxka May 15 2019 11:35 am I lost count on how many times I’ve watched SHR :’( :) And no matter how many times I watch, if it’s funny scene, I would still laugh, and if it’s sad scene I would still cry a bucket, just like I’m watching for the first time... Weird but it’s true.. Like u know what’s gonna happened but still the emotion is so strong.. my all time fav drama!!! I want a season 2 so badly! Even if there’s no season 2, I will still watch this another million times... ?❤️ Paige Mar 23 2016 10:04 pm So interesting! Wait! so, who is the crown prince? In the Chinese version, which prince become king? 4th or 8th?

But one thing for sure, this show is going to be one of unforgettable K-Drama for me. I thought it's going to be straight love story, but it's totally different. It's deepen. i'm emotionally involved. i've often found myself overthink about it. I'm In love with the storyline. dinasvtsj1313 Sep 07 2016 1:55 am i watch this DRAMA because Lee Jun Ki and Baekhyun . i love this drama. please dont hate or disappointed with baekhyun's acting , because i know hard to play "Wang Eun" character. i hope better for next episode... especially Baekhyun , please improve your acting.. Lee jun ki and Baekhyun Oppa Fighting..!!!! :) Moon Lovers 또 파이팅...

desisu Nov 05 2016 7:40 pm The ending just killing my hope to see happy ending for soo couple. I can't move on from Scarlet Heart Goryeo, just give episodes special please. I just wanna see happy ending for Soo couple and how they meet in 21century's ....╮(╯_╰)╭ BRENDA Apr 25 2017 2:04 am season 2 please!!! it is the best Kdrama that i've ever watch! hoping for season 2! Angela Oct 16 2016 11:04 pm @Tristan - Yea LJK can pull off many roles actually, although most of his characters are protagonists/heroes of the drama. His voice is soooo nice haha! yea deep and manly, really nice to listen to lol. I could close my eyes and listen to him talking all day LOL. Plus he's got a good tan when acting in this drama, I like the look of him in SHR. :) barabarabara Sep 06 2016 1:54 am I love the plot so far. Haven't watch the chinese version yet (still downloading tho). IU's acting is decent and im okay with that. Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul definitely did a splendid job in delivering every of their lines. Other thing that I notice is I sense something is going on with Chae Ryung and the 9th prince, when they exchanges glances its just weird. Cham Oct 28 2016 2:14 am I watched both Moonlight and Moon Lovers but I ended up liking this series more. I got bored watching MLDBC and somehow did not manage to end that series but this one, this series caught my attention! For those who do not appreciate the story or the actors and actresses or what, who cares?!! It's still popular here in my country. Yeah I love Park Bo Gum but Joong Ki? Omo! Feels like wanna marry him! Char

Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Ep 3 EngSub (2016

The cast and crew did their best to produce this work so I will try to watch episodes 3-5 and hopefully I would like them much better than ep.1&2. Moon lovers fighting!! movie buff 2 Apr 15 2020 2:19 pm when is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo season 2 and 3 will be out from the audience. we are very curious because it has been such a wonderful and excellent and needed to be cleaned up. Angela Oct 17 2016 12:11 am @blueskyOz - haha yes bed scene today! haha. it is all I have been waiting for LOL. no..we can see more intimate moments for SoSoo in the episode..I hope, I hope..Hae Soo will have a baby XDXD kk Sep 19 2016 11:29 pm I know a lot of people love Wang So. But I am team Wang Wook all the way. So sad his romance will end soon. I like this drama and I hope I can continue watching this.

Madman999 Nov 14 2016 10:14 am In the Chinese version, there is a season 2 service in the modern world. If there's going to be season 2 in the Korean one, it could follow the same track. Wang So does say he will find Hae Soon in the end of episode 16. kitten Oct 26 2016 6:52 pm I dont know, god i really hate the writer for butchering hae soo's character. she was a full of life modern woman in the early episode, but now, she looks like ordinary gorgyo woman. i dont get why she defend chaeryung who literally had killed previous king and now she want to run away with jung. gosh. it is still sad anyway knowing how she end up living her life just like court lady oh. cant wait for ep 19!!! Hime Aug 31 2016 7:49 am This is quite interesting. I love the setting and the Male lead is dark kinda cute and He stole my heart T_T i'm so happy to See IU again! I love her so much. Really looking forward for this drama! Saranghae!

Where to watch Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 16

3. My first Korean historical drama that they completed a sword dance with great quality, precision and amazing incantation, never seen that before. Synopsis - Nonton Serial Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo . GENRE : KOREA Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo berkisah tentang seorang pewaris Kekaisaran yang bernama Wang Soo yang di perankan oleh Lee Joon-Gi namun Ia tak mengungkapkan jati dirinya ketika di muka umum dan tak suka sorotan terlalu berlebihan Linda Le Dec 12 2016 1:01 am One of the best Kdrama I've watched this year. Deserved higher ratings. The ending left me heart broken but it was beautiful. Hae soo, change the history, because she was there, wang soo save her (and the crown prince), so queen yoo failed to kill crown prince, and he became the next king (2nd King of Goryeo)

Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart : Ryeo (Baekhyun cut) - YouTube

Yoo Jung Sep 02 2016 5:58 am I really want to support both main lead together...but kang ha neul keep disturbing me...I really didn't want to develop 2nd lead syndrome..but he is destroying the wall i made in my heart...I can understand if Hae soo feeling is shaking.... >< I check Haneul drama series and realize he didn't have a drama where he is the lead...it upsetting..well you will accept main lead role one day...and I will wait for that day..KANG HA NEUL FIGHTING !!! Daisy01 Oct 12 2016 6:40 pm @Leila, my comments are based on observations; and I am entitled to my opinions. I have seen K dramas that do a wonderful job of keeping the plot coherent and intriguing. My frustrations come from the fact that dramas continue to use make the same mistakes without trying to mend them. This is not the first time we have seen this type of plot line, so this should also not be the nth time we see the same mistakes. I am no way a Love in the Moonlight Fan - it too has it flaws. I just know that K drama writers, directors, producers, and actors can bring us something great - flaws and all. But why kang haneul and nam joo hyuk has the same name? And why are all the prince has 'wang' name??!? Somebody explain to me T.T DEW Oct 16 2016 7:44 am IU is so cute... adorable! and she surprises me with her acting here (your improvement is very good!). Lee Joon Gi? what to say, I always love him and never been disappointed (please stay on historical drama, it suits you). The problem with this drama is, we know from history who ended up with who, so from beginning we can't expect happy ending for Wang So & Hae Soo. Is there any chance to be different? lets continue to love this drama til the last episode..everyone is so excited!! hoping this could have a sequel like the chinese drama..then certainly it could have good ratings by then ;)

Hae Soo did not disagree with Chae Ryung’s faults, she disagreed with the way it was done, the method of punishment, which she considers to be brutal. If we think from Hae Soo’s point of view, she did not know what Chae Ryung has done as she was kept in the dark all this while, and she treats her like her own elder sister…hence can understand why Hae Soo was so upset and angry in the beginning..that Chae Ryung is no longer with her, that Wang So had used a cruel method to punish her which Hae Soo feared he would turn out to be cruel against his brothers and harm them. I don’t blame Hae Soo for feeling all these.. on the other hand I think we are also seeing Wang So being more affirmative (and maybe deemed abit cruel to some) to keep his throne and getting rid of those who oppose him. Tara Wahyudita Sep 06 2016 3:18 am I think it's not about the storyline is bad or something. but this drama's air time is same with drama-that-I-won't-tell-the-title-and-you-all-know-it . and the other drama is quite good and I love it so much, but really I love scarlet heart ryeo too. it's too bad that both drama's running at the same time, goodluck for both!

Yatie Sep 10 2016 10:59 pm I really hate to say this, Kang Ha Neul look so sweet and charming in this drama. I really love Joong Gi and of coz i want him end up with Hae Soo but Wang Wook character melt my heart and his kindness and smile can make any girls fall in love with him. Why watch Moon lovers ? Oct 07 2016 8:04 am Moon lovers is an awesome drama and i would 100 percent promote it. I promote the drama not just because i am a fan of historical drama but because it is simply so overwhelming. it involves relationships not just romantically but motherly as well as brotherly. We can feel so much emotion in this one drama. For those of you who likes political stuff, this drama also includes that. in conclusion, it is a full package. not to mention how hot all the casts are :) Anyway, I am so broken hearted. That was no satisfying ending. How the hell is Hae Soo/Go Ha Jin supposed to live with herself after remembering everything? She will never be able to live a normal life now that she got her memories back. Also, like modern "Choi Ji Mong" said, nothing is a coincident including his presence.

Mar Sep 21 2016 4:34 am The answer to the questions about SK and the ratings is simple. The Umbrella Corporation has turned them all into zombies. I did not watch the original and I'm totally in love with this drama and I have also watched a lot of k historical dramas. Meili Sep 13 2016 3:19 am I love this drama and i will watch this drama untuk the end i don't care with rating No offense guys Aug 12 2017 7:53 pm Lol... hahahaha most comments below are about Ji Soo being selfish and selfless... I can't believe you guys actually pay attention to him in the drama... No offense but I don't like his character's personality... I kept on skipping his scenes because I get annoyed of him

Somebody Sep 06 2016 7:09 am Really enjoyed this drama hae soo and wang so relationship has no limit i really hope the next episode could be release faster Angela Nov 01 2016 9:29 pm For me, the biggest surprise of this drama is IU haha. Her acting is good:) DJ Pipoy Apr 24 2016 9:59 am Another drama for Lee Jun-Ki and Han Hyo-Joo please!!! Im not satisfied on the previous drama iljimae.. They have Chemistry..

Stella Nov 28 2016 9:12 pm Everything abt this drama is beautiful; amazing performances from brilliant cast, interesting plot, beautiful ost …juz everything. This is definitely one of my fav k drama of all time.You'll never regret of watching it. Wangso and Haesoo forever <3 Confusing Oct 31 2016 10:13 am Is this really based on history ? I mean like seriously that Wang So is in love with Hae Soo ? The court lady ? Or just added on to make it beautiful ? Sarah Sep 06 2018 11:29 am They Warned me to not watch this drama ! but i didn't listen to them and i finished today crying on this ending !! I hope they are planing to saison 2 even without those actors and actress just saison 2 pleaase ! jayaru Sep 01 2016 9:45 am This drama is worth watching. Amazing acting from all the actors specially Iu and jun ki .a prefect couple .I really luv this drama soon much.Omg waiting for the ep 4 .can't wait to watch it .I'm amazed by their super natural acting.fighting moon lovers team

» Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo » Korean Drama

Rheen May 01 2020 3:15 am Re watching this drama and it makes me realize how much i hate the character of hae soo she is so stupid that he never really cares for wang soo she never really understand wang soo at all she just bunch of lies she is the character i hate the most in this series wang soo is the pitiest of all, because all he wants is love that someone really understand how he feels. Alisha Sep 21 2016 1:32 am No matter how desperate we all trying to see Hae Soo with Wang So..but at the end Wang So will marry Yeon Hwa (Wang wook sister)and she is also Wang So half sister bc they have same father ( Kong taejo Wang gon) just different mothers..Wang So eventually will married his half Sister( incest).. but what got me curious was what gonna happen to Hae Soo? Viona Oct 09 2016 9:26 pm @Hana : Thanks for your information. I just noticed the sbs schedule, scarlet heart ep 14 will airing at 1.10 am and ep 15 will airing at 07.40 pm,both at tuesday oct 11. Hope it won't makes low rating.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - K-Drama | page 10 of 58Hong Jong-hyun - K-Drama - Asiachan KPOP Image BoardScarlet Heart 2 – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livreKang Han-na - K-Drama - Asiachan KPOP Image BoardChoi Siwon | K-Drama Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaIU (藝人) - 維基百科,自由的百科全書

Scarlet Oct 23 2016 6:04 pm @Molly Kahfi -I have become a fan of both Song Song couple after DOTS. However I have only become fan of LJK in moon lovers. So I think there is long way for IU to go to improve her acting skill though she tried her best here.also she is not doing a bad job in moon lovers either. Let's cheer for her & I also feel pity for her. Hime Sep 06 2016 4:13 pm My heart hurts.....I can't believe she died...that Made me cry so bad...the moment he said "shhh let's not wake her" i couldn't stop my tears ...and i alrwady hate yeon hwa... she want's to marry her brother....really? They Share the Same father right? And I thought the Queen was going to be the evil witch....omo omo omo.... Scarlet Heart Ryeo However, Scarlet Heart Ryeo was beautiful! The actors/actresses, wardrobe, humour, scenery, and story line were absolutely perfect! I hope that eventually they come out with a second season for Scarlet Heart Ryeo Bon Nov 01 2016 12:13 am @Angela, I didn't watch ep 19, but read the summary. So touchdown! Hae Soo did change the fate of the princes. I think the Heaven wanted her to be there at Goryeo era to place everyone fate the way heaven's wanted it. Without hae soo involvement, it would be impossible. I just feel bad for her now ( but not so feeling that bad with her clumsy character), seems like the Heaven used her just for that purpose, not even justifying her love journey with Wang So. Little hope here to hear about the good ending at the end :((((. blueskyOz Oct 19 2016 6:27 pm i cant explained why the rating is so low since nothing i cant complaint about this drama the main reason is a matter of taste...for sure. Babysoul Oct 18 2016 7:53 pm This drama gave me a roller coaster emotion. I hope the ep 17 will air soon. I miss wang so and hae so badly. This drama with era theme was im so iinlov although one of my fave.princes is die already(its break my heart) but kudos for the director and writer for this drama. #scarletheartryeo

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